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Now, I'm not going to call anyone out here by name, although we both know who is behind it.  And I'm only going to address the nonsense that posted yesterday, because another expert here showed no more class than to allow vulgarity to post under his profile.

To that expert....We are Christians here, and nobody wants to read profane language, such as what appeared under your profile yesterday.  Show some class.  If you're here to cause an uproar, then you need to keep in mind the Scripture found in Proverbs 6:16, 19....

"These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:...A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

And as you have already attempted to do just that, by fraudulently planting questions in the Question Pool under my name, and writing fraudulent questions to other Experts here using my wife's name, and accusing her of all sorts of wicked acts, then you need to be warned of what the Scriptures say.

Stop trying to stir up strife by your phony posts, and your made-up lies.  Unlike the JW forum where your other profile is, the Experts here are Christians, and do not want your trouble-making in this forum.

In regards to the allegation yesterday that one of my "disciples" was using foul language on the JW forum, and that I am his "Pastor", and "condone such acts", I will say this....

I do not have disciples....My goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

I am not a Pastor, but I have pastored.  The writer of this question with foul language, is not someone I know, or have any associations with.  For you to say otherwise, would indicate to me that you may very well be the author of that vulgarity yourself.  As I said, you have also been planting questions in the Question Pool using my name (which I have removed), and writing to other Experts using my wife's name of "Shawnasi".  Your wicked, ungodly actions, need to stop.

Nor do I condone ANY type of vulgar, or foul language.  The expert who allowed such to post under his profile, owes this board an apology, and should be ashamed of yourself.  In the future, kindly stop typing such questions to yourself, or in the event that someone else actually did type it, show enough class to reject it.  Nobody here wants to read that type of language.

Good day.


Derrick Holland  


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Derrick Holland


I can answer questions pertaining to Baptist and Bible doctrine. I have been an ordained Baptist minister for 19 years, and pastored a Baptist Church for over 5 years. I have also preached revival meetings in Baptist Churches for years. I am happy to answer questions about how Baptist/Bible doctrine compares with false cults going under the guise of Christianity, and how those differences are significant and sometimes dangerous. I do not wish to discuss doctrines within Christianity, that are controversial, as there are many genuinely saved people who allow some of the minor things to divide them.


I have answered Bible questions on the Jehovah's Witness forum for just over 14 years now, and attempted to help many people see the differences between that belief system, and Biblical Christianity. As I was raised in that religion, I can say that many of them have a sincere desire to please God, but they have been misled by false doctrines. If you have any questions regarding the beliefs of JWs, and how those beliefs deviate from the Scriptures, I can help you with that, as well. Please use my profile on that forum, for questions of that nature. But more importantly than simply discussing various doctrines, I have a desire to see people become born again into the family of God, by placing complete faith and trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, which alone is the atonement for our sins.

Independent Baptist church in western North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

High school, and 3 years of Bible College. Hundreds of hours of study in God's Word, the Bible.

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