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Greetings, and thank you for your time. I have a question that I am sending to several Baptists here, and it is about a current discussion on the Jehovah Witness forum. I want to ask you about your teaching of Hell, and it is a simple question.

There is a Jehovah Witness there who said that Baptists teach that “only bad people go to Hell”.  On that JW forum there is also a Baptist minister who came back and said that this was a lie and a misrepresentation of Baptist belief.  I have questioned this Baptist minister several times because he is the object of much venom and attack, because he exposes the false teachings of the JWS. He has always answered me kindly, and with much better answers than any of the JWS give.  Truth is, I have only had one Jehovah Witness who would even answer my question.  The rest of them rejected my questions.

But could you please clarify who is right on this? The Jehovah Witness said that Baptist teaching is that “only bad people go to Hell”, and the Baptist minister there said that Baptists do not believe being good or bad has anything to do with it, but being saved through faith in Christ. Naturally a saved person should be good, but that being good doesn’t save, and even good people can still go to Hell.

Who is correct? Thank you so much for your time.


It is true that "being a bad person" does not destin a person to hell, just as "being a good  person" does not mean you'll go to heaven.  The truth is that it is faith in the shed blood of The Lord Jesus Christ that secures one's salvation.

Consequently, it is the Baptist who answered your question correctly--and I'm sure he would tell you this--not because it is the Baptist" answer, but because it is what the Bible says.

Here are some Scripture references:  John 3:36; Revelation 20:14, 15; Revelaton 21:8;  


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