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Dear Brenda
I got your reply in my inbox but can't
Open it, sorry. Please publish answer in your reply pageo I can
Read and send feedback.
Praise the Lord.
Thank u kindly.
Mrs Esther doyle

Hi Mrs. Doyle, I am sorry for the trouble in getting a response back to you. I have answered your question promptly each time I have received a message from you. I pray you are able to read my response this time. God bless you, Brenda.

Dear Mrs. Doyle, Thank you for sharing your concerns with me. Please let me be
very clear that I AM NOT a behavioral professional and am not qualified to give
professional guidance in this matter. As a Christian parent, my heart goes out
to you and my prayers go out for you and your family, especially for Abby who
seems to be choosing a road that will lead to unfortunate consequences. In
America, a young woman is adult at age 18. Is this the same in your country?  As
a parent, you and your husband are responsible to set rules and standards of
behavior for your home. You must then follow through and enforce those rules and
standards, for the safety and peace of the family and the home. Abby has a
decision to make. Either she is willing to conform to the rules and standards
established for your home, or she needs to declare her independence, get a job
and move out of your home. This is a difficult choice to make, but it is
necessary to prevent Abby from destroying your home, and risking negative influence upon your other daughter. You mentioned that your
husband does not know the full extent of Abby's unacceptable behavior--he needs
to know. For you, there comes a time when we have to release our children to the
care of the Lord. We raise them up to know and honor God in their life, and when
they are grown we have to let them go and trust God to take care of them. If
Abby insists on a lifestyle that does not 'fit' in your home, it is time to let
her go and let God deal with her. That means you will pray a lot more and a lot
more often, with a heavy heart for your daughter. But know that, all things work
together for good, for those who love the Lord and are called for His good
purpose. Trust God. I have included a link to an article I found about parenting
adult children. I hope it helps. May God bless you, and your family.
Prayerfully, what I have shared with you will help. Take a look at this link...


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