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Dear brother

i want to study in bible college
presently im working

after leaving this how i can lead my life while studying at bible college
any financial support will be provided by college?

or i have to take care my self?

after finishing my college how can i lead my life


Hello and thank you for your question.
It is not a straightforward one to answer. You do not indicate which country you live in. I am in England and can only really refer to what I know about this country though there may well be similarities elsewhere.
Some colleges do have bursaries that students can apply for but there are always a very limited number of these. Some go to bible college with financial help from their home church, assuming that church is supportive of their actions. Some try to finance themselves by taking evening or weekend employment but this can be very hard to sustain. Many colleges allow students to study part time. The course is longer in this case. Also it is possible to do a college course in your spare time by correspondence with occasional visits to the college.
The best thing to do is to do an internet search for bible colleges, or perhaps theological training colleges. Check out the websites you find and then make contact with a college you are drawn to to ask practical questions. I studied at the London Bible College which is now called the London School of Theology.
I hope this is helpful and wish you well as you seek the Lord's way forward.
Stuart Woodward


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