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In your opinion...why do men find it so hard to encourage each other? I guess I feel like we forsake each other for some reason? As long as we show up and we are "active" in the church things swing our way but the moment we start to struggle it seems we leave behind the weakened/fallen. How can this be overcome in a church?
PS, your sermon on Heb 10:25 was great!

Thank you, Brother, for your kind words.  God is always better to me than I deserve!  

We often find it hard if we were brought up in a culture where men are to suck it up and keep on moving and to never admit you have a weakness or a need.  Thus when a person falls, it can be hard to hang around him because his weakness reminds you of your own.  Trying to minister to that person may somehow cause you to reveal your weakness or it may be the same one making it hard to encourage the person.  You may also fear that being near him may make you fall.

Sometimes it is self-righteous pride and we look down on the person instead of realizing we are all susceptible to the same sin(s) because we are human.  One needs to beware of how they treat a fallen brother because sometimes the more we judge and berate that person the more likely it is that we will fall into the same sin.

Sometimes the weak/fallen will not allow someone to come along side and encourage them because of over much sorrow or their wounded pride doesn't want to have someone know or see them in their weakness.

We can only overcome this issue by coming clean with each other and with ourselves that we are not invulnerable and we do have hurts, fears and weaknesses.  That will only come by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit is often hindered in the Baptist churches because we have boxed Him and told Him what He can and cannot do.  

Start a revival with you, Brother.  Get alone with God and pour out yourself before Him and ask Him to pour Himself into you.  When that happens then seek out someone who needs encouragement. God can point one out to you.  It may even be the man that seems the strongest in the church as he is putting on a front but dying inside. When he is encouraged then both of you ask God to show you someone and it will multiply.  With God's grace and power it will spread to all of the men in the church to where it overflows into the community.  If you are married, get your wife to do the same thing or seek out a godly woman and make the suggestion to her.  Ladies need encouragement as well.

There are many, many hurt and discouraged people in the churches. You should have no trouble finding people.  May God give you power and discernment to do this!  Maranatha!!!!


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