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I had hoped the trouble-making and distortions would stop, but as there is one Expert here who seems bent on continuing to post slanderous falsehoods about me, then he must be responded to once again.

The latest, is his claim that he “saw me with his own eyes”, answer a question from the Question Pool, on 2/19/15.  In fact, he himself received the question on 2/19/15, and did not even place it in the Question Pool, until 2/21/15, and I was not approved as an Expert on this site until 2/25/15, at which time I responded to the question in the Pool, that he had placed there on the 21st.

This is significant, because I told the JW forum on the 22nd, that I had never previously been an Expert in the Baptist forum.  And this was true.  I was not approved and placed as an Expert here, until 2/25/15.  

Mr. Barns is trying to claim I “lied” about not being an Expert here on the 22nd, because I was supposedly answering questions here on the 19th.

Unfortunately, I have to deal with this fabrication.

Why the fabrication, Rando/Barns?
Why the fabrication, R  
I really have to wonder what kind of wickedness is in the heart of a person, who has had a vendetta of hate for 7 years, so much so, that he is willing to go to any extreme to lie about that person or discredit them.  Even willing to break the laws of God and the Scripture, to do it....all in the name of Christianity.

Such is the case with an Expert here, regrettably.  This expert and I have some history.  He is a JW, who does not take kindly to his false doctrines being exposed by the light of Scripture. So for 7 years, he has been doing everything he can to slander me.  And today was no exception.

This expert, going under the screen name of "Jay Barns", posted this morning, that I was answering questions here on 2/19/15, and claims that I was telling the JW forum that I have never been an expert here, on 2/22/15.  When in fact, I was not approved as an Expert here, until 2/25/15.

What this expert fails to point out, is that when a question from the Question Pool is pulled out and answered, then it posts according to the date it was ASKED by the questioner...not the date it was pulled out and answered.  

So, the fact of the matter is, the question that was ASKED of Mr. "Jay Barns"/Rando, was asked TO him on 2/19/15, but was kept by him in his own email, until 2/21/15, at 4:59 p.m., at which time it was sent to the Question Pool.

Meaning....The very person who claims that they "saw me with their own eyes", answer it on the 19th, Mr. Jay Barns, actually KNEW it was still in their email until the 21st, and also knew that the question was not even IN the Pool, on the 19th.  In fact, he made the mistake of posting a picture of the Question Pool on the morning of the 21st, and the question under discussion, was not in there.  The question was "More Last Days Questions" ....asked of Jay Barns on 2/19, sent to the Question Pool by Jay Barns on 2/21/, and answered by ME, on 2/25.  

So, the same person who claims they "saw" me answer it on the 19th (before I was even an expert here, and had access to the Pool), is the same person who was also sitting on the question in his email, until the 21st.  

It is not possible for me to answer a question from the Pool on the 19th, that is not even IN the Pool on the 19th, nor is it possible for me to access the Pool on the 19th, since I was not approved as an Expert here until the 25th.  That is the date I answered the question in the Pool, as well as removing the questions which Mr. Barns fraudulently signed my name to, and planted there.

The fact that he would lie about this latest question, is a good indication that he is responsible for the other fraudulent questions, as well.

Here is what he posted on Tuesday, 3/4.....

He stated…“It all makes sense now, if he's been here answering questions on the Baptist Blog since 2/19/2015 he was caught in a lie on 2/22/2015. The same person was harassing and spamming me on 2/17/2015 then slandering me on 2/18/2015 and 2/19/2015, then appears on the Baptist Blog on 2/19/2015 and then LIES about it on 2/22/2015? Liars feel the need to explain themselves when caught, it's a pattern.

I noticed he posts a scripture of what not to do, then he does it! Never? He was answering questions since 2/19/2015 I saw it with my own eyes. He knows he was lying on 2/22/2015 when he said "I have never even been an Expert on that forum"

He is referring to the question entitled “MORE LAST DAYS QUESTIONS” , sent by Lou.  Of course, he failed to mention that a question pulled from the Question Pool, is dated by when it was ASKED, not by when its pulled from the Pool and answered.  It shows as 2/19, because that is when Lou asked the question OF Mr. Barns.  Mr. Barns placed it in the Pool on the 21st, two days later.  But he claims that I answered this question on 2/19/15, and this proves I lied to the JW forum when I said on 2/22/15, that I have never been an expert in the Baptist forum.

This is disturbing, Mr. Barns.  Here’s why…

You are claiming that you “see with your own eyes”, that I answered a question here on 2/19/15.  But that isn’t true, is it, Mr. Barns?  In fact, the question you are referring to, was actually answered by me, from the Question Pool, on 2/25/15, which is actually the day I became an expert here in the Baptist forum.  

But you saw me answer it on the 19th, with your own eyes?  I am really disturbed that you would fabricate in this manner, Mr. Barns.  Because you, of all people, know that the question was ASKED on 2/19/15, and it was initially asked to YOU.  And you, Mr. Barns, held the question 2 days, and then placed it in the Question Pool, on 2/21/15.  You, of all people, should know this better than anyone.

How is it that I can pull a question from the Question Pool, when its still in YOUR email inbox, and hasn’t even been sent to the Pool yet?  And how can I pull a question from the Pool, 6 days before I’m approved as an Expert, and can even have ACCESS to the Pool?

Care to explain that?  In fact, I think the attached photo, will show that you are fabricating a story, and lying to this board.  Why would you do that?

So, the question was initially sent by Lou, to YOU.  And you held onto it, before sending it to the Pool, on 2/21/15.  And it sat in the Question Pool, until I was approved as an Expert on this site, on 2/25/15, at which time I answered this question that you sent to the Pool, and also removed the fraudulent questions you placed there under my name.

And how do I know this, Mr. Barns?  Simple…You made a couple of Rando-like mistakes.  First, you posted to Rando in this very forum, a PICTURE of the Question Pool, on 2/21/15.

Funny, the question that you claim I answered, is not in the picture.  Nowhere to be seen.  But the FRAUDULENT questions that you put there under my name, ARE still there.  Now, how is it that you claim I had access to the Pool on the 19th, but would not have removed the fake questions under my name?  Why are they still there, on the 21st, if I already had access to the Pool for 2 days?


But as I was not approved as an Expert on this site until Wednesday, 2/25/15, I could not have answered it prior to that.  So, where was it, since it is not in the picture you posted?  Simple…it was still in your email, until later on the date of 2/21/15.

That’s the only other option….It wasn’t in the Pool yet, but was placed there, by YOU, after your picture of the Pool posted.  

Conjecture on my part?  Nope.  I have proof.  I have learned this to be the case.  Because there is one little detail you forgot, before you decided to pull yet another dishonest attempt to lie about, and slander me.  You forgot that since I am the one who answered the question from Lou that you sent to the Pool, then that gives me the option of sending Lou a private note, which I did.

You know what I did, Mr. Barns?  I sent Lou a little note, and simply asked when they received notification that their question was sent to the Pool.  And here is what Lou gave me in reply….

“This is the notice that it was sent to the pool. The only time referenced here was date/time stamp of the email... 4:59 on 2/21/15” Either way, it IS 2/21.

Like I said to you previously, you’re slipping.  

Mr. Barns, I have proof from the questioner, Lou, that you sent the question TO the Pool, at 4:59, on 2/21/15.  Yet, you are here claiming that you “saw with your own eyes”, me answer it on 2/19/15?  

Perhaps you would care to explain how I can answer a question in the Pool, that hasn’t even been placed in the Pool, and can access the Pool even before being approved as an Expert?

Now Sir, I forgive you for your lies, because that is what Christ offers to us for our transgressions.  But that does not mean you are going to continue and get away with it.

Again, this forum needs to be kept honest, as the Christian people here trying to answer questions from readers, do not wish to have to deal with your trouble-making.  Let this be it, Mr. Barns.  Your lies and stirring up strife, are not welcome here.

I would appreciate a public apology from you, without delay.  You fabricated a story about me, knowing full well that you still had the question in your email.  This is not how true followers of Christ, act.

Again, I want a public apology.


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