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I was wondering if it is possible for a Born Again Christian to believe in Evolution as well as the Bible. If someone is born again and then decides that evolution is how it all happened, then does that person lose his salvation?


Hi Ian,

In the Bible it says that God created all things, including human beings. If you chose to believe in Evolution then you have to look at much of the book of Genesis being meant figuratively, or symbolically. You can't claim to believe in the Book of Genesis literally and claim to believe in Evolution as well. It's one or the other.

But if you are okay with interpreting much of Genesis figuratively, then I think you're okay. You can still believe in Jesus and believe in Evolution, but to be consistent with believing in the Bible you have to believe that God caused that evolution to happen.

Many people have tried to reconcile Evolution and the Bible. You're just one more in a huge pool of people.

So my answer is yes, you can be a born again believer, and believe in the Bible, and believe in Evolution as well. How you figure out the details is up to you. You can still believe that the Bible is God's inerrant word, because something can be written symbolically or figuratively, and still teach inerrant truth.

This is not something that will cause you to lose your salvation. Many born again believers believe in what is called eternal security. The idea is that if you truly trusted in Christ for salvation you can't lose that salvation, no matter what. The only way around that is if you never "truly" trusted. Therefore your faith would be a sham. But considering that you are concerned about this, your faith is probably real. People who have a superficial faith don't worry about such matters.

If you are an Arminian, which means that you believe that you can lose your salvation, then the only way to do that is to lose faith in Christ. Evolution is not that big of an issue when it comes to actual salvation.

This is a minor theological topic, and as Christians we have some freedom of belief based on opinion (See Romans 14). If this is your opinion, that's fine, as long as you still believe in the Fundamentals of the faith.

I hope I helped.

Thanks - Alex  


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