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Baptists/Adam's responsibility for sin


Why does the New Testament say that sin entered the World through Adam when it was Eve who first partook of the fruit? Thank you.

Sin entered the world through Adam because he was the man and as the man he is the head of his wife. He is the one in charge, not her. A lot of modern day people don't understand that in a marriage relationship the man is still the head and in charge. Not the wife. I am sorry if this busts someone's bubble. Also if only Eve had sinned and not Adam, then most likely they would not have been thrown out of the garden.  


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I was raised as a Roman Catholic, then when I was 34 I started reading the accounts of the Ante-Nicene Fathers and decided to leave the Roman Catholic Church. I believe that over time the church had evolved and changed in theology. I left the Roman Catholic Church and became a born again Christian. I currently attend a Baptist Church. I have an Associates Degree from a local Bible School. I am working on a Masters Degree in Ministry.

I have a BA and an MA in European History. I also have an Associates Degree from a local Bible School. And I am currently finishing up a Master of Ministry Degree.

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