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I have been a bit disappointed where the Bible says "eye has not seen nor ear heard  nor has entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for those that love him" because the next verse says  "but God has revealed them to us by his spirit"
  Does this mean that some people have seen what God has prepared.
 Say, for example, it is a universe full of planets painted with black light paint with all the suns producing black light (pretty cool huh?) then those select people to whom it has been revealed will have no mind blowing surprise because they have already seen this brightly colorful universe that God has prepared for those that love him?
  Or is that next verse about God revealing it "to us by his spirit" about something else?   Thank you.

The Spirit of God has revealed to some such as Paul who was "caught up," and John who Jesus revealed heavenly things to, as well as Elijah who saw in a vision "the Lord high and lifted up."
We can also approximate the heavenly vision by reading the accounts of others.


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