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Lou wrote at 2015-05-27 13:29:57
Mr. Holland, I know you cannot explain Mr. Barns' statements, only he is able to do that.  And well he should if he wants to have any credibility on this forum.  Why offer to answer questions then reject those basic to Christian beliefs?  The answers on this forum are beneficial to all who read them, not just the person who asked.  Failure to answer a question is a missed opportunity to spread the gospel. One might think Mr. Barns is ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.   

But thank you for your excellent explanation.  It is so well-spoken and so simple that some might find it hard to believe.  Maybe that is the problem.  They would rather trust in what they do (works) and not in the finished work of what Jesus did on the cross.  Salvation based on works is self-salvation.  


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I can answer questions pertaining to Baptist and Bible doctrine. I have been an ordained Baptist minister for 19 years, and pastored a Baptist Church for over 5 years. I have also preached revival meetings in Baptist Churches for years. I am happy to answer questions about how Baptist/Bible doctrine compares with false cults going under the guise of Christianity, and how those differences are significant and sometimes dangerous. I do not wish to discuss doctrines within Christianity, that are controversial, as there are many genuinely saved people who allow some of the minor things to divide them.


I have answered Bible questions on the Jehovah's Witness forum for just over 14 years now, and attempted to help many people see the differences between that belief system, and Biblical Christianity. As I was raised in that religion, I can say that many of them have a sincere desire to please God, but they have been misled by false doctrines. If you have any questions regarding the beliefs of JWs, and how those beliefs deviate from the Scriptures, I can help you with that, as well. Please use my profile on that forum, for questions of that nature. But more importantly than simply discussing various doctrines, I have a desire to see people become born again into the family of God, by placing complete faith and trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, which alone is the atonement for our sins.

Independent Baptist church in western North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

High school, and 3 years of Bible College. Hundreds of hours of study in God's Word, the Bible.

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