Evangelist Assiaw wrote at 2013-07-28 12:22:18
To pay TITHS means to give a tenth part of a persons earnings or crops to the Almighty God.It is left to every individual with a good understanding to know that the TITHS are their Thanksgiving to the Almighty God for their lives and as a gesture of THANK YOU FATHER THAT AM SAVED AND WORSHIP YOU.There is no place in the Bible that tells that it is compulsory.In the olden days,kings and queens send out their tax collectors to use force in collecting taxes and the kings or queens "share"(tiths)through which many lost their lives.Let us come Saul who became Paul.It was patriotism of exteem devotion that drove him to chase the tax evaders including the "shares" for the King and Queen.We pay freely on account of our knowledge to THANK HIM THAT IS MOST HIGH--GOD ALMIGHTY.


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