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Baptists/Southern Baptists vs. Missionary Baptists (ABA)


Pinoy Baptist wrote at 2010-07-20 13:16:40
I believe in the Baptist Bride Doctrine of the church. It is consistent with the Scriptures. It does not suggest different grades of salvation. It teaches however that the Lord God honors those who follow the Lamb closely by His grace.  Those who are in Christ do not follow the Lamb the same way. Some follow afar off.  Some refuse Scriptural Baptism which the Lord has ordained.  Our actions on earth as believers has consequences.

Debbie wrote at 2010-10-16 16:37:36
I don't think that you have all of your facts straight.  I also know there are some particular verses in Revelation that are directed to the Bride of Christ.  It is made up of scriptually baptized believers of a New Testament Church that have KEPT Their Robes White.  I do not think I would ask a gardener how to change the oil on my car.  So, I would also be careful in giving answers to questions in which you aren't familiar with the answers.  MB churches are also very involved in Associations.  

Sandy wrote at 2010-11-01 14:45:40
First I want to say that Salvation is by grace, not of works lest any man boast. To begin with a true new testament church is one that has the doctrine of salvation by grace. I believe the New Testament Bride which is espoused to Jesus has a pattern after the Jewish wedding.  There is a bride and there are bride maids.  Both are at the wedding but the bride(which is the church) is the one that is without spot and blemish.  Jesus left us 2 ordinances which was baptism {immersion by authority of a local new testament church} and the Lord's Supper {administered to members of that local body).  Both are clearly stated in the Bible how he wants them done.  I believe the new testament churches that keep these ordinances are without spot and blemish.  Do I believe everyone in the true new testament church is in the Bride?  I am sorry I don't.  I believe that those who are faithful to the Lord as a Bride- to-be would be faithful to their espoused husband would be in the Bride.  Because someone has their name on the roll of a church doesn't make them a bride.  

SBCgirl wrote at 2016-05-13 14:09:54
What? No.

The Bride of Christ (as a Southern Baptist) is everyone who believes that Jesus died for our individual sins and rose again to be at the right hand of God reigning from above in Heaven. The Bride of Christ comprises ALL Christians that believe this. We do NOT believe that one denomination will be higher in ranking. We do believe that you will NOT be a member of Heaven unless you believe this. However, once you believe in this one true, triune God and you confess that Jesus is who He says He is and did what He said He did as infallibly captured in the Bible, you are a peer to all others that believe this in Heaven.  


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