Dear Mr. Cooper

My name is Syler Maitland and i've emailed you before about sinning Day of Grace. I'm going to continue to seek God and try to get snother call. Can you explain Hebrews 6:4-10 & proverbs 29:1. Is there any evidence of sinning away your day of gracethat J Harold Smith talked about? (Gods 3 deadlines)

Hi Syler,
   Thank you for writing again.   Many people have question about Hebrew 6 and many misinterpret the passage making it say the opposite of what it teaches.  I have written an article on the passage that can be found at  It will answer your questions.
    I also have several articles addressing the eternal security of the believer at that will help you understand what the Bible teaches about salvation.
    I do not know what Harold Smith taught, but the Bible absolutely teaches that once a person is saved they are eternally saved and cannot lose their salvation.
    However, verses like Prov. 29:1 are not teaching losing salvation, but rather of the chastening hand of God on those who are saved and who back slide go into sin and refuse to repent.  
    My article at  "Can A Person Know For Sure That He is Saved and Will Go To Heaven When He Dies? (The Doctrine of Eternal Security"  explains eternal security and also the explains the verses that deal with God's chastening of a sinning believer.
    Hope this helps.  Write if you have further questions.
Cooper Abrams
Romans 12:1-2  


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