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Can you help me?  I have been stepping out on my husband for four years. Am I still saved if I die in an accident?



Good question. First thing I would say is that cheating on your husband is a sin. And not just a small sin, but pretty big. If you want to ask if you are still saved even though you do this I would first ask if you were ever saved in the first place. Faith without works is dead. What kind of works were you doing to honor God in this time period? It's not like cheating on your husband for 4 years is a minor issue. If it happened once that wouldn't be so bad, but four years is a long time. That is sinning day in and day out for 4 years. Even if you didn't cheat on him every day, you probably had it planned for a long time in your mind, day in and day out, and you probably did it over and over again, with it in your mind when you prayed and when you went to church. Did you go to church and to communion with this sin planned in your head and in your heart? How does that honor God?

If you were saved in the first place you have to ask yourself if this kind of lifestyle is consistent with the teachings of the Bible. What proof do you have in your lifestyle that you are a believer in Jesus Christ? What would Jesus do? If you have lost your faith in God and that's why you are doing this, then what happens to a person who dies without faith in Jesus Christ. If you are committing Adultery then the Bible would permit your husband to divorce you due to it. Do you want that? How would you like it if your husband cheated on you?

I am sorry but this question is too hard for me to answer. I cannot speak for God. If you believe in a type of eternal security that allows you to do this, then that would mean that you can do whatever you like for as long as you like and say you are saved because you once prayed the sinner's prayer. Faith in Jesus is more than just a mental ascent to an idea which says you believe in Jesus. Even the devils believe and tremble (James 2:19). Believing and trusting in Jesus means that you have a faith that assures that you don't do this kind of stuff. There is real faith and there is superficial faith. What is your faith like? And if your faith is real, then why have you been doing this for 4 years straight?

I hope this helps.  


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