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i;VE WASTED my life on gambling,right now I survive in the casino since they give free food and just had to find a place to sleep every night.
This had go on for the last 4 months, I;m really perplex and wanting to go home but my family refuse to send me money.(I need usd300)
I really want to repent and be right again.I.m 56 and used to be a professional. There;s no one to turn to, Please advise,...sometimes feel like ending my life..."

Dear Friend,
I am sorry to hear of your problems.  Life is a journey that is affected by our personal choices.  Unfortunately, all of us make the wrong choices as we travel alone. That is why God's Word calls us sinners.  'Sin is a transgression of God's Law'.  Your predicament is one that others have had also.  It is not an easy place to be, but one thing is for sure: "It is God's Will that you seek Him in repentance and put your faith in Christ alone to forgive and save you.'  That is your hope and your salvation.  Your life will change as you ask God's forgiveness and mean it.  He will hear the sincere prayer of anyone who
asks the Lord to forgive and change us. He will help make your life worth living.

I urge you to break from the old habits that got you into this place and dependance upon Christ and His power, to begin to live differently. Ask God to change that part of you that once thrilled to the game of chance and replace it with a heart that is blessed to be able know Christ and His forgiveness.  Once you are delivered from the addictions of the false promises of gambling and any of the lost world's self-consumed lusts,
then you will be able to have a new life in which you can help others.
I urge to to pray and ask God for His forgiveness through Christ's death and shed blood immediately and to turn from sin to the Saviour.
Then, seek out a Bible Believing Baptist Church and get there this Sunday to hear God's Word.  (Some offer free bus service. Look them up in the Yellow Pages under, Fundamental Baptist Church.)
Speak to the pastor, share your heart.  
Our Lord Jesus Christ promised, 'he that comes to me, I will never cast out."  
The Lord keeps His promises.  
Sincerely, David Ralston


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