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Dear Mrs Lyons - I'm 16 almost 17. I am an only child to a single mum in the UK. Cos mum id an incident I am in care of my dad's parents since 4 months ago and I hate it. They are in their 70s and super strict and I hardly know them or my dad.

I have no religion education but now I am made to go to my granparents Pentecost church every Wednesday and Sunday and I get. Embarrassed cos I know nothing about God or the bible and made to feel stupid in my beginner group.

I am miserable been far away from my old friends and therules I now have to obey. my mum is also angry but there is nothing she can do cos of been in gaol for the next three years.
My life is now all based around the church and I find it v hard to make friends as other girls my age are afraid of me and feel I am bad.

From August I am to be homeschooling wit 2 sisters from the church that I am dreading. And enrol to go to a Christian girl camp at Xmas which I also dread.

I used to live in jeans but now my nan forbids them and confined to lomg dresses everyday that I hate. I always had short hair but Nan won't let me go to the hairdresser as she says my hair has to grow long with church rules.

I'm forbidden makeup, jewellery, tv or dating that I find unbearable
every Wednesday and Sunday I am made to wear a terribly uncomfortable corset with old fashion nylons under my church suit. While I am quite a large girl I don't think I should be made to wear these with stockings and rib bones the front that make me sit up and stand v straight.
I get punished for been sassy and disobedience with writing lines and memorizing bible versed that I don't even understand.
Every night I think about running away. But I am afraid of that too.
I always thought Christ was about love and forgiveness but I deeply hate having to live like this. I don't think it says anywhere in the bible that at nearly 17 that I have an 8 o clock curfew.
How can this make me a better person if this is CHRISTIAN as I am very lonely and depressed and bored and hate my Bans rules and lifestyle I am expected to follow.

Dear Elaine,
   Iím glad youíve written.  It sounds like you went from one extreme to another for sure, and that isnít easy.  
   Hereís the most important thing we all need to know about God and the Bible.  We have ALL sinned and are ALL doomed to be separated forever from God and everything good.  God the Son (Jesus) became a human to take our separation from the Father (deathóphysically and spiritually), so we can receive His perfection and live forever with Him. II Corinthians 5:21 ďFor He hath made Him to be sin for us, Who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.Ē  
   Having Jesus in you, guiding and loving you to a changed and better life forever, will make reading the Bible more understandable and maybe make the rules seem more as a protection for you.  Hopefully your grandparents are relying on Jesus to guide them, instead of relying on following rules to save themselves and to save you.  Jesus comes to live in us when we let Him know we want a changed life and ask Him to remove our sin through His blood He shed on the cross for us.  Thatís what Iíve done and even though Iím 63 years old, God still guides me and helps me change into a better person like Him.  Itís a very interesting journey and I donít get bored.  
   It wonít be very many years before you will be on your own, so look for what you can learn from this different lifestyle, but especially look for God to be real in your life, not just a set of rules.
   Write back some time.  Iím praying for you.
   Priscilla Lyons


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