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Baptists/who was the first missionary sent by God


Was Noah considered a missionary if he was not sent to seek other people for salvation

If Noah was not considered a missionary, who was the first missionary?

Are cherub and angels considered to be the same being?

Hi Michael,

Sorry for my delay in responding to your question.

Lets remember that the Christian Faith has always been a Missionary Faith. The word missionary means some one who is sent on a mission.

So we could say that the mission Noah was given was to build the Ark, to save his own family. But in the strictest sense of the word missionary, the first on mentioned in the Bible is Abram who as we know became Abraham.

God calls him out from Ur and into a new place, forcing him to depend on God's provision. There are many others that we can call missionaries, such as Oaul and of course Jesus Christ Himself.

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Clive Heath


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