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Baptists/Ten Commandments & 2nd Coming


Christopher lee trent wrote at 2014-02-01 01:06:41
You are right the 10 commandments still stand and will stand according to Matthew 5:17 until heaven and earth pass away. There is not one scripture in the bible that says to keep Sunday holy. Nor does man have the right to change any law made by God. If you want sabbath truth visit this website there is one church that still keeps the commandments and has service on saturday you are looking for the seventh day adventist church. you are welcome to email me for more information or to visit for more bible truths.


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Clive Heath


I can answer most questions on the subject of the Baptist/Christian faith. I am an active member of a Baptist Church Fellowship. I study the Bible and the Scriptures every day and have no problem talking to people about this. I am more than happy to answer the Lord's calling and help and support all people that are in need. I believe that is now my role in life.


Some times people go the wrong way in life because they have been let down by those that are close to them. It is all about trust, compassion and support. I carry out a lot of outreach work, so I know how important these things are to be able to reach people. I have worked with drug addicts and the homeless, as well as young people who have lost their way in life or are in prison.

Baptist Fellowship.

My articles and letters have appeared many times in the local paper.

I am am a Deacon and secretary of my church, and also spend lots of time now also ministering to people in old folks homes as well as other outreach work.

Awards and Honors
I have won a National award for working with and supporting sick people.

Past/Present Clients
I do not call them clients, they are people in need of the love of God and of people. I have mentored many young people, including those that are in our local prison, to hopefully live an honest and Christian life.

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