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Baptists/ordination qualification for an American Baptist Minister


I started seminary while a part of a SBC baptist church.
Since it is online, I was told I would have to complete an internship.
At the end of the internship I was told that the church I belonged to and
Completed the internship at would decide if I qualified and passed the
Process for my ordination. I know each state has different laws so just so
You know I am in Pa. There was a tragedy in my pastors family, and my
Internship would have to be put on hold and shortly after I had to move for
My own family issues. I have my bachelor in ministry and I am currently working
On my MDIV, sorry for all that but here's my question
I am currently at an American Baptist church and I am looking to
Finish an internship so I can be ordained and look for where God wants to send me.
However I am being told that to receive my ordination from my new church, which is
An American Baptist I must have my MDIV completed first plus some other form of classes.
Is this true? Must I wait until I finish my MDIV to be ordained in an a American Baptist Church
When every other sect of baptists you don't. I am real confused can help me with this
Thank you, sorry for being so long, just don't unserstand why there is this huge difference in a baptist sect.
I could understand if I was trying to be Catholic or Lutheran.

Edward, sorry for your situation. I do not know if I can help but let's give a try.

Ordination in the Baptist Church tradition is left up to each church on how it ordains men to the ministry. The church may license a man first then after several years of ministry may ordain him. Or they may go right ahead an ordain him.

You stated “I am being told that to receive my ordination from my new church, which is An American Baptist I must have my MDIV completed first plus some other form of classes.” Then you may be ordained. If this is what your American Baptist Church requires then you need to complete what they ask if you want to be ordained. They have the  right to require what they want to.

I can understand to a certain extent their being cautious concerning your ordination. First you were a member of  Southern Baptist Church seeking ordination. Second, you did not finish a MDIV, and third, you did not finish your internship. You did not finish what was required for ordination by that Southern Baptist Church.

So it sounds like your present Church wants to see that you are really committed and finish what they require before considering ordination, and not be incomplete  like you did the other church. I believe you can see their point. But they are requiring a lot of you and are fairly strict.   Edward, finish your MDIV,  other classes, and Internship, if it is required. If they ask to jump 3 feet and then you jump 4 feet. Remember, it is the Jesus Christ that you are serving. Ordination is man's recognition of your worthiness to do the ministry and represent that denomination.

Edward, consider the seriousness of your calling. Being Called to the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ is the highest calling a man ever do. This calling is no different then the calling of the Apostle Paul or the other disciples. He is asking us to be the His Highest Servant to bring lost sinners to be saved. There is no higher calling. I think what Apostle Paul said in Acts 27:23 (my paraphrasing) it is not who I AM, but “whose I am, and whom I serve."  Let's alwarys remember Who We Are Serving.

I get aggravated at men or women who say they "are called to the ministry" and they get a phoney ordination online which means nothing. They are not  really committed. Good example, is the Preachers of LA you see on cable tv who exhibit adultery, addictions, cursing like a sailor, gambling, etc and they call themselves "ministers." Or Bruce Jenner's ex-wife who became "a minister"  to marry someone. These are wolves in sheep clothing. But they have to stand before Jesus Christ in Heaven one day about their activity as "ministers." I wonder what Jesus will say to them. Probably "I know you not."

So my point is that being called to the ministry is the highest calling of men. Ed finish your MDIV, finish other classes, and your internship (if they ask for one) and get your ordination. Yes, you will have to wait til all this completed before your American Baptist Church will ordain you.

My prayers are with you my brother.

Dr Don Howe, RN, PhD, ThD  


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