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Baptists/Is saying there is A Truth judging someone? Is everything a sin? Are wants a sin?


-Is telling someone they are wrong an act of judging them? Specifically is telling someone, like a Jew, that salvation is not by works but through faith and not accepting it as an opinion but that it is the TRUTH judging them?

-Are all things that do not glorify God a sin? It seems from reading and studying that a sin is not simply doing something bad, but it is also inaction, it is even simply being alive. Our very nature, the way we think and act is sin. Does that mean all actions we do that do not glorify God are sins? Is practicing to win during our next football game a sin when we are doing it because we really want to win and be admired by people? It seems to me that our very nature because of our corruption means that all things we do that are not specifically for seeking or glorifying God are a sin.

-Is it a sin to want things? such as hoping that a beautiful woman who is physically attractive falls in love with us a sin? Or that we get a job that pays us a great deal or is easy to do?

Thank you for your time

Hello Justin,
Thank you for your questions. It cannot be a sin to tell someone they are wrong as we are to speak the truth, albeit in a loving way. Not to graciously point out someone's error could damage them. Paul tells us to judge between one another on secondary issues and reminds us that one day we will judge the angels. When we are told not to judge lest we ourselves be judged it is not telling us that we should not exercise discernment but that we should leave the issue of an individual's eternal destiny to God whilst being free to point out the basis that God has revealed upon which He will make the judgement.
With regard to whether all our actions are sinful, the answer is not so straightforward. Our nature is such that even the good things we do are often tarnished by unworthy moments. Scripture tells us that anything that is not of faith is sin. Thankfully, through the blood of Christ, Christians are forgiven people, and in co-operation with the Holy Spirit we are to grow in sanctification and Christ likeness.
It is not sinful to want things. To desire the right life partner, and that she should be attractive, is a good thing but all our desires should be subject to an overriding desire for God's will. This desire is one of the results of growing sanctification. Saving grace sets us free from condemnation. We are to live in great freedom but willingly accepting our Father God's loving discipline.
I hope these comments are of some help to you.
May God bless you and lead you.
Stuart Woodward


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