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what can the pastor do about members that jump up in service and say I got something to say and I'm going to say it now . and they do it all the time .they do it right before the pastor get up to preach . can something be done about this .

Hi Melvin,
  Thanks for your question.   The solution to this problem lays with your pastor.  It is going on because he is allowing it.   God says "Let all things be done The word "order" means done in a fixed succession (of rank or character), official dignity:—order.
   Someone who interrupts the pastor during his preaching God's message is being impolite and discourteous  to the pastor and the congregation.  God gives a pastor a message to deliver...not the man or persons in the pew.   They did not come to hear this person.    The person is being discourteous also to God and his honoring Him.   God speaks through the pastor, not some member of the congregation.
    I had it happen one time to me from irreverent woman.   The first time she did it, I was taken by surprise and did not stop her.   The second time in the same service I stopped her and told her if she had a question or something to say it was not the appropriate time.  I would answer her question later if she wanted.   I told her and the congregation that during the preaching of God's word it was not proper or honoring to the Lord, the pastor, or the congregation for someone to interrupt the message.  The pastor prayerfully takes hours preparing the Lord’s message and being led of God.   I can without any reservation say that anything that disrupts a service is of the devil as he tries to bring confusion and disorder in the service and distracts from the message.   I told the ushers of the church that if something like this happens, and the person does not remain quiet, I will ask the to politely usher the person from the service.
     I explained this at the beginning of the next service and why it was inappropriate and would respectfully not be tolerated.    I never had another problem such as this.
     Maybe your pastor is inexperienced, or afraid of being criticized.   He may just want to be polite, but he is allowing who ever is interrupting to divert God's message to His people and should be instructed to be silent in service.    He is not honoring his position as pastor and undershepherd of the church.  There is no example in the Bible of someone interrupting God's messenger or preacher, but the hard hearted and unsaved rebellious Jews.  The pastor should know...those that are interrupting the service are probably criticizing him behind his back anyway.   He should take the matter in hand, being tactful, and respectful, but firm.
    I hope this help.  If I can help further let me know.   You might want to give my response to your pastor.  Often pastor's with problems call me and if he would like I would try to counsel him to help.  435 452-1716


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