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Baptists/Independent versus Southern Baptist


Daniel Tucker wrote at 2007-06-12 03:41:05
First of all, Cooper's facts on missions and monies are very inaccurate. Less than 20 of missions money goes to administration. Second, the Bible nowhere condemns style of music, relaxed dress, or coffee in church. The SBC is by far and away the largest most effective evangelistic outreach ministry the U. S.  has ever produced. No one is better at spreading the gospel or relief during crisis than Southern Baptist. Cooper's comments are mostly based upon the fact that SB believe in using several translations (KJV or NIV, you ALWAYS have to go back to the original Greek), contemporary music, along with new methods. SB believe as a whole, methods must change but the gospel will always be the same. Believe me, John the Baptist, would now make it long in a IFC. Remember, hymns were thought at one time to be godless and wicked. As far as our missionaries, I don't know them all personally. If I was Cooper sitting in Midwest America, I would hesitate to criticize full time missionaries who have devoted their lives over seas.  As afr as our schools go, they are not liberal because they teach from something other than the KJV. Liberalism is teaching against fundamentals of the faith, which we do not. I hope Cooper sees this and realizes Jesus could care less if you are a SB or IF. He wants your complete surrender to him and to win as many people to the Lord as possible. I also think He would want us to use spellcheck so we don't appear to be unintelligent. Good luck Cooper, even though we disagree, I hope you win a bunch of souls.... go get 'em!

mcgrathism wrote at 2008-06-30 05:27:30
Why does it all center on ROCK music there is a great deal more wrong with Baptist in general then just music.  To me it is funny how the Hymn books contain music from Cath. Lut. Ep. and etc. and IFB have no problem singing it but then they turn around and bash them all in their sermon.

candice wrote at 2009-07-28 18:15:31
I too left the SBC & now just starting to attend an IFB congregation here in Texas. This location is small, but good, the pastor is former military so when he preaches it is a loud voice of order( something to get use to, but it's ok) but the point is the message is not watered down & we only have a old fashioned guitar & hymnal books, but you feel the true love of the Holy Spirit.

kjvbiblepounder wrote at 2012-01-12 19:35:30
I came to this post seeking to find the difference between Fundamental Independent Baptist and Southern Baptist church doctrines and I think those issues are nicely explained; both in the initial post and in the rebuttal responses.  I have been an FIB since being saved in 1995, but due to the strong (and most times aggressive) stand that the FIB have in the church, both my wife and I have been hurt (in ways that are NOT biblical) by both pastors and congregation members.  I won't go in to detail about my experiences, just suffice it to say that none of these issues glorify the Lord.  Bottom line is, there just aren't any FIB churches in the small community we live in.  So, looking at the SB churches in the area is why I began looking into additional information concerning the doctrinal differences.  We attended a SBC for the first time two weeks ago and found a fairly contemporary service.  But it was fairly mellow with a few guitars and 'electric drums', which were toned down to very acceptable low level.  All-in-all, the service was respectful and acceptable.  The people were extremely nice and we felt welcome.  

The pastor was open to my concerns about the use of all the different versions #my conviction is that the authorized KJV is the closest book available in the English language to the true Word of God#.  I have yet to hear back from the pastor about these concerns.  

My final concern was the casual dress.  But again, this is one of my own convictions, as I feel one should put on their best when coming to God's house.

So in conclusion, I feel I need to be in church.  If the only choice is to be in a SBC, then so be it.  It is rather cumbersome when I have to compare the scripture presented with my KJV bible, to verify what is being preached is from God's word, but it's better than being absent from church all together.  And I may be the only one in attendance who wears a tie, but I don't think it's possible to find the "perfect church" because all it takes to drive people out is an unperfect Christian, which we all are.

boblucas2000 wrote at 2015-08-24 18:58:36
It is amazing to me the people out there who know nothing, or very little about the SBC and its fellowship churches. This person talks about the liberalism in the Baptist Seminaries. Perhaps you have heard that a number of years ago, liberals started creeping in to the SBC colleges and seminaries. This came to a head when SB booted them out, yet people still want to cling to the old idea that all SB are liberals. I have been a SB for 50 years and can spot those uninformed pastors, and their members who believe untruths about SB. Now this guy says within in SB churches, the local church has no say so in how missions money is spent. Every cooperating SB church sends messengers to the annual SBC meetings to vote on how money is spent. If a church decides to send money to the cooperative program but opts not to send messengers to the meetings, then they do not have a say in how the money was sent because they did not want to send a voice from their church. Come on people. Lets quit fighting among ourselves and start fighting the Devil's crowd outside the church. As a SB preacher I have no problems with independent fundamental Baptists in doctrine. My disagreement is in how they operate the local church. Even that is something that is left to the local autonomous body of believers. If you want to know more of my 50 years within the SBC e-mail me --


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