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In the next world there is no marriage but people are like unto the angels. Does this mean there will some sort of unisexual human race? Will there be no more sexually related appreciation of physical attractiveness or attraction? Or perhaps there will be but it might be expressed some other way besides marital
love making? Is the resurrected Christ today a man or is he without gender?  Thank you.

Hello Ray,
Thank you for your question. It is an issue that Christians have wondered about for a long time and of course the simple answer is that the bible is silent on the subject. We know that angels in the bible are referred to as 'he' but that does not need to imply that they are male as opposed to female. It could just be a preferred way of speaking about angels rather than 'it'. We know that there is no giving and taking in marriage in heaven and we will be like the angels but scripture never divulges what life is like for the angels. Some think that Genesis 6:4 refers to angels having sexual relations with human females but this is far from the only way of interpreting that passage. When Jesus returned to heaven it was with His resurrected body which was male. Whether in the process of being glorified that changed at all then bible does not tell us and therefore we assume not.
The concept of male female is still one that exists in heaven as the church's description as being the bride of Christ would have no meaning otherwise.
All I can say for sure is that in every respect heaven and the life to come is better than this life. Logically then if there is no sexual activity there must be something that is much better. However even if there were to be sexual activity it would be very different to now as now that whole area is tainted by the sinful nature. At best in this life sexual intercourse is a non selfish and utterly giving activity by both partners. Self gratification would not be an objective in heaven.
I hope these comments are of some help but the truth is that we will have to wait to find out. May God bless you and give you wisdom.
Stuart Woodward


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