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Dear Mr. Cooper, I am seeking the Lordand your website is been a great help to me and I would like to thank you for that. First of all I would like to start off by saying my family goes to a fundamental Independent Baptist Church and I'm thankful for thatbut when I was 11 years I know God was dealing with me about salvation-and being a stupid immature kid I ran from it which is no excuse and I really harden my heart I begin hanging out with the wrong peopleand made a lot of false professions but I'm just thankful God has allowed me to live. Mr Cooper I promise you if you email me back I will read it I'm sorry for all the grammar mistakes I'm just I just want to know the Lord. I've had people tell me that it's the lord not dealing with you you wouldn't care but but I've been thinking and I read the New Testament for the first time in my life and I would just like to see if you could help me because I believe you teach Bible doctrine all I can do right now is played with the Lord have mercy on me and I know he has because it allowed me to liveplease get back with me as soon as possible.  Please please please I would love to talk further with you.  

   Sorry to be so slow to respond, but things here have been busy.  I am not sure how to respond, but I will agree that if the Lord was not working in your heart you certainly would not be seeking Him.  I have over the years seen many people who have believed in Jesus Christ, yet they still struggle with assurance of salvation.   The situation is one of two ways.  One you are not saved and God is working in your heart and seeking you.   Surely, if you believe and put your trust in Him you would be saved.  However, true belief means that you live what you profess to believe.  That is what repentance is...turn from one's former life to Christ and living for Him.   Often people make professions of faith, want to be saved, but will not submit themselves to the Lord.   They struggle with not knowing whether they are truly saved or not.  The reason is they do not see evidence of Christ in their lives.   The reason is they are looking for some sign or outward evidence God saved them.    Salvation is by faith. It is by believing God and trusting in Him.   The outward evidence of salvation is found when we live for Him and He directs our lives.   But we are not to base our salvation on our experiences or outward manifestation of His presence.   Understand salvation is based on faith. God's promises are true and if we Romans 10:9-12 states He saves us...that is true whether we "feel" it or not.  Salvation is not based on feeling, but on honestly
believing and putting our trust in Him.   This is one situation.   Carefully read the article at and get a biblical picture of how one is truly saved.

   The other is that a person is truly saved because they honestly believed, yet they do not "feel" like they are saved.   Problem as stated above is that often even saved people leave Christ mostly out of their lives.   It stems from a lack of faith in God's promise and also their obedience to the Lord.  They are not faithful, thus they have no assurance of salvation.
   I have several article on my web site that may help you with this.  The articles are at:  - Saved or not...dealing with doubts...   Eternal Security  Can a person know for sure that he is saved and going to heaven.  Saved or to be saved.

   I would take the time and carefully read these articles and then honestly compare you heart and your life with God's word and what it reveals.
   I do pray that you will come to settle the matter soon, be saved and truly know you are.
If I can help future please write.
Cooper Abrams
Romans 12:1-2


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