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QUESTION: Mr. Cooper I emailed you about sinning away your day of grace. It's not loosing your salvation, it's rejecting call to repentance, I ran from God for a year at the age of 10 for a year. I was scared and prideful. I didn't even notice God quit calling then I made professions just out of fear of hell and I believe God saves you for his glory not to keep out of hell and 10 yearz later while living satan I began to seek and relized I was lost and I'm afraid I'll get another chance and people say just believe rom.10:13 but I can't because not can call Jesus lord but by the Holy Ghost. So what do I do. I go to a fundamental  independent baptist church and every one is mad at me.  Can you just type it in the Internet and then see what I'm talking about and is there even hope for a call or not. I just want know the truth.

ANSWER: Syler,
   The phrase "sinning away your day of grace" is new to me and the Bible.   Sin separates the believer from fellowship and receiving the blessing of God.   A true believer's sin are totally forgiven when God saved him and he cannot be separated from
God's grace.  Read Romans 8 and the articles I sent you.   Sin does separate the believer from God's fellowship and blessing, but 1 John 1:8-10 explains that the Christian should confess his sins to the Lord and the Lord will "forgive" meaning help the person overcome the sin and not commit it continually.   If one fails...he should continue to confess it to the Lord and seek his strength to overcome it.
    Read me article at .  It will explain the problem and God's solution.
    I am concerned that who ever told you about  "sinning away your day of grace" is misinformed and does not really understand God's word.  Grace is God unmerited favor...and God nature is that His love demands He extended to all men His grace.....  YOu cannot sin away God's free gift of grace.
Cooper Abrams    
Romans 12:1-2

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr. Cooper I'll bring everything I've read everything you had on Calvinism, God's grace,and I agree with you on everything you say. Sinning awayyour day of Grace has been preached by People like Oliver b green. This has nothing to do with assurance of salvation I have no insurance because I'm not saved. And people say just believe but you can't Believe until you're convicted and I Ran from that conviction and it stoped.i'm just trying to get another opportunity since I'm alive, Look Mr. Cooper if this is going to frustrate you or anger you please do not text back because I've already made enough people mad and I love you too much and even though I don't know you I just believe you're a baptist preacher that preaches the truth.I don't want to be a burden, Can you please do me one favor and if you don't want to you don't have to but if you want to can you just please pray don't pray that I'll get another opportunity just pray that God be glorified and that his will be done thank you for all your time you don't know how much this means to me,I've add preachers get in my face so you don't know how much this means to me, mr. Cooper if I if I am still alive in the future  or the lord doesn't come back I would like to come study with you or just meet youthat would be okay.  

Love you

Syler Maitland

Hi Syler,
   I really would like to help, but I need you to answer the question of what is "Sinning away your day of Grace."   
   You said your were not under conviction?   Syler, I think you are, because why would you even care about this if it was not bothering you?   How do you dismiss how you feel about this as not being the conviction of the Holy Spirit.   Unsaved people who are not under conviction are not interested in salvation, forgiven of their sins, or for that matter the Lord.
   How do you define conviction.    When I was saved I did not "feel" any strong emotion, but when I heard God's word I knew I was a sinner and needed to be forgiven.    I simply prayed in my heart and surrendered to the Lord.  It was not an emotional experience as some describe, but it was surely real because I have been serving the Lord since 1972.
   What was my reaction?  Well, I knew that I need to attend church so that evening I went with my wife to the Sunday evening service.   When the invitation was given I went forward and told the pastor I wanted to be saved. I felt relieved that I had done what I knew the Lord wanted.   I put my trust in Him....that means I then began to live like a Christian should.   My life was immediately changed.   Emotion?   Not much, just a feeling of knowing I was doing what the Lord through the Bible told me to.
   It was like when I joined the service the first time in 1961.   I raised my hand and made an oath to protect the USA and obey my superiors.   I was then officially a soldier, but I certainly did not feel like one.   I then began to obey the commands I was given and tried hard to learn all I could.   I applied what I was taught and in time I began to "feel" like a soldier.  I gave my country seven years of service and I am a Vietnam veteran.   I was a good soldier because I obeyed and put forth the effort to be a soldier.   Even these many years later I still consider myself to be a good soldier....How do I know....I did what my superiors told me to do and I was faithful.   That is what it means to be a Christian,  to obey the Lord, follow His word and live letting Him guide you.   Often I do not know what the Lord wants me to do, but I keep going and He gets me in His time where I need to be.
   Hope this helps.   Salvation is a mater of faith....not emotion.   Follow God's word...not Oliver Green.  He was a good preach, but doctrinally he was not sound in a number of areas.
Cooper Abrams
Romans 12:1-2


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