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I've been in many different Baptist churches. I was raised and saved in a Freewill Baptist church 25 years ago. But many beliefs have changed since then. Every Baptist church and pastor states unto me that because of the verse (John 10-28) and (John 3-16) every believer will enter into heaven after their salvation no matter sin they commit, because they are forgiven of all their future sins at the time of their salvation. Many pastors stated unto me that there's no longer sin called blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, because this sin ended when Christ arose again on the third day. I know these lies, but many believe these deception so can freely live in sin and call themselves children of God at the same time. I don't understand when these churches state you are guaranteed to enter heaven, but when I asked and showed them God's words stating that if they did and didn't do some things they won't inherit the kingdom of God. These pastors and even schools that claim to have knowledge of God's word state that the word "Inherit" does not mean "enter". They state every believer that's saved will enter heaven and there's sin that they can do that will keep them from inheriting or entering heaven. These pastors stated they are sealed and guaranteed to enter heaven. I've had pastors say a believer that's saved can willingly commit suicide and enter heaven, because all their future sins are forgiven already. These pastors teach a believer can live as a homosexual, murderer, child molester and commit any sin until their death, but still enter heaven. I asked Baptist churches of different beliefs all over America what would happen if a saved believer raped, killed and cut the bodies of as many children he could until his death? The pastors and churches said this person would enter heaven without any blessings, he would become sick at times and could die early, but God would not take away his salvation, due to the fact all his future sins are forgiven. Some Freewill Baptist Churches have said unto me that Judas Iscariot is heaven, because he was doing God's will by turning his back on Christ. But Christ told Judas that where he's going it would have better if Judas have never been born.Can you tell me the difference in meaning between the word inherit and enter? Christ said there will be a falling away from God in these last days before the Lord's return. Are not many churches falling away from God today as they teach that every believer is guaranteed to enter heaven?

Hi Boyd,
   Your question presents extreme situations that rarely happen.   First a true born again Christian would not do the things you mention.  These are the actions of a depraved unsaved carnal person.  There are lots of people who claim to be Christians who are not.  You can tell them by the way they live their lives.

   Do Christians sin?  Yes, they do.  I have several sources for you to read from my web site to see what the Bible teaches about believers who sin.

    Christians and Sin.
    FAQ About Chastening.
    There is sin that leads to death.
    What does sin do to a Christian?
   I am sure if you carefully read each article and follow it with your Bible you question will be clearly answered.

    Are churches falling away from God and His word the Bible?    Yes, as false teaching and apostasy increase.  However, there are still many sound Bible believing Christians and church who love God and His word and live a holy and righteous life.
Cooper Abrams
Romans 12:1-2


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