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The reason I ask this question is that Derrick Holland is a Baptist Minister fielding questions meant for Jehovah Witnesses for fifteen years now.  Here's a shortlist from his forum of People coming to the Jehovah Witness Forum expecting to get a answer for a Jehovah's Witness but actually get a Deceptive Baptist Minister who then slanders the JW Experts and causes fighting on the JW Forum with his criticisms scripture twisting.

--hi derrick! i too was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

--I?fm a Jehovah Witness, like what you used to be for 13 years,

--I take issue with you being an so called JW expert

--This site is about experts.  Your profile says that you were raised  in the religion known as Jehovah's Witnesses for 13 years.

--Why is it that you are now someone of another faith but still attempt to turn those away from God?

--The reason I ask because I am a Jehovah witness my self.

--Why are you on a jw board,as an expert? I dont ask a pastry chef how to prepare a good steak? answere baptist questions if anyone is asking!

--I don't quite understand why would any JW find offensive if there is an expert here in this forum

--Why are you misrepresenting the Jws?

--You said you always tell the truth and you do not mislead anyone. Why is that you did not bother in answering my previous question where I pointed you clearly and deliberately gave a false, wrong and misleading answer about we Jehovah's Witnesses and our translation of the Bible?

--Hello, Very generally, what is this religion all about?  What are the main beliefs and doctrines?

--Would you invite an apostate, an antichrist to your home for a Bible discussion?

--I just need to know how in the hell you went from beng a witness to being a BORN AGAIN???

--As you said "I want you to understand that I am not a JW myself" Why are you in this category and not have chosen the category "Critics of Jehovah's Witnesses" instead?

As you can see many people who come to the JW Forum are expecting to ask a Jehovah Witness a question but then find a "Baptist Minister" being rather deceptive and dishonest by providing half quotes and writing himself under various names.

I often place this link to warn people who are seeking answers from a Jehovah Witness about our beliefs.

What is opinion on the matter Mr Barns?

That is very troubling and so disheartening that a Baptist Minister would do such a thing but in my personal experience I believe most if not all Baptists Minsters do their very best to life a good, quiet, christian life.  This is quite the opposite.

This is my second month and I have received over 70 private questions in a two week period. First, I don't like the tone and insults being thrown at me, but thinking about it, I think this is the same person bombarding me from North Carolina. If you have put up with this type of activity for fifteen years, my hat is off to you.  I don't wish that on anyone and it's wrong behavior.

I hate to see any religion being attacked for what they believe in. We do have Freedom Of Religion. I think he may be harassing your religion or perhaps engages in internet bullying. He could be a stalker or an internet troll. There could be that a possession has taken place in him, even a mental or emotional issue. ADD??  

If he's been doing this for fifteen years on the Jehovah Witness Forum, I am perplexed that Allexperts has allowed it to go on. I'll be looking for a New Expert to be causing waves and have already received several more requests today in my inbox, this guy doesn't stop!

Not one of ours!

Be safe.


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Jay Barns


I can answer questions about the Bible of all translations and the various theologies of it's passages. Experience in how the Baptist Religion was founded in it's infancy and how it has splintered into many sects of different theology. If you enjoy the deeper things of God. I would love the opportunity to share the meanings of the true scripture as the meanings are hidden from many. Teaching an eternal burning hell is to reject "that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures"-1 Cor 15:3. The Bible Literally teaches us that "death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them"-Revelation 20:13. This is truly a marvel and the gospel of Jesus Christ that hell gives up the dead to be Judged. Please note the last half of the scripture "they were judged every man according to their works." We would be in error to say works don't matter, if we are literally judged by them.


Intensive study of Biblical Christianity and where it got it's start. I've learned that being a KJV only can lead a person to being narrow minded and somewhat short sided to Christ's full message of Salvation. Sometimes comparing Bible translations actually leads to a far deeper understanding of God's Word. Punishment in hell after death is double jeopardy and unjust.

Once Saved Always Saved is not a Biblical doctrine. Paul told Christians who had already accepted Christ to: “Keep working out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”— Philippians 2:12.

Baptist Sunday School and intense study of different translations. Studying several different translations gave me more understanding than reading KJV Only. Without grace who of us could get saved and stand before the throne of God? I believe that the antichrist has entered the church and leading many astray by the works of the flesh and an apostasy is now occurring among believers who through bad works are sinning their grace away. "Can it be that I have become your enemy for telling you the truth?"- Galatians 4:16

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