QUESTION: Is there any empirical evidence at all of Jesus? I have a very logical mind and this will help me a lot.


Thanks for your question. Outside of the Gospels there are some references to Jesus' existence. The Ante-Nicene Fathers of the Church mention his existence. The Gnostic writings of antiquity mention him as well. The Jewish historian Josephus mentions Jesus. The Roman historian Tacitus mentions Jesus. The Roman historian Suetonius mentions Jesus. And the ancient critic of Christianity, Celsus, mentions the existence of Jesus. The ancient Rhetorician Lucian mentions Jesus' existence. Mara Bar-Serapion of Syria also mentions Jesus.

Many of the early followers of Jesus died for their faith in Jesus. It's hard for me to imagine someone dying for something that they know is a lie.

If you are looking for some kind of scientific proof, that is not an easy thing to provide. How can someone give scientific proof of a person who lived almost 2,000 years ago?


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QUESTION: Thank you for the list of references. That does help. Is Jesus seen as a miracle worker in those references outside of the Bible? I know that my mom mentioned that the Jewish see him as not necessarily a savior but an excellent teacher.

What do the rest of those mentions say?

I appreciate your response, you are helping me a lot. No need to rush a response. Do so at your own pace. Thank you so much! Also, please be objective in your response. I'm also seeking answers from other perspectives and I don't want you to think that your answer is going to make or break my faith. Thank you!


In the writings by the Ante-Nicene Fathers of the Church and by the Gnostics, Jesus is seen as Lord. I believe in all those cases he would be recognized as a miracle worker, because those writers believed in him as coming from God in some way.

When it comes to the non-believers who mention him in their writings in antiquity, I doubt they saw him as a miracle worker.

In the modern day there are Messianic Jews who do believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior. They are a minority, but they do exist.

I hope this helps.



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