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On my Trustee's report of receipts and disbursements my attorney gets 1250.50 and so far not including what we gave him to file Ch. 13 Bankruptcy this total is $10000.00 and when I called the office to see if I could make an appointment because there where some other numbers that did not quite add up. His secretary said she spoke with him about it and the response was " Your not supposed to understand those you should just put them in a drawer and forget about them" Should I find another attorney and pursue this?

Hello Trena:     There is no way that me or anyone else can give you  a good answer to your question without knowing more about the specifics of your case -  what did your lawyer do, what did they pay him for,   how much work did he do, etc.    The numbers may be shocking but you have to see the courtís docket sheet to get a more in depth idea of what is going on.      What the trusteeís secretary told you was as foolish as it gets, but they will all deny it if you brought it up again.    In any event, if you would like to find more out about what is going on, I can help you to help yourself, and I wonít charge you just to explain to you how to do it.  It is easier for me to explain on the telephone.    If you wish, call me anytime on my cell at this number, including tonight if you like.     

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