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What scripture(s) supports the quantity of "Tables" that deacon serve in the baptist church?

Hi Drew,

I do not fully understand your question about Deacons and Tables. I can only tell you the way that we do things in my Church.
The Deacons have a duty to serve the church and of course the Lord. They should have sound Doctrine and knowledge. They are to advance and promote unity. To spread the Gospel.
They are to be alert to all Spiritual needs and Pastrol care.

The office of Deacon is indeed a very important one, and many responsibilies come with it, it cannot be taken lightly.

Our Deacons also serve the Communion Wine to the Fellowship, by means of taking round the bread and the wine.

The complete job description of a Deacon, is to serve where needed and to whoever needs.

Sorry cannot be more help as I said I do not fully understand the question.


Clive Heath  


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