How should a christian handle it when confronted with suicidal thoughts? I have never attempted suicide or want to but sometimes I get this feeling that life is not worth living. I seem to be getting it a lot lately too. What should I do?

Hello Dylan,
Thank you for your question. Many people, including Christians, have occasional battles with suicidal thoughts. Even though we know that life is God's alone to give and take, sometimes life can seem so empty that the thoughts tend to keep nagging.
The first thing you should do is find a Christian leader you trust and share with them the battles you are having. It is important to have such thoughts out in the open. Eagerly seek the prayers of that person and listen to advice. Beyond there it would good to find a network of people (family, friends?) who you know you could contact without them judging you. That way whenever you have these feelings strongly you have someone to call.
It is also good to keep disciplined in your own times of prayer. God is the one who provides strength. He loves you and made you for Himself. He chose that you should come into this world and has purposes that only you can fulfil even if you are never fully sure what they are.
The final thing I would say is don't be hard on yourself over this. Sometimes suicidal thoughts have to do with mental health issues that can be the product of many things from events in our past to physical issues in our body. Carrying guilt over it is not what God wants and is of no benefit to you.
God wants you free from these problems and wants the best for you.
I hope these brief comments are of some help and pray that God will provide you with the support you need.
May God bless you
Stuart Woodward


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