Cathryn wrote at 2012-10-24 17:40:47
How can you say..." not all Catholics are Christian.". Isn't the very meaning of Christian, one whom believes in Christ?


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Ashley Proctor


I possess strong knowledge in both theology and church history. My particular church history interests include but are not limited to missiology, ecumenism, British and North American Baptist history, the Moravian missionary movement, von Zinzendorf, Luther, the desert fathers, and Patristics. I can answer most any theological or biblical question using sound principles of interpretation and my extensive knowledge of Holy Scripture and other theological resources at my disposal.


I grew up Christian. I am the son of a minister and am about half-way through an intensive dual M.A. in church history and theology at a conservative seminary in the Northeast. I am a former Baptist, but consider myself a solidly orthodox, Reformed Christian.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
First Congregational Church (UCC)
Christians for Biblical Equality

Various internet sites.

I am currently pursuing dual M.A. degrees in church history and theology. Upon completion of seminary, I will study for a Ph.D. in historical theology in the U.K.

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