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Baptists/Southern Baptists' attitude toward women


Evangelist Vicky wrote at 2012-11-09 20:38:11
Paul I think it is we did a study on it, said what you only? women have their own head with God. I have my Bible with me but I cant find the exact spot that is in. I have ministered mostly at a Pentecost stand, they do receive women, with much disbelief, but God kept standing me up I believed. Every where and at church as a woman. Then I realized the last place I joined at was Southern Bptist, but forty years agao, there is no southern baptist church here and when I try to sit with Baptists my mind has a hard time. But I like them fine. And I believe that God has each denomination in the body of Christ also and one cannot function without excepting the other if they are the Lords fold. His entire Kigdom and what He does in Israel is how He likes it. But I am still talking with Him about it to make sure. I have been ministering, preaching, teaching and testifying for twelve years almost non stop. I still try to believe He called me, and if you could hear me you would know He puts the Words in my mouth. Jail, radio in the field at church everywhere He wants to go. He has gifted me in that I preach at the drop of a hat, he does not give me the message until i get there and this is the only place I trust Him the most. He says go to this scripture or scriptures, and He begins, not me Him.KJV used. People do come to the alter to let Christ tend to them. He has to do it. I cannot. Thanks for reading this, and if you dont want I dont want to teach you. Its Gods decision for you. It also says for women not to wear gold, or broid hair, all Baptist women I know do, several Pentecost do not, but if we are not careful we will keep to the letter,in the new testament, I have to be led by the Holy Spirit to keep any Bible, and the eleventh command of Christ as well.


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