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Hello, I first want to say I respect all of your education and I thank you for all the years you have been a preacher. I am a Christian and I believe you are my brother in Christ, so my question is ment in all respect.
Most preachers preach today that no one has to be baptized, they preach once saved always saved and most preachers teach calvinism. But whats funny is The eary church fathers all believe in baptismal regeneration, and obeying God. They did not believe in once saved always saved and they did not believe in predestination.   This scares me cause all churches do teach theses things today. What you think about all the apostolic church fathers believing something different than what people do today?

Hi Josh,
  Thank you for your question.   As we read the New Testament you will find that every church was dealing with false doctrine.  Each of Paul's Epistles dealt with false teachings.  So this is not new.  Satan's tactic has always been to try to confuse and pervert God's truth and keep people from being saved, and even once saved keep them doubting and immature.  The key is simple.  Believe the Bible.  Correctly teach what God's word literally says and not what some denomination, church, or religious leader believes it says.   This involves biblical interpretation or hermeneutics which is the science or discipline of interpretation.  I have an article at titled "Biblical Principles for
Interpreting God's Word."   God's word, when correctly read and interpret corrects and exposes all false doctrine.
   I also have written articles on Calvinism, eternal security, baptismal regeneration that explains what the Bible actually says.    Go to and in the center column at the top do a goggle search for your topic.   With an open Bible look up each passage and see for your self what God teaches us.
   The Apostle gave us God's word...if modern teachers disagree they the modern teachers are wrong.
    If you have further questions or comments please write.

Cooper P Abrams III
Romans 12:1-2
"You cannot serve God without serving others."

"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. Let all your things be done with charity"  (1 Corinthians 16:13-14 )

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