QUESTION: Are we as Christians still responsible to keep the Sabbath as some make the argument were the bible says in the N.T that we will not be held responsible according to new moons and Sabbath, but so saying was the Sabbath not ordained by God since the creature so thus the argument that it was given to the jews alone is false cause it was in place before the law and the jew nation. So are we suppose to keep the Sabbath and if so,which day exactly is the Sabbath because the jews regard it as Saturday while most Christian regard it as sunday???

Confused Christian please help?

ANSWER: My friend, this has been an argument for two thousand years.  The Sabbath did not become a law until Moses.  We learn from Moses that God rested on the seventh day and thus we are to work six and rest on the seventh.  That is the type of rhythm, so to speak, that He put in us.  Even if unbelievers were to follow that I am sure they would find they are healthier and less stressed since they would be keeping with the rhythm.  

That being said, it is no longer a Law for us.  We are not under Law, especially if you are a Gentile although the Jews could experience this as well for it is one Gospel.  Many saved Jews have a hard time dealing with some things in the New Testament or Covenant.  If they do some things as a means of celebrating their heritage or to use them as a teaching tool I have no issue with that.  However, if they do them as a part of obtaining salvation or maintaining it then they are in error and maybe in big trouble as they are adding to what Christ has done for them.

Acts 15:27-29

27 We have sent therefore Judas and Silas, who shall also tell you the same things by mouth.
28 For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things;
29 That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well. KJV

This came from the Jerusalem Council meeting discussing whether or not Gentiles need to keep the Law.  You do not see the Sabbath mentioned or the dietary laws, etc.  What Paul and the others teach in the NT is what the Church has as guidelines and even laws, but we are under grace, not Law.  The Law brought us to Christ.  We can learn some things from it as everything in the OT, including the Law, was written for our edification.  

If you want to be a Vegan, fine. If not, fine. If you want to abstain from pork for health reasons, fine, but neither way makes you a better or worse Christian.  Romans 14 and 15 is dealing with these issues as well and he says that the one who eats is the stronger brother, but don't bring your ham sandwich to a church supper and try to shove it down the weaker brother's throat.  On the flip side, if the weaker brother is walking down the street and sees his brother chowing down at Bubba's Pork Barbecue he is not to get all fired up and call that brother a lousy Christian.  That doesn't mean just anything goes and there is no longer any sin, but the main issue is Law versus Grace.  Sin is still sin.  Even though all things especially under the dietary law are now lawful doesn't mean it is profitable.  I love ham, but there are some things about ham that are not healthy so I need to use it wisely or not use it at all depending on how it affects my health, but it is not a sin to eat it.  

Sunday is what we use because the Lord rose on Sunday. It doesn't make us more holy.  If you do Saturday then it is actually from 6PM Friday until 6PM Saturday because that is the way the Hebrews measured their days.  The principle is to have a day or rest and worship every seven days although every day is the Lord's.  If you are in an area where for some reason the work week runs Wednesday through Sunday then have church on Monday or Tuesday. God will not be angry with you.    

Paul throughout Galatians and Colossians is battling this mixing of Law and Grace.  Study those books as well as Romans 14 and 15.  That will help your confusion.  God does not cause confusion only people and the devil.   

Hopefully, this helps some!  Blessings and peace be unto you as you study!

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QUESTION: Ok I see your view point and understand it but have just a few more questions,is the diatery law totaly done away with,because God comes to a vision to Paul on the roof top and lays before him unclean animals to eat and he refuses to eat these and this coming from a hungry man this happens 3times,it shows his confiction to rest for it is wrong and how sure must a man not be when he tells god no he will not eat so does this not show us that the dietry law is still here in effect,reading on we see that this vision about the found refers to the man self the unclean and clean as jews did not mix with non jews and thus the whole issue of meat would be seen as a metaphor being that no meat is unclean thus making no man unclean,this scene comes also after which jesus talks to discpls about the whole meat issue could this not meen that when jesus was talking about meat he was making the some conclusion which paul come to after his vision? Futher more I'd like you to consider this meat is in the same way as the sabbath for in the bible they are mentioned in one sentence,for if by saying in the NT that we are not held responsble for meat thus being the fellowship of man,thus we are to in the sense mingle and preach to all,could the direct meaning of keeping the sabbath also be different,think of this for a second if God gives us a rythme as you say of 6-1 6-1 thus 6days work 1day rest right,will then it true occult fashion satan would turn that around so that the 1st day of work would be his rest day,in statements a certain organisation,proclaims that the sunday sabbath is the day given to man to worship,so in the bible god gives us his will and in the world satan gives his,so would we not be wronging god if we follow this satanic view of sunday sabbath? Also sricpture says that we are to have the faith of jesus christ,the gosple, and obey his law,being the 10 commandments and this is how we please him,now I'm not saying we must obey the commandments as a way to be saved no,but if you love some one would you not want to do his will and he says in the NT that his will is for us to obbey the commandments. Also throught the NT every single commandment is repeated thus as jesus says he is not here to take away the law?

Yes, Peter had conflict because he had followed the Law all his life in this area, but what did God say about it? What He calls clean don't call unclean.  Who gets to make the decision?  God.  Did He not call Paul to be the Apostle of the Gentile?  Thus Paul's writings are what we follow.  The Law was given to the Jews, not the Gentiles.  The Jerusalem Council made up of Jews said we do not have to follow the Law and that includes the Sabbath, dietary and all the feats, rituals and such. Moral laws, yes. Why? Because God never changes who he is though He had changed what morals men were to have.  

You must keep the Jews and the OT and the Gentiles and the NT separate.  You do not put new wine in old bottles.  It is either Law or Grace.  You don't get to have Graw or Lace.  Paul said that what he wrote was from God so if Paul says we do have to be circumcised or keep the holy days that is the end of the story. If you keep one point of the Law you have to keep all 600+ Laws perfectly or you are done.  No one is saved or sanctified by the Law.  The Cross tore that barrier down. Christ did fulfill the Law and we fulfill it because we are in Him.  We are the Bride of Christ not the Jewish Nation.  That is why we have so many problem doctrines in so many denominations because they have failed to keep the two separate.  


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