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QUESTION: Dear Sir, Do you adhere to the teachings of 2 Timothy 2:8-12 in particular, or do you see that as a cultural issue that no longer applies? I am committed to the teaching of scripture, as the word of God, and embrace this passage as relevant even today. God does not forbid women from participating in the worship; He says, :Let the women learn, that they can teach younger women and their children. Yet I find myself in a minority when I speak in support of this teaching.
I will read your response!

ANSWER: Brenda,
   I apologize for sending you the wrong answer.  I had two questions and clicked on the wrong question to send the answer.
   It is not cultural from women to be teachers and training the young women.  1 Timothy 2 teaches other important truths also that are clearly not cultural.  Teaching and setting the example before other women is a godly woman's responsibility and privilege in serving her Lord and I thank Him for such women.  My mother who went home to the Lord at 92 a month ago taught children and other woman most all her life.  Many of those she taught, when she because of age could no longer do this...are now teaching and taking her place.
   I have a message at which deals this women in the Lord's service.   I hope it will be of help.
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Cooper Abrams
Romans 12:1-2

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer, Sir. I agree completely.
Perhaps I should have been more clear with my original question, in that I am interested to know your position on women teaching men, serving in positions of authority over men, when there are qualified men in the congregation who are willing to serve. I am disturbed by the trend I see in churches today, where positions seem to be 'for sale' to whomever brings the larger dollars to the table, and women are 'buying' positions and authority by way of financial donations to the church. What are your thoughts on this?
I will read God's plan for women on your site, and thanks again for standing in the gap and defending the truth of scripture; such as yourself are becoming scarce. Amen.

Hi Brenda,
  I believe the article I sent you the link to will explain that the Bible says about woman teaching men.   Woman are not to be appointed as deacons, pastors, or to preach or teach to men.   That violated God's order and structure for the family, the church, and the different responsibilities of men and women.  Thank God for godly women who desire to lead the women and young people in a church.  That is God's position for them which is a vital and important ministry.
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Cooper Abrams
Romans 12:1-2  


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