Baptists/Can Jesus be tempted?


If Jesus is still fully God and fully Man can he still be tempted like he could while on earth?

 Also: Does God love Satan and should a Christian love Satan?

         Thank you.

Hello Ray,
Thank you for your questions. The short answer to the first question is, I believe, 'no'. Yes Jesus is fully man still but He is man in man's perfected state. He was tempted on earth by Satan with being self serving - turning stone to bread when hungry, with proving the Father would look after Him - jumping from a height and with taking a short cut to ruling over creation by going Satan's way. There is nothing to tempt Him with in heaven. He has all power, lacks for nothing and is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is nothing that could tempt Him for there is nothing that could improve on who He is and the life He has.
Does God love Satan? All I can say is what the bible says. God would have us resist him, beware of him and see him as the enemy of the righteous. His destiny was assured at the cross when he was disarmed and one day he will be thrown into the eternal lake of fire. A similar question to the one you ask is: 'Would God forgive Satan if he repented?' No one can answer that question because God does not lie and He has made it clear Satan will not repent.
God's wrath and is very real and it is directed at Satan.
I hope this response is of some help.
May God bless you.
Stuart Woodward


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