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do the trustee tell the pastor of the church what he can do and what he can't do.the trustee tell the pastor he don't need to know how much money the church take in each sunday . is it ok  for the chairman trustee to tell the pastor of the church he don't need to see reports and bank statements . if the members vote to have something done in the church that they want done . can the trust say we are not going to do it . is that of God or who . can you please answer some of these question for me . i'am the chairman deacon at this . i need to know . God bless hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Melvin,

Sorry for a late response but this has only just got to me for some reason.I am one of two Elders at my Church, we act as overseers and obviously the Leaders.

We have a Diaconate of 3 Deacons, one being the Chairman. This sounds very similar to what you are describing.

As an Elder I meet regualarly with the Deacons, and obviously attend church business meetings for members, at both meetings accounts are read out. I have access to all things including accounts if I so wish.

We are a democracy, but all issues must go to the Diaconate monthly meeting, to be discussed before going to the members business meeting. If the Diaconate decide that it should not go before the members then it does not.

The Elders and the Deacons must see that the best interests of the church and its members are protected at all times.

We as Elders have the ultimate say if need be, but we answer into the Diaconate, if not we could do just what we want!

Hope this helps

Clive Heath
But remember that God will guide and God will give us wisdom to make the right decisions.


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