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Derrick wrote at 2013-11-02 12:28:35
This was an excellent answer, Brother Abrams.  We have not met, but am an Independent Baptist minister, who has a background in the Jehovah's Witness religion.  The fact is, I am a Volunteer Expert on that forum.

The interesting thing is, I am just now seeing this question from Eddie, but I know what prompted it.  Eddie and I were engaged in a debate on the JW forum, about this very issue of the cross vs. torture stake.  Eddie kept making the false contention over and over, that we "worship", "venerate", and "pray to", the cross.  I assured him that born again Christians do no such thing, and his reply was, in effect, "Yes you do, because I work with people who believe like you do, so I know what I'm talking about".

Now, I see that he actually came here to ask ANOTHER Baptist minister our position on this, and you told him exactly what I did....That we do NOT pray to, nor worship, the cross.

Sadly, Eddie's integrity did not prompt him to make a correction, because he continued to make the same false accusations all through the debate, right up until he left the board, about 2 weeks ago.

I do not understand how he could continue making the same false statement, even after receiving confirmation from you, what I had told him.

Thank you for your answer, Brother Abrams.  God bless you.


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