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Dear Mrs Lyons

Just to wish u a truly v Happy Christmas as my fdear  friend and advise. My first Christmas as a CHristian and I looking forward to church and Nan/ Pop activities.   First real Christmas I have ever had!

Mummy is getting out for 2 days - but I will be nit meeting her
Will be with pop and Nan - with sante-@'

Dear Elaine,
   Thank you for your kind wishes.  Your enthusiasm and appreciation for the Lord is such a blessing to me.  Even without seeing your mom, I think she will realize the change youíve experienced, which can be a wonderful Christmas present for her, if she will follow your example.
   A friend at church felt that she had never really surrendered her life for the Holy Spirit to help her change, so she went forward with me Sunday, crying, and prayed.  She confessed she didnít like what she had done fighting with her siblings and wanted God to help her change.  When I was eight years old, I remember crying also, being so convicted about fighting with my three siblings over who got to sit by the windows in the back seat our car.  I felt the weight of my sins and that it caused Jesus to die for me.  Anyway, like you, this is a special Christmas for Mary who goes to my church.
   Fountain of Living Water!  Thatís the latest blessing Godís impressed on me.  Heís a daily, life-giving, God Who satisfies our deepest needs.
   Let me know how everything goes for you this season, and thank you for your update.
   Mrs. Lyons


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Mrs. Priscilla Lyons


I have time for you. The Bible has been my guiding light for most of the 56 years of my life. My missionary parents in Brazil kindled a love for God`s Word by their example and their love for truth. The Lord has blessed my husband and me with responsible, independent children who love and serve the Lord and are our best friends. I would enjoy discussing any subject or problem from a Biblical perspective.


I help lead music in a small Southern Baptist Church. Although I rarely have the opportunity to play, I do play the bass guitar, drums, tambourine, harmonica and piano. I like Southern Gospel and praise choruses, but only know by heart the words from the hymnal, and my vocal range is half an octave lower than most music is written, but fortunately my husband transposes well and also plays by ear.

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