Hi Dr., I forgot to ask you another questions:)

I have always preferred the KJV bible but sometimes I come across passages I don't quite understand. I also had a NIV and just recently purchased the "New Kings James Version". I hopes it makes for easier reading. Do you think any on these new Bibles are safe? Especially the NKJV? If not, which would you suggest?

Hi Kristina,
Good to hear from you again. The King James Version has been greatly used of God but its language is now very archaic (though beautiful) and not easily understood. This somewhat defeats the point of the bible being accessible to ordinary people especially as the Greek of the original New Testament was not classical Greek but the common (almost slang) Greek of ordinary everyday people. The New King James Version is good and I have long used the NIV and like its use of English. I believe for literal accuracy of translation the New American Standard Bible is very good.
I hope these comments are helpful.
God bless you.
Stuart Woodward


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