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Hello. I was reading the scriptures and thinking about the bible's teachiimgs about revenge and like things. I was wondering, is it ever acceptable to use physical force tovdefend onesself? I was attacked this year by a drunk person in a parking lot. I called 911 and told the person to leave but did not touch them accept to keep them off of me. Should i have done more?

I think the answer lies within the question. If it is in self defense I believe physical force would be justified if necessary.

As to the situation you mentioned, I think you reacted appropriately. Had the individual brandished a weapon you might have reacted with more physical force.

We're instructed to "turn the other cheek" when suffering persecution. I don't believe God intends us to not defend ourselves when our life or safety are threatened. Nor do I think God wants us to stand by and witness someone else being harmed when it is in our power to help them.  


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