Baptists/The National Sunday Law


someoe who cares wrote at 2006-07-07 05:34:57
read exodus the 20th chapter verses 8-12

Licy wrote at 2006-08-25 22:50:20
Jesus came to earth not to change his Father's laws but to save us. So the Sabbath law hasnt change. The only  best thing to do is to pray to our God and ask him for understandings, dont go just for what people say, do your own research and fallow your heart in the name of Jesus.  

Earnest Wood wrote at 2006-09-17 11:40:53
You state that: ....worshiping on the Sabbath was a law given to the Nation of Israel.Christians in our time (dispensation) are not under the Law of Israel.

God first gave this law to Adam and Eve long before Isreal was even thought about. It is a Law

from the begining of time. How can Man change the

Laws of God? Not with his blessings

Child of God wrote at 2006-10-02 15:05:36
I the creation week God created the greater and lesser lights, stars, plants,etc. at the end of it all He declared the last day of the week as the day of rest(Genesis 2:2&3)--as a model that should guide us "Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy.Six days shalt thou labour, and do ALL thy work: but the seventh day IS THE sabbath of the Lord thy God..." Exodus 20:8 through 11.  

The effort to change THE sabbath from sabbath to Sunday is a deliberate effort of the devil through the last kingdom (before Christ)on the image in Daniel chapter 2. Many churches worship on sunday and are not aware of 1)the origin of sunday worship and 2)why they practice this. God is not one to mince words--whatever HE says HE means and it cannot change.

Even if the entire world worshiped on sunday it would not change the FACT that Saturday is the Sabbath and we all would be in direct defiance of The Almighty Gods' words.

We need to remember that God is no respector of persons. Soley because salvation requires an individual commitment should be enough reason for all persons to read the Bible for themselves.

"Woe be unto you who lead my people astray."

ray wrote at 2006-10-09 03:24:42
Hi Jun!

My name is Ray, and I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. It just so happen that I come across to read your question regarding Saturday or Sabbath worship. Here are just some of the Bible text and facts that I'm going to share with you about this subject:

    1.) The Sabbath or saturday worship observed by the Jews and Seventh-day Adventist began even before sin entered. God gave this institution after He created this world in 6 days. In fact, 2300 years before the existence of the Israelite nation way back the time when there are still two people living in this planet namely, Adam and Eve. (see Genesis 2:1-3)

    2.) In Col.2:16, the "Sabbath Day" mentioned here are the ceremonial sabbaths found in the Jewish sacrificial system such as "The Day of Atonement"(Yom Kippur), "The Trumpets", and the "Feast of Tabernacles" for example. Each of these were specifically called "sabbaths" which pointed forward the Ultimate sacrifice which no other than Jesus Christ.(Read Leviticus)Jesus did not came here to abolish His Law that contains His Sabbath, rather, He give full meaning to it. (Matthew 5:17-48)

    3.) We keep God's law not because we want to be saved. We keep it because we are already saved. Keeping the law is not the means for salvation, but as a result of being saved in Christ. Since were saved by grace by our Saviour, we keep His Law beacuse He is our Lord. We love Him because He first loved us. That is why Jesus said,"If you love me, keep my commandments". (John 14:15)

    4.)The sabbath was made for man, and not for the Jews only. (Mark 2:27)

    5.)The apostles or the early christians keep the Sabbath.(Read Acts 13:14,42; 16:13; 17:1-2.)

    6.) Paul keep the Sabbath while supporting himself by tentmaking.(Acts 18:3-4,11)

    7.)Jesus Christ, our Example, goes to church every Sabbath. So does Paul.(Luke 4:16, Acts 17:1-2)

    8.) Our being saved by grace does not give us the licence to disobey God's Ten Commandments which contains His Sabbath. (Exodus 20:8-11; Rom.3:31; 6:1-2; 7:7.) The pupose of the Law is make us Christians and people everywhere aware whether we have commited sin or not.

    9.)The statement that says, " those who are under the law", simply means 'to those people who are not free in Christ because their making the law as their means of salvation instead of trusting Christ's atoning sacrifice to save them from the penalty of sin'. Examples of these are the Pharisees in Christ's time.

   10.) If our concern is how to honor His resurection, it is not by Sundaykeeping. It is by Baptism through emersion which signifies Christ's death and resurrection. Likewise, when we being baptized, we died in sin and live a new life, just like Christ died for sin to give us life.

   11.) To deny the Sabbath truth is to deny the whole law.(James 2:10)

   12.) To deny God's Law is to Justify Sin. And Grace is no longer grace, but CHEAP GRACE. A true Christian is a transformed and changed man.(2 Cor. 5:17), thus an evidence of a Justified man.  

David the Stylist wrote at 2006-10-10 00:07:35
Hi June

God numbered the days in the creation week, we have attached names to the days, So if we follow God's system and count to the 7th Day of the week, the only day the bible says He rested on, what day is the sabbath?

June the sabbath is also in the Ten Commandments which was written by God's own hand let us not forget. Trust the Scriptures. (Isiah  8:20) To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, they have no light....  

Anthony wrote at 2006-11-29 23:02:24
Hi June,

And may GOD bless you.  I must emphatically disagree with Brother Abrams.  If you read Genesis 2:2,3 it makes it clear that the Sabbath was instituted at creation.  Matthew 28:1 states that "In the end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn towards the first day of the week..."  Here it says that the Sabbath was the seventh day of the week, not the 1st day of the week. Jesus's disciples wouldn't even embalm his body on the Sabbath day.  They waited until the SABBATH was passed.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!  Christ is our supreme example and the Bible clearly states that HE kept the SABBATH HOLY, and entered into the synagogue to read and minister on the SABBATH DAY.  Take care, and please read the scriptures I suggested.  Most of all pray before you read the scriptures to receive GOD's interpretation.  Not man's



george wrote at 2006-12-18 14:38:11
So sad! So sad Adam! The Law of God is the same yesterday today and forever! There are two kinds of law given to the Jews – one the law written by Moses and the 10 commandments written by God’s Hand. The Law written by Moses was the law nailed to the cross when Jesus died on the cross – ceremonial laws! But the 10 commandments still remains the same – God doesn’t change His words, infact Jesus said it very clearly,“I have not come to destroy the Law (10 commandments) but fulfil…

And note that there is no where in the bible where Jesus worshiped on Sunday – He was teaching in the temple every Sabbath teaching. Shouldn’t Jesus be our example? And besides, Jesus disciples constantly worshiped on Saturday. Now where did this Sunday worship come from? Remember that Saturday was long initiated in creation – For God rested on the 7th day and blessed it – He sanctified this day. And moreover to the Children of Israel it was a sign between God and Israel.  And Aren’t we spiritual Israel today

Bible Truth wrote at 2006-12-20 22:46:55
Exodus 20. The Fourth Commandment. Remember the Sabbath Day. Cooper Adams stop deceiving these people.

Bible Truth wrote at 2006-12-20 22:52:16
So are you saying disregard all of the fourth and the rest of the Ten Commandments. So we are free to lie, cheat and steal and don't observe the Sabbath Day?

Fred Bastian wrote at 2007-01-02 01:24:00
What the Bible Says About the Seventh Day

The seventh day of the week was ordained as the Sabbath at Creation by God's very own example (Genesis 2:2,3; Exodus 20:11). The nation of Israel was instructed to keep it and chided for not doing so- even before the Law was given on Mount Sinai (Exodus 16:23-30). The Fourth Commandment, which specifies the seventh day as the Sabbath, was so important that God chose to place it at the very heart of the Ten Commandments; it is intimately associated with nine other moral precepts- which were given by the voice and finger of Yahweh Himself and which are appropriate for all humans throughout all generations (Ex. 20:8-11).

Jesus reinforced the Fourth Commandment when he said, "The Sabbath was made for man" (Mark 2:27). His point was that the Sabbath was made as a blessing for the benefit of mankind- not as an oppressive legal yoke. It was made for man- not just the Jews. Jesus also proclaimed Himself Lord of the Sabbath (Mark 2:28) and observed it regularly (Mark 1:2 1; Luke 4:16-22). Though He frequently denounced the Pharisees for their manmade rules, Jesus always upheld the Sabbath and showed by His positive example how it should be observed as a day of rest, worship, freedom, and joy (Mark 3:4; Luke 13:15-16; Matthew 12:10-12). During His Olivet Prophecy, Jesus urged His disciples to pray that their flight (years in the future) would not be on the Sabbath (Matt. 24:20).

The disciples rested on the Sabbath while Christ lay in the grave; according to Luke, who recorded the fact many years later, they did so "...according to the commandment" (Luke 23:56). Matthew and Mark, who also wrote long after the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, spoke familiarly of the Sabbath as an existing institution (Matthew 24:20; 28:1; Mark 16:1).


It was Paul's custom to use the Sabbath for preaching (Acts 17:2). He did so in synagogues and elsewhere (Acts 13:14-15; 16:13). Gentile believers observed the Sabbath (Acts 13:42, 44). For a year and a half in Corinth, Paul worked during the week and reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath, teaching the Word of God (Acts 18:4, 11). James and Paul, along with Jesus, spoke very positively about the importance of the Ten Commandments, of which the Sabbath is an integral part (Romans 2:13, 21-22; 7:7-12, 22; James 2:8-12; Mark 10:17-19).

Finally, history reveals that early Christians, both Jews and Gentiles, continued to faithfully observe the seventh-day Sabbath for many decades after the Messiah's resurrection and ascension. And down through the centuries to our day, there have always been faithful Christians who have accepted Jesus as their Savior and have walked in the joy of the liberty of God's seventh-day Sabbath.

What the Bible Says About the First Day of the Week

The term "first day of the week" is used only eight times in the New Testament (the word "Sunday' is never used). Four of these occurrences (Matthew 28:1; Mark 16:2; Luke 24:1 ; John 20:1) are simple time references to the day following Jesus' resurrection, to the disciples' early morning discovery of the empty tomb. Note that the women brought spices to the grave of the Savior on the first day, something they would not do on the Sabbath (Luke 23:56). Two other first-day references relate to Jesus' later appearances on that same day (Mark 16:9; John 20:19). The second of these describes how the disciples were assembled behind locked doors for fear of the Jews. Certainly this cannot be construed as some sort of Sunday 'sabbath' celebration. Jesus gave not so much as a hint that the first day was to be kept holy.

Paul once preached on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7); this is generally understood to be a Saturday night since, according to Biblical reckoning, days began with the evening. The next morning, he continued his journey toward Jerusalem. No hint of Sunday observance here.

The Corinthians were commanded to take up a collection for the poor saints of Judea on the first day (1 Corinthians 16:2); but the phrase "lay by him in store" indicates this was a private inventory activity, not a public religious activity.

The above eight texts are the only ones which speak of the first day of the week. Carefully examined, they prove nothing at all in favor of Sunday as a day of worship or rest. In fact, they indicate the opposite.

History reveals that it was at least a century or more after the death of the Savior that the first day of the week gradually came to replace the Sabbath. This change was in response to anti-Jewish bias in the Roman Empire. In order to curry favor of Roman political leaders, the Roman church moved away from the pure religion of Jesus and the apostles; it moved to accommodate the pagan, Roman world, of which Sunday observance was a part. Many Catholic and some Protestant writers cheerfully admit that it was church tradition, not Biblical authority, which brought about the popular acceptance of the first day of the week for worship.

Summary of the Facts

The seventh day was set aside for all mankind at Creation.

The Fourth Commandment, embedded at the heart of the Decalogue, specifies the seventh day.

Christ observed the seventh-day Sabbath; He did not so much as hint that it would ever be replaced by Sunday.

The apostles faithfully observed the Sabbath on the seventh day- never on Sunday.

There is not one word in the Bible in favor of Sunday as a holy day; rather it was given to man as the first of six days for labor.

The only thing that can be said in favor of Sunday is post apostolic church tradition! But one who truly loves God, who has accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior and Lord, will push aside tradition in order to seek his heavenly Father's will in all things. The Scriptures - Old and New Testaments alike- clearly reveal that God's will for all His children includes the liberty and refreshment of the seventh-day Sabbath.  

latterrain wrote at 2007-06-09 23:47:00
I just wanted to expound on the answer given concerning the rightful day of rest. I'm a firm believer in the bible and the bible alone as the Canon for all doctrine. With having said that, I would like to point out that there is no text in the bible that says Sunday is the sabbath or the seventh day of rest. People observed the first day (Sunday) for many different reasons: tradition, the record in ACTs of Pentecost and so on. The bible does state that the seventh day (Saturday) is the Sabbath. Jesus, in the new Testament attended church service on the Sabbath (seventh day) and the bible said that this was His custom (Luke 4:16). Jesus came to magnify the Law so that is why He Himself kept all 10 commandments. It's also stated later in the Word that Jesus, while here, did not give us any new commandment as to worship on any other day then that which was already His custom to worship on (Hebrews 4:8). As for the scripture Col 2:16, with some prayerful study you will note that this text is speaking of the Mosaic law and not the 10 commandment law. The Mosaic law had contained in it drink, food and sabbath days statutes. Notice the word days is plural which is significant because the mosaic law had many sabbaths which was done away with at the cross. The 10 commandment Sabbath (seventh-day) is forever binding. Rev 11:19 and Roms 3:31  

Mike Perekrestenko wrote at 2007-07-28 19:12:07
Hi, I find the answer quite interesting. And no doubt you are following teachings of mainstream christianity. Unfortunatly I cannot quite agree with this view.

The biblical Sabbath is definitly Saturday. In many languages today this is still manifested, e.g. Sabado in Spanish. Another point is that many of our early calenders started with Sunday as the first day of the week. This was changed here in Europe just 20 years ago. I personally like to follow Jesus in his practise, and go to the Synagoge (Church) on Saturday (Luke 6,36). Jesus never told anything else. The Bible mentions nowhere that his resurection day should be kept holy or be declared the Sabbath of God.

The first Christians kept the Sabbath (although some may have started introducing human interpretation and keeping the resurection day). It was the heathen roman emporer Constantine who then finally changed the biblical Sabbath to Sunday for political reasons.

I agree to the point that we are under grace and not under the law. But what does that mean exactly. As a follower of christ I WANT to do his will. And Christ stated his will in the 10 commandments, including the 4th (Ex. 20,8). Being under grace means that I do the will of Jesus in the right manner - in a loving manner.

A final point. The Sabbath was not given to the people of Israel only, but to all the world, as it was manifested in creation - before any people of Israel came in existance.

There is much more to say about the biblical Sabbath. And believe me, the more you get into it, the more wonderful it gets (Isa. 58,13-14).

God bless,


Jorge wrote at 2007-08-03 15:02:58
The only problem with that answer is to begin with, the Sabbath was not a "Law given on to Israel" - for Israel only. The Sabbath was created back in the beginning of time, before Adam and Eve even sinned. The Sabbath was a special day given unto mankind from God Himself, a day of rest from our daily activities and pursuits. There is actual evidence that people throughout the book of Genesis (specially Abraham) were Sabbath keepers. This is a period of time well before the nation of Israel ever existed.

Many Sabbath keepers fail to realize that the specific Day in which one MUST worship The Lord is not actually mentioned in the Bible! It gives accounts of when specific people worshiped The Lord, but there is no law on which specific day of the week 'per se'...

We are to worship The Lord DAILY - as many would agree. Now the Sabbath was not a day of WORSHIP (only)- it was a day of REST... not just physical, but mental and spiritual. The early church - up to when our boy Chonstantine came and ruled good ol' Rome - actually followed the tradition of the Sabbath! The actual Christians that were persecuted during the crusades were Sabbath keepers themselves.

I know, I know... "what about Acts 20:7?" Many denominations who keep the Sunday are founded on this verse (among others). That verse leads many to think the early church met on Sunday mornings, but if carefully studied - you realize that they were actually meeting on Saturday night! And the reason for that was persecution.

The Sabbath was not just given to the nation of Israel - it was given to all mankind. Israel was nothing more than a vessel to carry that message to the world, which of course they did a lowsy job at it.

By the time Jesus came around (which He also kept the Sabbath), that Holy day was completely distorted by the Jewish Pharisee's. It was made more of a day of burden than a day of joy...

Martenas wrote at 2007-09-03 04:12:42
You say that Christians are to worship Sunday because that is the day of the resurrection.  Where does it say to do that in the Bible?  It does not.

You also say that no where in the Bible does it say to worship on Saturday.  You are exactly correct, it does not.  But, all over the Bible it demands that you worship on the Sabbath, even in the new testament.

I am not any denomination because folks like you are not telling the truth.  I follow what the Bible says and thats all.

Sharon wrote at 2007-09-13 20:32:42
Dear June Yi,

I belive that the Holy Spirit is touching your heart. I also believe that we all need to come to the Holy Bible for every question and inquiry, because you can trust God's words. You dont have to be an expert to know truth, God has made His word and His Spirit available to everyone who desires to know Him more fully.

If you go to the book of Genesis you can see that God ordained the seventh day as a Sabbath, before there was a Jew or a Gentile. If you go to Exodus chapter 20 you can see that observing the seventh day Sabbath is the fourth commandment. It is true that we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ, because of His wonderful blood shed on Calvary, and those ceremonial laws were shed as well. But not the moral laws (ten commandments). If we do away with the Sabbath, then why should we keep the other nine commandments? Then we could worship idols, kill, commit adultury, steal, misuse the Lord's name, dishonor our parents, give false testimony, and covet. Obviously God does not want us  to do these things. But He says He wants us to keep His seventh day Sabbath. If you go to Psalm 111:7-8, you can see that God's precepts are steadfast.

Come to Him, come to His Word, and let His Spirit be your guide.

12am wrote at 2007-09-19 16:19:37
you can never EVER find anything about worshipping in SUNDAY in the bible

theres a lot regarding the sabbath =p

God wont contradict himself.

"If you Love me, Keep my Commandments"

and that's the only truth

truth will set you free. =p

see ya

Hardroc wrote at 2007-09-22 23:53:25
Sabbath instituted at Creation before their was a Jew or Nation of Israel as a blessing to the human family (Gen. 2:2-3)

It will continue in the New Earth (Isa 66:23)

Saturday Sabbath was observed by the early church

long after Christ Resurrection (Acts 18:4, Matt 5:17) and Christ spoke of it warning Christians during the Roman seige of Jerusalem 70 years after His Resurrection (Matt 24:20). At Council of Trent,1566 Pope Pius change Sat Sabbath to Sun

Kodero wrote at 2007-10-15 12:29:15
I want to thank God for coz u asked that question. I  want pray that the answer I am goin to give will give some insight into this matter. So many pple have been misled into thinking that Sunday is a day of worship. The first Sunday Law was enacted by Emperor Constantine - March, 321 A.D. This Emperor is the true legislator of Sunday worship, not Aumen as some suppose.

<quote>        On the venerable Day of the Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be closed. In the country, however, persons engaged in agriculture may freely and lawfully continue their pursuits; because it often happens that another day is not so suitable for grain-sowing or for vine-planting; lest by neglecting the proper moment for such operations the bounty of heaven should be lost. (Given the 7th day of March, Crispus and Constantine being consuls each of them for the second time [a.d. 321].) - Source: Codex Justinianus, lib. 3, tit. 12, 3; trans. in Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, Vol. 3 (5th ed.; New York: Scribner, 1902), p. 380, note 1.


refer to this :

Pray that God opens your eyes to see the fallacies advanced by men against the un-alterable Word of the living God..good Luck!

azcountrygirl wrote at 2007-11-22 01:45:22
no where in the bible does it say to woship onSunday.

The 10 comandments are still in force. Jesus

says if you love me keep my commandments. Earth

was made in six days 7th day God rested and we

are expected to do also. There are so many scripts that point the Sabbath as Saturday.

If you go to any Catholic Church they will tell you they changed the Sabbath to Sunday...

Thank you and God Bless.

Nyc wrote at 2007-12-06 02:06:45
I find it very sad and disheartening that Christians would spend so much time debating the the detritus of our Faith.  I am a Christian who has always worshiped on Sundays, I grew up with Adventists and occasionally attended Saturday services.  The point of both services was -- is the worship of God.

This debate is exactly the reason that the Bible is not to be read literally.  When we do so, we become modern Pharisees and guilty of the sin of idolatry with the Bible as our idol.

If we take one thing away from Jesus' (remember him, the guy at the center of our faith) example, it should be that it matters less how (or on what day we worship) than that we worship.

Pax Christi

Bobby Rajan wrote at 2007-12-16 03:29:49
Mr Cooper Abrams,

Here's your quote: ''In other words...we are free in Christ to live for Him, not because of a law that makes us, but in love for Him we obey and do as He instructs...a law is not for those who live godly...but for those who live ungodly''

Yes, obey and do as He (Jesus) instructs. What has He instructed. Very clearly John 14: 15 - If ye love me keep my commandments.

Mary wrote at 2007-12-18 20:14:09

We all know that Jesus was crucified and died on Friday. Every year we recognize this day as Good Friday. On that day Joseph of Arimathaea took Jesus’ body from the cross and buried it. Luke 23:50-24:3 describes this event and tells us that the next day, Saturday, was the Sabbath. “And, behold, there was a man named Joseph, a counselor; and he was a good man, and a just: (The same had not consented to the counsel and deed of them;) he was of Arimathaea, a city of the Jews: who also himself waited for the kingdom of God. This man went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. And he took it down, and wrapped it in linen, and laid it in a sepulchre that was hewn in stone, wherein never man before was laid. And that day was the preparation, and the sabbath drew on. And the women also, that came with him from Galilee, followed after, and beheld the sepulchre, and how his body was laid. And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments; and rested the sabbath day according to the commandment. Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices that they had prepared, and certain others with them. And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre. And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.”

So Jesus died on Good Friday, rested in the tomb during the following day, Saturday, which was the Sabbath, and then rose early on Sunday morning, the day we call Easter Sunday.

Today nearly the entire Christian world goes to church and worships on Sunday. Why is this? When was the day of worship changed from the Sabbath, which we just saw is Saturday, to Sunday?

We go to church on a specific day of the week because of the Sabbath commandment. The Ten Commandments can be found in Exodus 20:3-17. In the Sabbath commandment God has not only given us a command to keep the Sabbath day holy but has also told us how to keep it holy.

This commandment is found in Exodus 20:8-11: “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord your God: in it you shall not do any work, you, nor your son, nor your daughter, your manservant, nor your maidservant, nor your cattle, nor the stranger that is within your gates: For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.”

This commandment tells us that God’s Sabbath day is the seventh day of the week. God’s holy Sabbath day is Saturday. Sunday is the first day of the week.

Before we look at the actual circumstances behind the change of the day of worship, let us look at one of the reasons given for Sunday sacredness.

Many claim that since we are living in New Testament times the Old Testament no longer applies to us. There was no New Testament in existence when Second Timothy 3:16 was written: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” This verse specifically refers to the Old Testament, and it tells us that the Old Testament is just as much in force today as when it was written.

Since the Sabbath commandment has been changed, can we find a Bible text that would document this change? As we search the Scriptures we run across Psalms 111:7-9. “The works of his hands are verity and judgment; all his commandments are sure. They stand fast for ever and ever, and are done in truth and uprightness. He sent redemption to his people: he has commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name.”

These verses seem to indicate that the Sabbath commandment should not have been changed. In fact, these verses tell us that all of the commandments will be in effect forever. As we continue our search we find Isaiah 66:22,23. These verses tell us that those who are saved from the earth will be keeping the Sabbath day, Saturday, holy throughout eternity, in the New Earth, which God has not yet created. “For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, says the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain. And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, says the Lord.”

Mrz Doright wrote at 2007-12-30 17:45:02
Thank God that His people are vigilant! I am so happy that you all gathered to answer June's question. You may have saved her from the mark of the beast. Daniel 7:25 will happen, and is happening, but we must save as many as possible.


randy wrote at 2008-01-23 13:01:40
Dear June,

Read 2 Peter 3:16. Then go to verse 15, then 14 and so on. You will soon understand the truth, discover more truth and nothing but the truth. Then the truth shall set you free. Keep the (Friday even to Saturday) even Sabbath for it is Holy.

Joey wrote at 2008-01-26 15:20:02
Hello right. Where in the bible does it say that we should worship on Sunday. Jesus didnt say we should worship on sunday. Matthew 28:1 On the day Jesus ressurected was sunday and it begins with 'After the Sabbath' and it refers sunday as the first day of the week. So if the fourth commandement says the sabbath is on the seventh day it must be saturday! We live in a time where there is confusion about the sabbath day and God will bless you for choosing the seventh day sabbath, saturday. In Daniel 7:25 it says that a power will attempted to change times and laws which the sabbath law is the only one which has time in it. So whoever reads this and takes it on board will be blessed by God and God will unmask from you the cloth of deception. Satan want us to think that sabbath is on saturday so that Gods name is not glorified and its working! So please stay truthful to God and seek His truth in the Bible becuase its all so true. All the commandements are for ALL people otherwise God would of said so and its just to decive people. Watch out becuase we are living in the last days and this is the last chance for satan to decieve Gods people so turn to God and even your close friends can deicive you no jokes. Its that bad and Gods people are out there sharing the truth but people dont listen but there will be a time when they will realise they were wrong. Bless you for reading this and stay true to God.

Raul wrote at 2008-01-30 02:52:10
Exodus 20:10 (King James Version)

10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:

Leviticus 22:30-32 (King James Version)

30 On the same day it shall be eaten up; ye shall leave none of it until the morrow: I am the LORD.

31Therefore shall ye keep my commandments, and do them: I am the LORD.

32Neither shall ye profane my holy name; but I will be hallowed among the children of Israel: I am the LORD which hallow you  

Patley wrote at 2008-02-06 22:24:07
And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.

Isaiah 66:23. the bible does say something about worshiping on the Sabbath.

juan wrote at 2008-03-17 00:49:44
I believe the sabbath was given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden long before the children of Israel came in existence.

Deb wrote at 2008-03-17 05:23:04
The Sabbath was created at the creation of the earth.  The Lord created the earth in 6 days and then rested from his work on the seventh day (sabbath)  Satan has done his work very well in making people forget God's Sabbath.  There is only one co.Debmmandment that says's "REMEMBER"  That proves that God's people would forget that commandment

Herson Cruz wrote at 2008-03-21 17:36:51
Typical baptists to influence the innocent into believing the Sabbath is on a pagan Sun-day. The 4th commandment says "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy". The Sabbath was God's first law in Genesis. He sanctified the seventh day as the Sabbath. Only pagans worship on sun-day. Remember when Y'shua said "The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath"? It implies we all as children of God should honor the seventh day to the Lord.

Sharon wrote at 2008-03-28 02:57:34
God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. His law never changes and is not meant for the jewish nation  only, It applies to the entire universe.Jesus Himself kept Saturday Sabbath and if we are called to be like Him, then we must keep the Sabbath which points to God as our creator. Jesus says in Matthew is you love me keep my commandments. He never changed or added to His law but came to fulfill the law in order togive us power to fulfil the law also. When we are judge before God on the day of judge, God will judge according to His law.

Antony wrote at 2008-03-30 00:45:50
When Jesus quoted the commandments, he NEVER quoted 'Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.'  And NOWHERE is it mentioned in the New Testament, EXCEPT in connection with the Jews.  The answer is that it is NOT a part of New Testament church doctrine.  The Christian church met on the FIRST day of the week, in celebration of Christ's resurrection, which was on what we now call Sunday.  Further, those who are deluded into thinking they are "keeping the Sabbath" by worshipping on Saturday are missing the point entirely.  The Sabbath was NEVER a day of worship; it was simply and completely A DAY OF REST, NOT A DAY OF WORSHIP for the Christian church, but a DAY OF REST FOR GOD'S OLD TESTAMENT PEOPLE, THE JEWS.

God is Great wrote at 2008-04-03 00:47:08
Actually, the Sabbath day is Saturday not Sunday.  And to not follow the commandment for that is a SIN period.  It is the Catholic Church that changed this, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

A. N.S wrote at 2008-04-04 16:48:24
Hi June,

There seems to be much confusion concerning the true day of the Messiah's Resurrection. The majority claims He died on "Good Friday" then resurrected on "Easter Morning". Because of this belief, many have adopted the belief that Sunday is now the Christian Sabbath. Whereas, the Seventh day Sabbath is old testament stuff for the Jews.

Please remember that our Creator numbered the days. He did'nt name them. With that said, Our Creator never asked any one to keep the sabbath day holy. that's right, He never asked......He commanded! He commanded us to keep HIS SABBATH. And He said for us to remember it. Of all the commandments, that's the only one that starts with the word "remember". It's as if He knew that the enemy would cause His children to forget the seventh day that He blessed and set apart.

It was said that no where in scripture, Christians   are told to worship on Saturday, but there's no where in scripture where christianns are told to worship on sunday.

History shows that it was Constantine in 321 C.E. that declared Sunday the day of rest under a penalty of death. All this in Honor of "Sol Invintus."  

As far as the writings of Paul, please read and understand what it says in 2 peter 3:15,18. Many of Paul's writings are taken out of context and man have you beleiving and understanding what they want you to beleive and understand instead of the true meaning of scripture and verses.

Our beloved Messiah kept the Sabbath! (which is the seventh day> Saturday) He never broke or got rid of the Sabbath. He was accused of breaking the Sabbath. But Messiah said that He never came to abolish but to fulfill. He also said that we should do good on the Sabbath. But it was the Pharisees who accused Him of breaking the sabbath. So when we are saying stuff like the Messiah broke the Sabbath we are just like the Pharisees, accusing Him of something that He never did.

His Sabbath, His set apart day does matter. And this seventh day that we His children should keep, has a lot to do with our SALVATION!!!!!!!


Sister A.

A potential commandment keeper wrote at 2008-04-09 13:54:11
thelord our god made the seveth day of the week as his sabbath for all his believing children.the lord also said "i am the lord and i change not" so honey god would never change his mind.

INNOCENT FERUKA wrote at 2008-04-10 09:23:46



kitchnz wrote at 2008-04-10 17:37:38
 I would like to say that no where in the Bible does it say to worship on Sunday! The 10 commandments tell us to remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy, and to rest on the seventh day.Jesus, the apostles and Adam and Eve were Sabbath keepers. How much clearer can it be! You are right the law can't save us but because we are saved we keep his laws. As you wrote "in love for Him we obey and do as He instructs.

Nadine Crombie wrote at 2008-04-14 02:15:21
I was raised a catholic. When I was 13 years old I found a bible and read about the seventh day Sabbath. Then I asked my mother why we were going to church on Sunday, the first day of the week. She said, "When the Bible says something and the Pope says something...we obey the Pope." She said, "The Pope changed the Sabbath" Even at 13 I realized that was wrong. It took awhile, but I finally gave my heart to God and by His grace I obey what He says in His Word. God is leading you, June. GOD BLESS YOU!

Lee-Anne wrote at 2008-04-17 17:28:47
For starters, whoever wrote this answer to June is leading her a stray and according to the bible, and I will use the New Testament, not the old because apparently that was given to the Nation of Israel and no longer applies to us now. Mark 7:13 Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Read Matt. 24:35, Jesus said that He is the I AM, not the I WAS, nor is He is I WILL BE. We cannot make up our own way of living and loving God, but have to do it according to His word. Luke 4:4. Read the 10 Commandments. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy, 6 days shalt thou labour and do all thy work but the seventh-day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God. No where, absolutely no where in the bible, Old or New Testament does Jesus say, go ahead, worship me however and whenever and in whatever way you want to. Please read God's word and don't change anything because you will be held accountable for the knowledge you refused to receive as well as for the distortion of knowledge that you are giving to other people.

The Seventh Day Adventist wrote at 2008-04-17 22:48:37
It DOES say that you are supposed to worship on Saturday! NO WHERE!! NOT A SINGLE PLACE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY WORSHIP ON SUNDAY!

We were free from the law of Moses!

Genesis 2:2,3 And the SEVENTH DAY God ended His work which He has made; and He rested on the SEVENTH DAY from all His work which He made. And God blessed the SEVENTH DAY, and sanctified it; because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made.

Exodus 20:8-10

"Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy. For in six days you shall labor, and do all thy work. But the SEVENTH DAY is the Sabbath of the Lord they God;..

MARANATHA wrote at 2008-04-19 09:58:53

Lord have mercy on the man who answered the question to June Li. Little does he realize that he is encouraging disobedience and lawlessness. The very fact that the world is the way it is... is because the commandments of God have been set aside. Which human being in this planet has the authority to change God's moral Law that He wrote with His own finger on stone? as if we were God to do that.

Question to think about: explain,

-"Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. He who says, 'I know Him', and does not keep His commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him." 1John 2:3-4


-"He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil." 1John 3:8

Salvation comes only through the blood of Christ and not by keeping the law on your own. But when we are under Christ we live in obedience, not in disobedience. That is why Jesus' own words say "If you love me, keep My Commandments" John 14:15

- "What shall we say then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! On the contrary, I would not have known sin except through the law..." Romans 7:7

- "Do we then make void the law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the law." Romans 3:31

-"Therefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy and just and good." Romans 7:12

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GOD'S LAW FRIEND, THE PROBLEM IS WITH US..!! why would you want to destroy God's law, if it's the one that point you to Jesus for cleansing. But rather we keep it to glorify God and live in obedience not legalism as many think it is.

Regarding the Sabbath: "And He said to them, 'The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Therefore the Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath". Mark 2:27,28.

If you are honest with yourself, then what is the answer to this question with no BUTs, IFs or PERHAPS?

"Should Christians keep the Ten Commandments? YES or NO?  You decide!!

Closing thought of Scripture:

-"If you keep My Commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I kept My Father's Commandments and abide in His love". John 15:9

LOVE is the motive, KEEPING is the expression of that motive.

May God bless all those who understand these words...

Destros wrote at 2008-04-20 17:52:36
Well, no where in the Bible does it say that one should worship on Sunday just because Christ resurrected on Sunday. Mark 2:27 says the Sabbath was made for MAN. It does not say JEWS. If you want to worship on Sunday, fine. Just don't try and say the Bible supports it because it doesn't.

Anonymous wrote at 2008-04-22 21:20:13
In regard to the following portion of Mr. Abrams reply:

"worshiping on the Sabbath was a law given is the Nation of Israel.  Christians in our time (dispensation) are not under the Law of Israel.  We are not a nation of people, but individual believers who have joined ourselves together in an assembly and who to live in freedom."

You're right, we are not under the Law of Israel. But we ARE, as Christians, to follow the Ten Commandments. The Fourth Commandment is to honor the Sabbath day and keep it holy. THE SABBATH DAY - the day that GOD made holy, not a day that MAN chose to make sanctify. There are indeed many passages in the Bible that state to worship on Saturday; however, there are NO passages that support the worship of Sunday. The Roman Catholic Church has long claimed responsibility for the changing of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday (as it believes it has power equal to that of God):

"It is well to remind the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and all other Christians, that the Bible does not support them anywhere in their observance of Sunday. Sunday is an institution of the Roman Catholic Church, and those who observe the day observe a commandment of the Catholic Church."—Priest Brady, in an address at Elizabeth, N.J., March 17, 1903, reported in the Elizabeth, N.J. News of March 18, 1903.

"You may search the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify."—James Cardinal Gibbon, The Faith of Our Fathers, chapter 8.

"If Protestants would follow the Bible, they should worship God on the Sabbath day. In keeping the Sunday they are following a law of the Catholic Church."—Albert Smith, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, replying for the Cardinal, in a letter of February 10, 1920.

"The observance of Sunday by the Protestants is an homage they pay, in spite of themselves, to the authority of the [Catholic] Church."—Monsignor Louis Segur, Plain Talk About the Protestantism of Today, p. 213.

"Prove to me from the Bible alone that I am bound to keep Sunday holy. There is no such law in the Bible. It is a law of the holy Catholic Church alone. The Bible says ‘Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.’ The Catholic Church says, No. By my divine power I abolish the Sabbath day and command you to keep holy the first day of the week. And lo! The entire civilized world bows down in reverent obedience to the command of the Holy Catholic Church."—Priest Thomas Enright, CSSR, President of Redemptorist College, Kansas City, MO, in a lecture at Hartford, Kansas Weekly Call, February 22, 1884, and the American Sentinel, a New York Roman Catholic journal, in June 1893, p. 173.

"Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change was her act . . AND THE ACT IS A MARK of her ecclesiastical power."—From the office of cardinal Gibbons, through Chancellor H. F. Thomas, November 11, 1895.

Maie nava wrote at 2008-05-05 16:52:44
Brother you argument is vague and has no substance to it. Christianity came out of Jewish religion. Are we not spiritual Israel? There was no such nation as Israel on earth when God gave Adam and Eve Sabbath.  

Popsann wrote at 2008-05-06 20:50:55
I do not believe that God wants us to give our opinion when it comes to His Laws. There is no where in the Bible that tells us to worship on Sunday and a matter of fact no because he rose that day means we should worship on it. The catholic Church has admitted to the changing of the SABBATH from Saturday to Sunday. In everything you do pray and ask the Lord to reveal it to you. The Sabbath was not made for the Israel Nation because the Sabbath was created in the Garden of Eden before Israel was formed. The Bible tells us that The Sabbath was made for MAN not the Israelites. If the Week starts on Sunday when is the seventh-day. The seventh day is Saturday and if one should go into history you will see how the days of the week got the names that they are known by today. In Isaiah the Lord tells us that when we go to heaven we will still be keeping the Sabbath, from one Sabbath to a next shall flesh come to worship God. If we still believe that killing is wrong and stealing is wrong why don't we believe that the Sabbath is still to be kept after all they were all a part of God's commandment and were those only meant for the Israelites. If they were given to them on Mount Sinai and not to us on Mount Sinai why kept it? Do do be deceived.

Christian wrote at 2008-05-26 04:20:01
You have mentioned there is no place written in the Bible where its been taught to Christian to worship on Saturday, but please show us were did you find the place were its said should worship on Sunday and I will do so.

I am praying to the Lord, God to open up the minds and the hearts of the people that believe they have the authority to change His Holy Word: I haven't seen any single verse were the Lord Jesus took the blessing that He put upon the Sabbath and transferred it on Sunday even to celebrate the His resurrection.

bereanone wrote at 2008-05-31 22:01:22
Unfortunately you quote Paul's reference to Sabbath Days (plural) without mention of the fact that the Old Testament had MANY Sabbath Days (Plural) like passover, and other ceremonial days, which sometimes occurred mid week and sometimes occurred on The Sabbath day (singular). When the latter situation occurred, it was known as a High Day, being doubly the Sabbath.  While it is true that we no longer keep the ceremonial Sabbath days because Christ is our Passover, the old testament points forward to Sabbath observance in the new world.  Christ Himself rested in the tomb according to the commandment.  Let not Sin (breaking of the commandments) rein in your mortal body for you have been given victory and power to keep the commandments (and Sabbaths).

nosipho wrote at 2008-06-06 16:46:36
please do ask God to help you read the bible for yourself. Ask for His guidance and He will direct your paths.

But the tren commandments in Exodus 20 show Gods character and are the only laws which truly tell us what God requires of us.

As you have read the book NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW, you have an idea about prophecy and I am sure you came across the prophecy of Daniel. In Daniel 7:25 it clealy states that this "beast" ("king" or "kingdom") will think to chage times.

Please do remember that there is a great war between Jesus and the devil for our souls, so the devil will go to any lengths to defer our attention away fom God, please do keep that in mind.

Plz ask God to help you understand all that there is in the world through you self reading of the bibe.

pearlofgreatprize wrote at 2008-06-09 00:22:15
Answer to the sabbath question.God give Moses two laws.One God wrote.and one Moses wrote.God wrote the ten commandments twice.the first one Moses broke on the golden caff.Moses wrote the civil and ceremonial laws.This laws was made for Israel only, until Christ came.This law was added because of transgression.Gal 3:19.What is transgression?.Transgression is violation of a law.

Are you a sinner?. If you answer is yes.Then what is sin?. John 3:4 kjv [sin is the transgression of the law] .Moral laws cannot change.The ceremonial laws pointed to Christ.When Christ came.That was the end of the ceremonial laws.The true sacrifice replaced the shadow[The ceremonial laws].

Pray before you read the bible,and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in all truth.

He will.

BearyTru wrote at 2008-06-09 11:59:04
I am not a 7th Day Adventist fan but I can say that Cooper Abrams is wrong about the Sabbath Law being givin to the Israelites.  It was given to Adam and Eve before sin had even entered the world and was included in the moral law of the Ten Commandments.  Lets not forget that Christ said he came not to destroy the Law but to fullfill it.  Now be it that the religious scholars at that time added a bunch of dogma or rules to keeping the Sabbath that Christ did away with because it was of man and not God.  But God doesn't change.

Lauren Scholar wrote at 2008-08-27 01:25:21
You actually need to prove that the sabbath was changed in the first place, not the other way around.  The argument is stating that the First day of the week is the important day of worship because Jesus rose from the dead, even though Jesus never states this.  Jesus actually states in Matthew 24 that we should pray that our flight (and the destruction of Jeruselem) be not on the sabbath day.  That means that 60+ years prior to the destruction of Jeruselem, Jesus warned us that we should pray that the flight out would not be on sabbath.  He also states that not one jot or one tittle will be removed from the law until all things are fulfilled. This takes us to the question and to answer it, we must prove that Sunday is the Sabbath and not if Sabbath is the right day.

In response to the input about whether or not the commandments are valid, it would not be said that we could committ adultery, steal or kill-those are all to still to be kept.  We should also not take the name of the Lord in Vain.  We should not bear false witnesses.  Therefore the only commandment that has been left to the Jews is the commandment that was set up on creation, 2 thousand years prior to a Jew. The 4th commandment is also the only commandment God asked us to remember. Now does this make any sense.  Please let's try to use answers that make sense of our faith and not try to destroy the credibility of our faith by adding or deleting from God's book. I am not trying to be controversial, I am just a student of the Book and will boldly defend it as I am able.

Gen wrote at 2008-09-08 15:53:47
I would like to clarify something, as a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian myself. The Bible, the Law of God states that we should remember the Sabbath- Day to keep it Holy.... I do not judge people for worshipping on Sunday. God commanded us to keep this day Holy, and that is why we do just that.

Do you believe in the Ten Commandments? They were made for mankind, not for Jews only. It is unfortunate that some of my brethren can be judgemental, however, please do not think that that is the outlook of all Seventh-Day Adventists. If you look at the resurrection of Jesus Christ- even the dead Christ honored the Sabbath- he rose on Sunday, instead of Saturday. The early Christian church chose to worship on Sunday as a compromise with pagan leadership during the Roman empire- under Constantine to be precise. We believe that you should worship Chrsit daily, however, the Sabbath Day is a day that commanded His children to observe.Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we are to worship on Sunday because it is the day that He resurrected- nowhere in the Bible. My dear friend- we are all God's children- I am no better than you because I go to church on Saturday- but I have been commissioned by God to tell you that the Sabbath was instituted at Creation before there were such people as Jews. In EXODUS 20:8 onwards it says .... for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth...and rested on the Seventh day.Wherefore the Lord blessed the Seventh- day and made in Holy. The ten commandments have not been abolished, they still stand. You are right, we are not under the Law of Israel, we are under the Law of God.

elijah wrote at 2008-10-03 05:42:09
So also was thou shall not kill, shall not steal and the others, hence we should keep none of them then. Because they were all given to Jews.

3angelsmessage wrote at 2008-10-25 15:17:44
I think the one that is teaching falsely is you. but you will have to answer to God on this. If the law has been done away with, then is it ok to kill, steal, lie, etc? why does only the 4th commandment get attacked and gets removed? this does not make any sense, God doesnt change, he is the same God, and the same law that he has put into place is still to be kept. Jesus NEVER stated that we should start keeping the Sunday, in fact most christians dont even keep it and treat it as any other day, the only difference is that they attend church. Think about it, wouldnt have Jesus himself said something about the day of rest being changed? he himself kept the Sabbath. The truth is that the Sabbath day was changed by the catholic church, by Emperor Constantine merging religion with christianity to promote peace. He put into effect two days of rest, the Sabbath, and the Sunday for the true christians and the pagans to be happy. Then, as time went he instituted a sunday law only, the catholic church admits to it. research it and pray about it. its all there in history! God will lead you to the correct answer if you truly in your heart want to know the truth and want to follow him. May God bless you and lead you is my hope.

wvcoalminer wrote at 2008-11-09 05:05:52
The answer to this question is real simple June. Jesus kept Saturday as the Sabbath. He observed it from Friday sundown to saturday sundown. The apostles kept the sabbath the same as Jesus did. Further, Jesus says if you love me, KEEP my commandments. The only laws that were nailed to the cross was the old ceremonial laws, NOT the ten commandment laws. Jesus says He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Further, you can find the seal of God in the 4th commandment. Of course, the great sealer is JESUS, and by following Jesus out of love, you will automatically keep the ten commandments, including the 4th one.

matthew wrote at 2008-12-02 05:21:05
God never said to rest on saturday he said to rest on the 7th day. Saturday though is clearly the 7th day. Just look at any calender the first day of the week is sunday. Even the catholic church admits that the sabbath is saturday. matthew 5:17 Do not think that I came to destroy the law of the prophets, but to fulfill.

Matthew 5:19 Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus even rested on the sabbath in his tomb and so did his followers. Luke 23:56 Then they returned and prepared spices and fragrant oils. and they rested on the sabbath according to the commandment.

Chris wrote at 2009-01-12 23:20:07
Saturday was,is,and always will be God's Sabbath Day. Jesus never changed it,His apostles never changed it,Roman Constantine did in 321 AD,he was responsible for bringing not only SUNday worship into God's church which is the day that pagans worshiped the rising SUN, not the SON of God Jesus Christ on,but Paganism itself into Christianity. So now what you see in nearly the whole of Christiandom is just baptized Paganism not at all resembling the early church that Christ set up through his disciples. Pagan holidays,pagan doctrines,and one of the great abominations that God showed Ezekial that the people have their backs to the temple and that they're worshiping the rising Sun instead of the One who created it. Isaiah 66 says ...and it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one Sabbath to another shall all flesh come to worship before me,says the Lord. This takes place after God creates a new heaven and a new earth. So throughout all eternity we will worship God on the Sabbath the 7th day of the week(Saturday)not on the 1st day (Sunday) which is the venerable day of the Sun not Gods Sabbath.

Jasmine wrote at 2009-01-23 03:52:15
I'm sorry I have to disagree with your answer. Yes the sabbath was a law given to the people of Israel so was the law not to steal kill have any other God. If the law was only for Israel why do we then punish a person that steals or kills. Jesus himself observe the Sabbath. He die on the 6th day, rested in the tomb the 7th day and rose the first day. Many religion worship on the first day because Jesus rose on the first day. Nowhere in the bible did God nor Jesus said while he was on earth since he rose on the first day to worship him that day.

Blessed2Give wrote at 2009-01-24 06:45:04
100 Bible Facts Concerning the Sabbath - PART TWO

[Part One continued . . . )

Forty Bible Facts Concerning the First Day of the Week

1. The very first thing recorded In the Bible is work done on Sunday, the first day of the week. (Genesis l: l-5.) The Creator Himself did this. If God made the earth on Sunday, can it be wicked for us to work on Sunday?

2. God commands men to work upon the first day of the week. (Exodus 20.8-11.) Is it wrong to obey God?

3. None of the patriarchs ever kept it.

4. None of the holy prophets ever kept it.

5. By the express command of-God, His holy people used the first day of the week as a common working day for 4,000 years, at least.

6. God Himself calls it a "working" day. (Ezekiel 46:1.)

7. God did not rest upon it.

8. He never blessed it.

9. Christ did not rest upon it.

10. Jesus was a carpenter (Mark 6:3), and worked at His trade until He was thirty years old. He kept the Sabbath and worked six days in the week, as all admit. Hence He did many a hard day's work on Sunday.

11. The apostles worked upon it during the same time.

12. The apostles never rested upon it.

13. Christ never blessed it.

14. It has never been blessed by any divine authority.

15. It has never been sanctified.

16. No law was ever given to enforce the keeping of it, hence it is no transgression to work upon it. "Where no law is, there is no transgression." Romans 4:15 (See also 1 John 3:4.)

17. The New Testament nowhere forbids work to be done on it.

18. No penalty is provided for its violation.

19. No blessing is promised for its observance.

20. No regulation is given as to how it ought to be observed. Would this be so if the Lord wished us to keep it?

21. It is never called the Christian Sabbath.

22. It is never called the Sabbath day at all.

23. It is never called the Lord's day.

24. It is never called even a rest day.

25. No sacred title whatever is applied to it. Then why should we call it holy?

26. It is simply called "first day of the week."

27. Jesus never-mentioned it in any way, never took its name upon His lips, so far as the record shows.

28. The word Sunday never occurs in the Bible at all.

29. Neither God, Christ, nor inspired men ever said one word in favor of Sunday as a holy day.

30. The first day of the week is mentioned only eight times in all the New Testament. (Matthew 28:1; Mark 16:2, 9; Luke 24:1; John 20:1, 19; Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 16:2.)

31. Six of these texts refer to the same first day of the week.

32. Paul directed the saints to look over their secular affairs on that day. (1Corinthians 16:2.)

33. In all the New Testament we have a record of only one religious meeting held upon that day, and even this was a night meeting. (Acts 20:5-12.)

34. There is not intimation that they ever held a meeting upon it before or after that.

35. It was not their custom to meet on that day.

36. There was no requirement to break bread on that day.

37. We have an account of only one instance in which it was done. (Acts 20:7.)

38. That was done in the night-after midnight. (Verses 7-11.) Jesus celebrated it on Thursday evening (Luke 22), and the disciples sometimes did it every day (Acts 2:42-46.)

39. The Bible nowhere says that the first day of the week commemorates the resurrection of Christ. This is a tradition of men, which contradicts the law of God. (Matthew 15:1-9.) Baptism commemorates the burial and resurrection of Jesus. (Romans 6:3-5.)

40. Finally, the New Testament is totally silent with regard to any change of the Sabbath day or any sacredness for the first day.

Here are one hundred plain Bible facts upon this question, showing conclusively that the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord in both the Old and New Testament."*

(*Reprinted from a tract published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association about the year 1885.)

twiggy wrote at 2009-02-27 19:06:42
Let's follow your logic that the Sabbath was for the Jews only. Let's see the Bible's definition of a Jew. Romans 2:28-29 says: For he is not a Jew, who is one outwardly; neither is circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is on inwardly; and neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. So the Bible's definition of a Jew is not one born in the flesh, but one born in the spirit. And that makes all those who follow Christ spiritual Jews. So, your explanation does not fit. Christ was born of a Jewish mother, He kept the Sabbath. As a Christian, a follower of Christ, I do as Jesus did when He walked this earth. Keep the Sabbath holy. Adam and Eve kept the first Sabbath in the garden with God. The Bible hasn't changed, neither has Jesus, for He said I am the Lord, I change not. Exodus 20 list all of the commandments 1-10, who can you keep nine and the only one God tells you to remember, you forget!!!! Sunday is a counterfeit, it is the day that pagans worship the sun, that's why it's called Sunday, the venerable day of the sun. The Pope Changed God's Holy Law form the seventh day Sabbath to Sunday. Your pastors know the truth but, they don't want you to know it. Why would Jesus, who knows the end form the beginning, change His holy law and not wright anything about it in the bible? Matthew 5:17-19 Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say to you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass form the law till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so, he shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be great in the kingdom of heaven. The Bible makes it so simple, that a child can understand it. For every true system of God, Satan has a counterfeit, don't be fooled. Pray to God for guidance, unlike pastors, He won't lead you astray.

believer wrote at 2009-02-27 20:05:41
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work but, the seventy day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God in it thou shall not do any work. Thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor the strange that is within thy gates. For in six days the Lord made Heaven and Earth the sea and all the in them is and rested the seventh day. Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. God set the Sabbath aside as a day of rest from all of our work and troubles and to worship Him as the Creator. He rejuvenates and strengthens us so that we can make it through another week. Sunday is not God's day of worship. It is a day set aside by pagans to worship the sun, not the Son. Satan has a counterfeit for every true thing of God. God has a true Sabbath, Saturday, Satan has a false Sabbath, Sunday. Read your Bible and ask God to revel the truth to you.

Fabian wrote at 2009-03-04 18:58:49
Hi June,

Marcussen is correct base on the bible. I would encourage you to read the whole book.

The bottom line is that there many laws given to the nation of Israel. Two of which are the Ten Commandment and the ceremonial law containing the offering of sacrifices, keeping certain days as holy (these days were also called sabbaths and are different from the weekly sabbath), keeping new moon festivals etc. The ceremonial law was abolished, because it was our schoolmaster to teach us about the true sacrifice, which is Jesus. Now that Jesus has come, we no longer need to offer animal sacrifice. On the other hand, the ten commandments points out sin, telling us what God expects of us. They were not schoolmasters to teach us only for a while, these are God's moral law. The Ten Commandment cannot be abolished as that would mean we have the freedom to sin. Even Jesus told his disciples to pray that their flight be not on the sabbath day in Matthew 24, which clearly means that he expected them to be keeoing the sabbath. Read Matthew 5:17-19, Romans 3: 31, 1 John 3:4,   

How this helps. I have so much I would want to share with you but time and space will not allow. God bless you.

twig wrote at 2009-03-18 20:18:22
God calls us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Were the ten commandments just for Jews?, The Bible? No where in the Bible does it say that God nailed the commandments to the cross. God kept the first Sabbath in Eden with Adam and Eve. The Sabbath is a memorial of creation and the Creator. He rested from all His work, not because He was tired, but He was finished. The Sabbath is a sign between God and man. When Jesus died on the cross He kept the Sabbath, that's why He rose on Sunday, not to change His holy day of worship. The Pope changed God's seventh day Sabbath to the first day of the week. The venerable day of the sun, which is a pagan day of worship. Paul tells us that he that is a Jew is not one outwardly. Circumcision is of the heart, not the body. Jesus said If you love me keep my commandments. Not just nine, but all ten. God's true day of worship is the Sabbath, not Sunday.

kage wrote at 2009-05-05 18:40:38
In answer to your question,answer; I think thar if you believe in "The 10 Commandants" as written then you can't remove one to justify your behavior; Like the IV: Commandant..... Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy.......It says in the Bible

when the Sabbath is and what is expected of you if you are of the Faithful. Jesus did not change this: He said " He did not come to change the Law (of God) ..." Check it out and don't like others arrange the Law to suite you, as has already been done by you know if you have read the book "NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW " .....

AP wrote at 2009-05-30 07:07:40
Unfortunately, it does not appear that this answer was answered by someone who reads the Bible very well. If you are curious about the above question you should do the research yourself and not rely on someone else to give you their opinion. Use the Bible as your main reference and even check out Wikipedia and the dictionary for addition information.

Quincy wrote at 2009-06-18 17:23:32
Sorry but what that man said above isn't ture. No where in the bible does it say we must worship on Sunday. The sabbath is on Saturday and is the 4th commmandment out of the 10 commandments. Jesus says in the new testment "If you love me keep my commandments" and that includes the 4th commandment. The commandemnt were written with the finger of God. Also the commandments are Gods law for all men; not just the land of isreal. Gods law have never change and they will never change his law is perfect. And this is true there will be a nation sunday law (The false sabbath) The true sabbath is the seventh day of the week "saturday". The catholic church change the sabbath from saturday to sunday which is false. E-mail me if you have any questions God Bless.

Catherine wrote at 2009-07-14 17:04:16
I beg to differ, but it does say in the Bible that we should rest and worship on the Seventh Day, because God created it and rested on it.

And it also says in Ex. 20:8-10 (the Ten Commandments) to 'Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God..." -English Standard Version

James D. wrote at 2009-07-20 03:46:25
I was going to write a response until I read all of the wonderful follow up responses. To dearest June, God intervened and answered the question for you through all of these loving "TRUE" Christians! June, SATURDAY is the SABBATH, not "Sun"day! And to all of you wonderful people thank God Almighty for sharing this blessed truth with you to share with others. "Sun"day is the ........... Adventist out there know the rest of that sentence.

taddio wrote at 2009-09-03 16:48:30
The statement that nowhere in the Bible are Christians told to worship on Saturday is false.

1. Christians do still observe the 10 Commandments, items 1 through 10.

2. In the New Testament, the Apostle James states in James 2:10 that "he who keeps the whole LAW, yet offends in one point, he is guilty of all.

3. Jesus grace is for us to keep His Law.

4. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul tells asks the question "Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God FORBID.

5. Yet the LAW that Christians follow, according to the Jesus Himself in the New Testament is the same law that says thou shalt not commit adultery or thou shalt not kill (Matthew chapter 5)

6. God tells us what to do, and we simply do it through Jesus grace. To make excuses as to why we cannot obey Jesus, is to be eternally lost.

itsme wrote at 2009-09-05 08:00:58

Do not listen to this fellow, he is wrong. Do not be led away from the Holy Spirit's conviction in your heart that the Sabbath (Saturday) is God's one and only true day of worship. It is the fourth commandment and the only one that the majority of Christianity inexplicably feels it is okay to disregard. Keep reading your Bible and ask for God's continued guidance as you search for truth.

Brother in Christ

Karen wrote at 2009-09-15 16:21:11
The Ceremonial Law of Moses defined the earthly temple services and all the special Annual Sabbaths.It prescribed sacrifices, festivals and ceremonial ordinances that were symbolic of Jesus.

Col 2:13-14 says that the handwriting of ordinances (The Law of Moses)was nailed to the cross not the Ten Commandment Law of God. Paul is talking about the ceremonial laws in Col 2:16-17.

How can you say that no where in the Bible does it say that we are told to worship on Saturday? It clearly says "The Seventh Day' in the Ten commandments, Laws that God himself wrote IN STONE for us to remember. Should we begin calling them the 9 commandments? We teach the rest of the commandments. Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal.

In the New Testament book of James we are warned if we break one commandment we are guilty of breaking them all. (Ja 2:10). In Mt. 5:19 Christ said if we break one of the least commandments or teach others to do the same, we'll be called "the least" in the kingdom of heaven.

You also say worshiping on Sunday is because that is the day that Jesus was resurrected. That's a lovely tribute but God in fact did not tell us to do so.

James Cardinal Gibbons, The Faith of our Fathers, 88th ed., pp. 89.

   "But you may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify."

Stephen Keenan, A Doctrinal Catechism 3rd ed., p. 174.

"Had she (the church) not such power, she could not have done that in which all modern religionists agree with her - she could not have substituted the observance of Sunday, the first day of the week, for the observance of Saturday, the seventh day, a change for which there is no Scriptural authority."

If you read "The Faith of Millions" pp. 421 422 it says, "They (Protestants ) have continued to observe custom even though it rests upon the authority of the Catholic Church and not upon an explicit text in the Bible. The observance remains the reminder of the mother church from which non-Catholic sects broke away like a boy running away from his mother but still carrying in his pocket a picture of his mother or a lock of her hair"

Follow the Laws of Lord God. Not the Laws of man.

Friend wrote at 2009-09-23 17:43:57
The Sabbath already applied to all humanity in the beginning of time in Genesis 2:3 "And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done." Adam wasn't Israeli to begin with and nor was Eve. The Sabbath was the original day of worship and was changed by the Roman Catholic Church and Emperor Constantine. I think all of us should read the scriptures a little more to differ between confusion and not just base ourselves on just some verses of the bible we should take it as a whole and never out of context. The law doesn't become a law when we accept Christ we follow it because of the love we have towards him and God will save us through his Almighty grace.

FcoEnrique wrote at 2009-09-26 06:12:04
So your answer is that the shabbath was given to Israel, no to all humanity? Mmm you know what? Shabbath was given to men and women moré than 3000 years before the first hebrew and moré even before Jacob's ñame was changed for Israel.. You say that there is nowhere in bible that teach the christians to keep shabbath? That is not true. But there is no place in bible that says, "keep the first day of the week as holy" theonly commandment that begins with the word "remeber" has been forgotten. But God's law his beautiful Law still remains. Not only nine, but the whole Law. It talks about Love to God and Love to  humanity.

Jesus is the end of the debate wrote at 2009-10-05 04:30:38
Words Of Jesus: Matthew 5:19  Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 15:9  But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

Very weak answers to the question. The 10 Commandments are not ceromonial and are not done away with. Jesus Christ is our salvation and if his Spirit Lives within you, you will do the same as him and observe Gods Holy Sabbath day that was made for man. Jesus words"Mark 2:28  Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath. Who will you follow, your pastor or spiritual leader or Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 7:2  Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

Proverbs 10:8  ¶The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall.

Ecclesiastes 12:13  ¶Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Luke 18:20  Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother.

John 14:15  ¶If ye love me, keep my commandments.

John 14:21  He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

John 15:10  If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love.

onedeac4gzus wrote at 2009-10-25 16:45:45
I am an Elder in the Seventh Day Church. I'd have to ask the previous author to search the scripture closer and actually read the material before answering the forum .Which would only be fair to the author and the individual asking the question.The book Nation Sunday Law touches the surface of the evil one to trample the law of God.To better understand you must study the Bible and the word of men."Sun" day is never the word used to describe Sunday in the Bible the lords day always have been and always will be the Sabbath given by God ,Himself,to his people.But the bible does mention how some of us turn our backs on him.. Do not let man fool you the bible is our only truth.

ThePantherman wrote at 2009-11-28 00:30:47
When God gave mankind His Law -The Ten Commandments- it was set in stone, not wood or sand. That means it was meant to be a perpetual, everlasting, covenan with mankind.

The Moral Law is an expression of God's character. Scripture tells us that God does NOT change or lie, as seen in Malachi 3:6, Numbers 23:19, 1 Samuel 15:29. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:3-14.

The apostles wrote what we call the New testament of the Bible years after Jesus had gone back to heaven, and should there have been a change of requirement for the children of God (literal and spiritual Israelites) there would have been a record of such, or a major scandal if something were changed during their lifetime, but there is no command to honor the first day of the week (Sunday) over the Sabbath day (Saturday)... contrary to misunderrstanding of scripture. Since there has been no change, but will remain when God makes this wretched world anew, we too are bound to honor and worship God on His holy day --The Seventh day Sabbath... His day as it infers in Isaiah 58:13.

Jesus, not mankind, is Lord of the Sabbath (Mark 2:28) and (Luke 6:5) therefore it is God who defines what is His day of rest, as seen in Genesis, in Exodus, and several references in the New Testament.

If God does not lie or change, then His holy law will not change, even after Jesus fulfilled it when He died on the cross. Jesus complete the prophesies of His coming and the Law. He did not do away with the law in any way. In scripture, God tells mankind that ALL flesh will come before Him in worship from one month (new moon) and from one Sabbath to another as seen in Isaiah 66:23.

Man is not allowed to change what God has established; The Sabbath was not established at Sinai, but at the conclusion of Creation Week.

Those of us who claim to be a Christian are spiritual Jews and thereby required to obey the Law from a heart of love and gratitude.

1 Timothy 1:5 says, "Now the end of the commandment (or the conclusion of...) is charity out of a pure heart , and of a good conscious, and <of> faith unfeigned:" whereas Galatians 1:5 says, "To whom {be} glory for ever and ever. Amen."  None of these versions quoted in Cooper Abrams response mention anything regarding the observance of Sunday versus Saturday Sabbath observance.

Those who do not honor God's holy day of rest do it from a lack of belief or faith. Psalm 95:11, Hebrews 3:6-15, 4:1-11.

I pray this helps you understand a little clearer.

lnm jr wrote at 2009-12-12 01:36:31
I KNOW THIS IS OLD NEWS BUT I HAD TO ADD TO IT. The law referred to as the "Law of Israel" is actually a Law of God, written by his finger, and one of His unchangeable Laws. It will stand for ever. it is true it cannot save us but rejecting it will bring us into condemnation as would rejecting any of the other Ten commandment Laws He has provided as standards for our character development.the verse referenced in Col. in context with vs.17 (keeping in mind that there was no punctuation in Greek manuscripts) is only Paul warning about promotion of Jewish ceremonies at that time considering some Sabbath days were Feast days also. In romans Paul is only pointing out the accepting God's grace and having victory over sin versus being under the Law by allowing sin to control us and then being condemned by the law which is greater than we are. In Gal 3:24 we learn that the law teaches us the meaning of righteousness and points us to Christ. If at that point is discarded what chance do the unsaved have? i could go on but do a search on Paul and the Sabbath in your bible and you will see that he observed it also and no where in scripture is a changed authorized. ALWAYS LOOK AT THE CONTEXT.

God bless you.

Lnm Jr.  

Precious wrote at 2009-12-12 05:00:03
This is a very complex matter which requires God's guidance. The book of colosians quoted did not refer to the ten commandments but it refers to the ceremonial laws. These were the shadows of good things to come. And the good things to come was Christ himself. So colosians talks about Christ's coming death and resurrection. Matthew 5 vs 18 -19, Christ states that he did not come to abolish the Law or the prophets but to fulfill. Not a Ota will be removed till heaven and earth passeth away. If you check in the bible we have nowhere where it institutes worshipping on Sunday but this originates from man's theories. But the Sabbath Seventh Day originated from God himself. Our first Parents Adam and Eve kept the Sabbath check with Genesis "2:2-3" 2By (B)the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and (C)He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.

3Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.

This was before the nation of Israel therefore Sabbath starts from eternity to eternity. In Isaiah 66 it stresses that after we have been saved we shall continue to keep the Sabbath day. With the commandments on Mt Sinai, When God talks of the Sabbath he says "remember the Sabbath day....." . This to me means that they were to remember something that was already there. So its up to us whether to follow the traditions of man or God's way.

I hope this answers your question. I only summarized but pray and ask God's guidance to lead you to where his truths are hidden. Remember also that Jesus and Early Christians kept the Sabbath.

Whitney wrote at 2009-12-18 18:48:08
I totally disagree with you. The bible clearly shows that Saturday is the sabbath. The word of God has not changed and never will. The same things God comanded his chilfren to do are still in affect today. The bible cannot just be a reference for our convenience. As for Colossians 2, peter was talking about a new life in Christ. He went on to explain that we are to obey God and follow what he says.verse 14 says that christ's death canceled our record of sin against us,then 15 says God disarmed the evil rulers and authorities and publicly shamed them by His victory on the cross..16 comes in saying not to let anyone condemn you forsin you commit or things you do in general because they are sinful themselves. This does not change exodus 20:8-11...Saturday is the sabbath.think about it Jesus rested on Saturday as our example for the sabbath.there was no coincidence there. God bless you in your quest for the truth.  

Richard wrote at 2009-12-31 17:23:38
I am sorry my friend but you are wrong.  God still calls his followers to keep the seventh day Sabbath.  The Sabbath was given in the beginning of time in Genesis 2:1-3.  God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it which means "to set apart."  God gave the Sabbath on Sinai to the children of Israel as well.  There is a difference between the ceremonial laws written by Moses, and the Ten Commandments written by God with his finger.  God never meant for us to stop keeping the commandments.  The ceremonial laws, such as the slaughter of the lamb for atonement of ones sins, was done away with at Calvary because Jesus became our lamb for us.  However God never did away with the Ten Commandments.

Christ kept the Sabbath, (Luke 4:16).  Jesus planned on his disciples to keep Sabbath, (Matt. 24:15-20)

The early Christians kept the Sabbath.  In fact the Sabbath is mentioned over 84 times in Acts.    

History records the early Christians keeping the Sabbath for hundreds of years after Christ's ascension into heaven.

In fact it was not until Pagan Rome's Emperor, Constantine,  was converted to Christianity that the a bond was formed between Christianity and pagan practice, (Sunday worship was a pagan practice toward the Sun God).  This was when worshiping on Sunday was instituted by the dominant, roman Catholic church.

Look throughout the Bible and you will find no change from Saturday to Sunday.  However, read history and you will find to the true source of the change.

We do not keep the commandments of God because we are legalistic, but because we love God and want to follow him and not the traditions of men.  "If you love me keep my commandments."

Isn't interesting that the one commandment that starts with "Remember the Sabbath day" is the one mainstream Christianity has forgotten.

Jim McCarthy wrote at 2010-01-21 22:59:14

 Around 164 BC, pagan Antiochus IV Epiphanes attempted to change the day of worship from God’s holy Sabbath to Sunday the day of pagan sun-worship. Many were martyred, yet the day of worship to God our Creator remained the seventh day; the true Lord’s Day. Christ declared Himself ‘Lord of the Sabbath’ and His apostles along side of Him “remembered” to keep the seventh day holy (Christ instituted the last supper in memorial of Himself–not the Sunday). From Genesis 2:1-3 thru Exodus 20:8-11 all the way to Hebrews 4:1-11, we are reminded over and over the day which God ordained for His people…the day which contains His SEAL…and which day remains to the people of God…is Saturday the seventh day.

    Then in AD 321, in an attempt to overthrow the church and establish world-wide paganism, sun-worshipper Constantine (the great), changed the day of worship to Sunday under pain of anathema and finally death, against the commandment of God Almighty. In 364 the papacy declared it their MARK of authority. So by the tradition of man it was established. There is NO law in the entire inerrant Word of God which states that God Himself made the change. Paul was defending the Sabbath from the onslaught of the pagan Sunday when he told his followers let no man judge as to the keeping of a Sabbath day; in other words, what God has commanded let be; the majority does not make it so…consider Noah, Lot and Matthew 7:13-14. Now it’s time for you to choose—may God lead you.  

truekenny wrote at 2010-02-19 23:56:34
Actually, Sabbath is Saturday and nothing in the bible changed that. Jesus' death did not change the commandments and the 4th remains the same and says "REMEMBER the Sabbath day to keep it holy..." and goes onto describe the seventh day which is Saturday. You can find where the Sabbath was changed to Sunday in the Roman Catholic catechism noting that the power of the Roman Catholic church is such that it can change laws.  If you follow Sunday Sabbath then you are following a pagan day of worship. Sunday is named the day of the Sun and the Sun was the most worshipped object in Pagan times. More importantly if you worship on Sunday you are going against God's commandments. Look it up and you will see that the Roman Catholic church changed the day and that is the only reason it is Sunday. They changed it to help the "conversion" of pagans into Christianity.

I often wondered why Protestants do not follow the real Sabbath.

truekenny wrote at 2010-02-19 23:56:35
Actually, Sabbath is Saturday and nothing in the bible changed that. Jesus' death did not change the commandments and the 4th remains the same and says "REMEMBER the Sabbath day to keep it holy..." and goes onto describe the seventh day which is Saturday. You can find where the Sabbath was changed to Sunday in the Roman Catholic catechism noting that the power of the Roman Catholic church is such that it can change laws.  If you follow Sunday Sabbath then you are following a pagan day of worship. Sunday is named the day of the Sun and the Sun was the most worshipped object in Pagan times. More importantly if you worship on Sunday you are going against God's commandments. Look it up and you will see that the Roman Catholic church changed the day and that is the only reason it is Sunday. They changed it to help the "conversion" of pagans into Christianity.

I often wondered why Protestants do not follow the real Sabbath.

DaFatha wrote at 2010-03-21 06:40:52
The Answer Given to June is completely off.

The Sabbath was never given to the Jews but for mankind. (Mark 2:27-28; Genesis 2:1) God just told the Israel nation to remember it because they had forgotten it because of 400 years of slavery in Egypt. And this whole not under the Law but under Grace is completely misleading. Everyone is saved by grace, old and new testament. God never changed His way of saving people. The Law is a reflection of God's Character. SInce God never changes His Law Cannot change. Sabbath is always binding and will be binding in heaven. Stick to the Word of God and you will not be deceived.  

memioy wrote at 2010-03-22 13:04:47
in addition the there were many Sabbaths kept by the Jewish community like the Sabbath of the unleavened bread,Sabbath of the harvests,even the land was to have a Sabbath after seven years,but the sabbath of creation that falls on the seventy day still remains and even God Himself the creator rested on it and commanded all his creatures to do the same as a remainder of his works and as a remainder of him as the creator and so ought to be kept by those who really want to follow Christian steps of faith.Note that the keeping of the sabbath is one among many laws and rules a Christian should keep in faith

Elizabeth wrote at 2010-04-11 21:28:52
I, too, have read this book.  Though I am questioning it's contents and am searching for answers, I have to argue that God's Word says we are to keep the Sabbath holy.  Where in the bible does it say we are to worship on Sunday?  Yahweh says to keep the Sabbath holy which is the seventh day of the week, not the first.  If you as a Christian claim that we are to worship on the day of resurrection, where do you get your confirmation?  The ten commandments are to be kept if you love Him.  Do we just throw that commandment out the door because it doesn't fit our traditions?  I kindly suggest you read the book and then answer me.  I'm not being hot headed, just questioning truths which Yahweh tells us to do.  Thanks, Elizabeth

aveanca wrote at 2010-05-10 03:10:08
The notion that "we are no longer under the law" is false and if you beleive such you are treading on dangerous ground. God gave moses a set of commandments written with His finger on stone-THE TEN those ten you will find one that begins "remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy, six days.."etc etc. God also gave moses another set of laws written by moses himself, those were called the "mosaic laws" eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth etc. Those laws also dealt with the ceremonial ways the jews were to live...the sacrificing of animals for the forgiveness of sins..which paved the way or pointed to Christ's coming...he became the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.These are the laws that we are no longer under...Christ took those away. Can you imagine now in these times having to kill an animal and pour out its blood in order to be forgiven? The ten commandments remain intact and is binding today. A simple test: one commandment says "thou shalt not kill"..if God did away with those laws as suggested, then no one should be arrested for killing. Another test: God does not change, he does not say something today and changes his mind about it tomorrow. When a king writes a law, he cannot change that law...he has to write another law to amend the first. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE IN THE BIBLE that shows the 10 commandments were changed. Christ kept the sabbath by going into the synagogues and preaching..even in death he kept it and he came mainly not just to die for us, but to show us how to if he kept the Sabbath Holy...we should too

simco99 wrote at 2010-05-11 05:49:09
Conversely, I don't recall there be anywhere in the Bible that tells Christians to worship on Sunday. Respectfully, even IF the reason for changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday was about the day of resurrection, there is nothing in the Bible that advises us to do so. With respect to the texts that were quoted in the answer, they are out of context and when read IN the correct context, do not abolish worshiping on the 7th day.. you know, the one that God reminded us all to "Remember".

How wrote at 2010-05-30 22:25:05
Don't let anyone fool you. What applys to Israel applys to all God's people. The Sabbath is the only day God set aside and made holy all the way back to the garden of Eden (Gen.2:2-3.) It was made for all people for all times Esodus 20:8-11; Mark 2:27,28; Matt. 24:20; Isaiah 66: 23. It is a sign that be love and obey God Ezekiel 20: 12,20; John 14:15; 1st John 2:3,4; Luke 4:16. Don't add to or take away from Gods word.Rev. 22:18,19. Outside of Paul's writings there is no scripture to indicate we shouldn't keep the Sabbath (the 7th day of the week)holy as the Bible says we should all the way through. In 2nd Peter 3:15,16 warns if we misuse Paul's writings it is unto destruction.  

OC wrote at 2010-06-09 14:33:17
You're right about one thing.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say to worship on Saturday.  Neither does it say Sunday.  These days of the week were not implemented until the Julian Calendar came in to existence, then changed to the Gregorian (our current) Calendar By Pope Gregory.  But the Bible does say to "Remember my Sabbath".   It was not a Law given ONLY to the Nation of Israel, but to all men otherwise the other 9 Commandments would also be null and void.  Jesus himself followed God's Law, therefore we are also to keep His Commandments.  Romans says... "What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?" Romans 6:1, 2.  I John 3:4 reads, "Sin is the transgression of the law."  Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  John 14:15 - Jesus says, "If ye love me, keep my commandments."

God Himself wrote the 10 Commandments with His finger.  So what you're saying is that we cannot lie, cheat, covet, steal, commit adultery, make graven images, etc, but CAN disregard God's 4th Commandment?  It is God who told us to Remember HIS Sabbath and keep it holy.

Also, worshipping on Sunday because that is the day Jesus was resurrected from the grave is a precept or doctrine of man.  Namely the Roman Catholic Church.  Jesus was in the grave "resting" on the Sabbath.  If Jesus did so, should we not also?

I hope this helps clear up a few things.  Sunday Law?  Yes, it is real and will be the determining factor for our salvation.  Regardless of what denomination you belong to.  

Patricia wrote at 2010-06-13 03:58:50
Hey June:)

In the old covenant God gave a law to the people, one of the commands within that law was the command to keep the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week holy by doing no work.

However, we are now under a new covenant. In the new covenant we are told that the old covenant with its laws, were a shadow(Hebrews 10:1), and that the offerings, and special feast days including the Sabbath were shadows of Jesus Christ(Col 2). Shadows of greater things that Christ would do in you.

Do you remember how circumcision in the old covenant used to be done in the flesh, the removing of a man's foreskin; but now, in the new covenant it is no longer of the flesh. The old law of circumcision foreshadowed the time when Christ would circumcise the heart of both male and female through faith in him. True circumcision couldn't be accomplished until Christ died on the cross, so he presented the shadow until the appointed time.

This is why the bible says that the law would only last until the seed should come to whom the promise was made(Gal 3:19) because Christ would then perform the greater works in us that the old law foreshadowed.

The same is of the Sabbath. In the old covenant it was something that men physically did in the flesh. They choose not to work. They laid aside their weekly work, and took a day off, a day of rest in the flesh. It was to resemble a completed work, but unfortunately the work for them didn't stay completed, they had to work the next day. This showed that the people had not yet been made complete since the blood of bulls and of goats couldn't take away sin so they were unable to continue in rest.  

If you remember God rested when he completed the world. Did that completion end when that seventh day came to an end? No, God never again had to pick up that work again. He has been in a state of rest from that work ever since that day. He's never picked up the work of creation again.

Ever since man sinned, he was severed from God. He was removed from the Most Holy Place, from the dwelling place of God, the very resting place of God. He has been searching for the way to enter that place, to be found worthy to enter his presence. He's been working toward that goal since man sinned. He's basically been in a state of incompleteness, a dreadful sinful state that has kept him apart from God.

Not only did the Sabbath point back to a completed work, it also pointed ahead to the time when you would be made complete in Christ(Col 2:10), and you could finally rest from your works as God rested from his when the world was completed. The seventh day Sabbath foreshadowed this special time when finally you are raised up in heavenly places with Christ, and can finally enter the resting place of God because Christ has declared you justified, sanctified, purged of your sins.

You have been made complete, there is nothing more you can do to be complete in his eyes. Christ again, just like circumcision, accomplished in you what you could not do yourself, brought you into the presence of God because his blood has washed away your sins and justified you in the eyes of God. You have now entered his rest, which has been here since the world was completed.

So the old seventh day Sabbath has been replaced by the reality that has been given to us in Christ Jesus. It is not a day, it is an eternal rest that Christ places us in because we're complete.

God bless:)


KISART1 wrote at 2010-06-26 22:31:20
You have got to be kidding! The Sabbath has been around since creation, and there were no Jews at creation. You don't believe that were under grace and are not expected to follow his commands. I could go and sleep with my neighbors husband, i could cheat on my taxes, i could use the name of God anyway I choose. If there is not law, there is no sin. If there is no sin, why did Jesus die. The law was not done away with, just fulfilled when he hung on the cross. He says if you love me keep my commandments. YOU Better pray for guidance because there are several text in the Bible telling you to keep Saturday as sabbath. Sunday is called the first day of the week every time it is mentioned. He did not command us to observe Sunday because he rose that day, He commanded us to keep the sabbath holy just as he did himself. If YOU DON'T LIKE IT TAKE IT UP WITH GOD BECAUSE HE WROTE IT WITH HIS OWN FINGER ON STONE, WHICH TELLS YOU IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CHANGED!!!!!! Read Matthew 15:3, are we going to follow man's tradition over the command of God. Please show me one text where it says the Sabbath is Sunday. Assume, I'm a new convert with minimal knowledge of the Bible, and explain it to me.PLEASE!!!!

Peter wrote at 2010-06-30 02:00:27
If the law was done away with then there is no more sin, because sin is the transgestion of the law. Rev.14:12 says " here are the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. All 10 commandments. The Sunday worship is not found in the Bible. The Roman Catholic church claim it as the "Mark of their authority" be careful of that mark! The Sabbath has never been the sabbath of the Jews, it was around along time before them, at creation. God calls the sabbath "my sabbaths" Eze.20:12,20. (just a few of many). On the new earth the sabbath will still be kept. Read Isa. 66:23. If the sabbath was done away with then why did Paul teach the Jews and the Gentiles every sabbath in Corinth for a year and six months. (Acts 18:4,11). After Christ rose from the dead and returned for 40 days why no mention of the change?, after all, He was the Great I AM that gave the Law and wrote it with His own finger. Read Luke 16:17 " Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. We keep his commandments not to be saved but because we are. The Holy Spirit will lead us to be obedient, not to be lawless. Jesus in John 14:17 says" If you love me keep my commandments. 1John 2:4 " He that saith,I know him, and keepith not his commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him". Un fortunately most people aren't willing to keep the obligations of the 4th commandment, so they throw the law out but really only the sabbath because they will say that we cant steal or kill or barE false witness etc. the only one that is really done away with is the one that God says to "Remember" And by the way so there is no confusion about the law and salvation Galations 2:16 says this: (KJV)"Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified. The Bible is not a book of confusion, if we will study everything that the Bible says about any subject, comparing scripture with scripture, there is no confusion, the Holy Spirit will lead to all truth if we will be honestly searching.  God Bless , Peter  

Juice wrote at 2010-07-02 14:08:38
Dear June,

i was just as confused as you are about this thing. The Bible however is very clear on this matter. Jesus says "If you love me keep my commandments." What Commandments is He refering to here then? God himself set aside a day not only only for Israel but for all of us. I hav heard people say it doesnt matter on what day you whorship. But if thats the case, then why do they have to pass legislation and debate about changing days of whoship. Check the news...its evrywhere, starting with israel. God never changes...the same God who Blessed that day will remains the same forever. Dont be confused, just follow what the scriptures say.  

JACKO wrote at 2010-07-18 11:23:12
The Law of God (the 10 Commandments) are the Character of God - Grace is the power to keep the law.  The Sabbath at creation was and is the 7th Day of the week and it was the Catholics who changed the day.  Rev 14 tells us that it is those who keep the commandments of God that will be the remnant church because the Sabbath is the seal of God.  It shows Him as creator, it shows his dominion and his authority. The Roman Catholic church has stated they changed the Sabbath and Protestents who keep Sunday unwittingly give their allgiance to Rome.  Like the fruit of the tree in the beginning, the Sabbath will be the final test of God before He returns to this earth.  Study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and you will become wise in knowledge from God.

joe wrote at 2010-07-29 02:36:18
the answer is not correct.  no where  in the bible are we asked to worship on sunday and keep in mind that the sabbath started in the garden of eden, before there was a jew or isreal.  the sabbath was established for the whole world, starting with adam and eve.  the sabbath is part of the moral law of god, the ten commandments, which were not done away with when christ died on the cross.  it is still valid and if you search through the old and new testament, you will see it.  I would suggest that you continue to study about the sabbath and pray for guidance, because, the national sunday law is correct.

Michael wrote at 2010-09-18 15:38:29
I have placed the points that I find the bible disagrees with, and quote those points as found in the article, then place a REBUTTAL. I write in the hope the BIBLE explains itself to unravel the misunderstanding over the Sabbath, and pray that you will follow Gods Word.

Point #1:"The bottom line is this....worshiping on the Sabbath was a law given is the Nation of Israel."

Rebuttal: The Seventh Day Sabbath is contained IN THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (Exo 20:8-11 the 4th commandment) - This law as all Christians will agree is not given to ONE PEOPLE, but all ten are given to ALL PEOPLE. All Christians agree with the 1st commandment that it has to be kept, the 2nd, the 3rd, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th and so on. The 4th is there to. James 2:10 states "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all." Attempting to KEEP all 9 of the commandments but KNOWINGLY to BREAK 1, no matter WHAT ONE, God says we are guilt of breaking them ALL. Why is this the case? Because Jesus stated that the Law is based upon Love for God, and Love for our fellow man. (Matt 22:36-40)

Point #2:"Paul writing to the Colossian church said...Col 2:16  "Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days."

Rebuttal: this scripture is referring to the law of Moses, which the bible refers to many a times, in which was written IN A BOOK, not on stone, written by Moses, not by Gods Finger, and placed in the side of the ark, NOT IN THE ARK. The law of Moses had CEREMONIAL SABBATHS, that Israel were obliged to keep. Hence why Paul refers to new moons, drinks etc. This is a clear reference to the law of Moses, not the ten commandments, for there is no ONE CEREMONY contained in there. The word "sabbath" here is not referring to the 7th day Sabbath which is contained in the law of God. (see ref: for law of Moses - 2 Chr 25:4; 35:12; Ezra 6:18; Deu 31:26) Hence the bible teaches clearly TWO LAWS. One being written in stone, the ten commandments, written by God HIMSELF, the 2nd the law of Moses, written by Moses, in a book, to be done away with when Christ came. One POINTS OUT WHAT SIN IS, the other WAS ADDED because of sins.

Point #3: "Romans 6:14  explains, "For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace."

Rebuttal: The writer wants us to believe that the word "under" here MEANS that as Christians we don't have to keep the Sabbath. Its interesting that the writer will not say we don't have to keep the REST OF THE NINE COMMANDMENTS, but that this verse is speaking about the Sabbath, when the word sabbath is not even found in this verse, BUT PAUL USES THE WORD "LAW", not Sabbath.

Secondly, A close reading of the WHOLE VERSE says something that refutes the idea that we don't have to keep the Sabbath. The text says "For sin shall not have DOMINION over you..." question! What is sin? Answer: 1 John 3:4 states "Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law, FOR SIN IS THE TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW" There we have it. For Paul to say sin shall not have dominion over us, is an acknowledgment that the law is STILL BIDING UPON BELIEVERS, but the difference is, he states HOW IT IS POSSIBLE not for sin to have dominion in our lives, by stating "ye are not UNDER THE LAW, but UNDER GRACE". Here it is clear that the WORD UNDER cannot mean what is generally accepted. For here we see that being UNDER GRACE gives us power not to be UNDER SINS DOMINION. For Paul states "sin SHALL NOT HAVE DOMINION OVER YOU.. why Paul, how can you say such a thing? We could say, he continues, "for ye are not UNDER THE LAW, but UNDER GRACE" Therefore if we were to take the word "under" as being "FREE FROM" as the writer wants us to believe, then we are to believe we are FREE FROM GRACE, or FREE FROM OBEY GRACE! God forbid, no genuine Christian would believe or teach, that grace is void, one doesn't have to OBEY IT, acknowledge it, for without GRACE WE CANNOT BE SAVED (Eph 2:8).

Point #4: "Galatians 3:24-35  "Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster."    In other words...we are free in Christ to live for Him, not because of a law that makes us, but in love for Him we obey and do as He instructs....a law is not for those who live godly...but for those who live ungodly."

Rebuttal: I agree with this point partly. It is true that no Law makes us OR CAN MAKES US FREE. There is nothing in the Law of God, the ten commandments that gives sinners hope, hence it acts as a school master, to LEAD US, to FEEL OUR NEED of correction, of healing. BUT THE HEALING IS IN CHRIST, the freedom is from Him, HE DIED FOR OUR SINS. Its true love for Christ makes us obey, NOT A LAW, for without Love we cannot keep the law anyway. To obey without love is LEGALISM, which God doesn't accept because its not true obedience anyway. What do I disagree with then?

It makes no senses to say we obey out of love, then in the same breath say, "but that doesn't mean we need to keep the Sabbath". Jesus said "if ye love me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS" Jesus also stated that HE IS LORD OF THE SABBATH, making Him the Creator, making Him ONE WITH THE LAW OF GOD, making the Sabbath HIS DAY. If we love Jesus we will love the day He has asked us to "REMEMBER" (Exo 20:8)

True Love according to God is measured by obeying His Law (see 1 John 5:3 "For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.")

One IS NOT SAVED BY KEEPING THE LAW, it is impossible to be SAVED BY TRYING TO KEEP THE LAW, but one cannot be SAVED WHILE KNOWINGLY DISOBEYING HIS COMMANDMENTS, how can we be forgiven if we DONT CONFESS THE SIN we DONT WANT TO GIVE UP? Sin is the breaking of the law, yet Jesus has PAID FOR ALL OUR SINS. If we say WE ARE NOT LIVING IN SIN, when THE LIGHT OF TRUTH COMES to the conscience and points out we are actually UNKNOWINGLY SINNING, no fear should arise, no hatred, no pride, there is no condemnation, because JESUS HAS PAID FOR IT, AND IS WILLING TO FORGIVE WHEN WE CONFESS. But if we refuse, then there can be no forgiveness.

Jesus came to save us from sin, what is sin? the transgression of the law (1 Jn 3:4). Jesus came to GIVE US THE POWER TO OBEY HIM, TO LOVE HIM PROPERLY. We are FIRST SAVED, BORN AGAIN, receive the New Heart, THEN AND ONLY THEN, can we render true obedience to Him, NATURALLY.

The bible says that at conversion GOD WRITES THE LAW IN THE HEART. Which law does He write in the heart? His ten commandment law (see Hebrews 10:16,17) this is truly the NEW COVENANT EXPERIENCE, which was experienced by some in Old Testament times (read psalm 51:10)

Point #5: "The article will explain why Christians worship on Sunday because it was the day He was resurrected."

Rebuttal: There is not ONE VERSE in the bible admonishing Christians to worship on Sunday.

Point #6: " Nowhere in the Bible are Christians told to worship on Saturday..."

Rebuttal: Here are the verses that show Christians CONTINUED what was common knowledge to honour and keep Holy the Sabbath, just like Israel did, just like all the prophets did, just like Jesus Christ Himself did. Remember Jesus said "the Sabbath was made FOR MAN" He could have said it was made FOR THE JEW. So many echo is was made for the Jew, not for Christians, yet the Sabbath was instituted LONG BEFORE there was ANY JEWS right in Eden (Gen 2:1-3). Anyway here are those text. (Acts 13:42 - note Gentiles came on the Sabbath; 16:13; 17:2; 18:4)

hesalive wrote at 2010-09-18 18:53:57
This answer is wrong. When Paul is saying "let know may judge you in sabbath days or meats..."  he is specifically referring to  ceremonies such as passover and religious Holidays ( sabbath dayS)  which were done  away with when Christ died on the cross. However, the sabbath day has never been done away with God.  

If you start at genius and evening and a day equal -1 whole day. How many days did it take God to create the world and man?6 days! Then God rested on the Sabbath Day ( not sabbath days/religious holidays) and made it holy! So according to genius the Sabbath day is from friday sunset to saturday sunset. The jews still observe this day correctly. If you even contact Nasa they will let you know our calendar days have not really changed.  There have always only been 7 days in a week. Some calenders have added days to a month or erased them, but there have always been only 7 days in a week from genesis to crucifixion,

It was Constantine in his attempt to unify the kingom  who tried to unite christian and pagan practices.he believed in sun worship and god worship.  Constantine changed the sabbath to the Sun God's day of worship which is why we now worship on sunday. Man changed the sabbath, not God. The sabbath is a commandment of God written by his own finger on a stone tablet, so why would he then throw it away??

Remember Jesus said he came to fulfill the law , not destroy it and not one part of the law would ever pass away.The ten commandments are just as valid today as they were when God wrote them and had them placed in an ark.

Jesus death on the cross made it so man could be saved and covered by grace, but if we love God we keep his commandments and grace does the rest. God's sabbath day is our covenant still that God is who he says he is. this is not jewish law or practice ,  it's God's law as jews did not exist for some 2000 years after Adam. Gods sabbath is meant for all.

Sunday is a false day. No where in the bible does God change the day to sunday, but you will find more than enough evidence that sunset Friday-sunset Saturday was and is still God's   seventh day and holy sabbath. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Sabbath.

Whats the first day of the week? Sunday. I rest my case.

truthseeker wrote at 2010-09-25 23:48:16

I have read Marcussen's book.  I am also a memeber of the same church, but that is not why I keep the Sabbath.  The Sabbath is a part of the moral law of 10 commandments.  It was not done away with at the cross.  God would not do away with his law.  People will quote texts about Sabbath days being done away with.  These were ceremonial Sabbaths.  I am not a theology major, just a humble person, and to tell the truth, I don't have it all on the tip of my tongue, but I have studied these things out a lot.  I don't have time to look up texts, but look them up for yourself.  There is not a shred of Bible evidence for Sunday, though there are many Godly people who don't know this who will be in heaven.  There are not dispensations.  That is a false theology.  Truth is truth.  Yes, at the cross the ceremonies pointing to Christ's death were done away with, but God would not do away with His law which He spoke on Sinai.  People say we are free from the law because we are in Christ.  We are only free from the condemnation of the law.  We are not free to go break the law.  We are free only because we have the law in our hearts.  This is my humble opinion but also I feel it is Bible truth.  God will help you to find the right path.  Don't look to people, even pastors.  Paul said, "Do we then make void the law through faith.  God forbid.  Yea, we establish the law."  If the Sabbath is done away with then how about murder, lying and stealing?  Are they also done away with?  No, of course not, because they are a part of God's law.  So is the Sabbath.  No minister would tell you to go murder someone just because we are not under the law but are under grace, so why do they then tell people they can break the fourth one.  I think we will answer on judgment day if we pull one of the commandments out.  Yes, the commandments are based on love to God and love to man.  Yes, we should have them written in our hearts and do them because we love God, but that doesn't mean we are free to do as we please and ignore what God has said.  God bless you.  Keep studying and don't get discouraged.  

John Stephenson wrote at 2010-10-29 21:31:11
Without a shadow of a doubt the subject of Law and Grace is the most misunderstood and misconstrued of Paul's writings!

Briefly, in chapter one Pauls says the Gentiles are lost because of their abominable works.

In chapter two he tell the Jews that they are also lost because even though they were given

the law they are just as guilty as the Gentiles because they haven't kept the Law. "13For it

is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those

who obey the law who will be declared righteous" Rom 2:13

In chapter 3 Paul personifies the Law by telling what the Law has to say to mankind.

First he shows that all are under the Law: "We have already made the charge that

Jews and Gentiles alike are all under sin." Vs 9

In Romans 3:10-18 he goes on to show how degraded mankind are in light of God's


In verse 19 "Now we know that whatever the law says, it says to those who are under

the law, so that every mouth may be silenced and the whole world held accountable to God."

The summary of chapter 3 is that mankind are all lost because "All have sinned and come

short of the glory of God"  Vs 23.

So because all have broken the Law and are sinners no one is going to be able to get saved

by keeping the Law. "By the deeds of the Law no flesh shall be justified in His sight for by the

Law is the knowledge of sin" Romans 3:20

This, of course brings up the BIG Question,

How is God going to be able to save the transgressors of His Law?

Verse 21 gives us the answer. We obtain a righteousness which comes from God Himself!!

This righteousness we obtain throught faith in Jesus who did what we were incapable of

doing because of our sinful nature. Romans 8:3-4 "For what the law was powerless to do in

that it was weakened by the sinful nature,a]'] God did by sending his own Son in the likeness

of sinful man to be a sin offering.b]' b] And so he condemned sin in sinful man,c]' c] 4in order that the

righteous requirements of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the sinful

nature but according to the Spirit."

In a nutshell this was Paul's argument but unfortunately people have come along and made Paul

out to be saying that the Law is a terrible thing that needs to be got rid of when in fact it isn't the

Law that is the problem but SIN = The Transgression of the Law! (see 1 John 3:4)

It is imperative that we do not make this fatal and eternal mistake!

So knowing that people would make this erroneous conclusion from his argument in

Chapter three Pauls concludes with a question in verse 31.

31"Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law."

Because Pauls answer is such a death blow to those trying to VOID the Law by faith, they have

tried to turn paul's argument to make him out to mean that the Law is not the Moral Law of God's

10 Commandments but that it is rather "The Law Of Christ"

So what these people are telling us to do it to read it like this: 31"Do we then make void the law of Christ through faith?

God forbid: yea, we establish the law of Christ")

Of course it doesn't take long to see that this makes no sense at all.

Since Paul have been saying that what the Law of God says is what makes everyone Guilty because it flags up the Sin problem

and that the only solution is Faith in Christ, why would he turn around and then ask whether we should make the

Solution Void?

This would just make a nonsense of the whole thing!

No, Paul is asking whether we should make void the LAW that tells us of our Guilt and make it of non effect through FAITH IN CHRIST!

And the answer is, "GOD FORBID"    Of course you can also read the rest of what Paul says about the Law in the rest of his letters.

"The Law is Holy and Just and Good"  "The Law is spiritual"

Jesus did not come into this world to get rid of that which is Holy and Just and Good, He came to destroy the work of the devil and those

who are fighting against God's Law and to get rid of sin which is transgression of His Law!

Of course, the real reason most people are warring against God's Law is simply because they are trying to get rid of the Seventh day Sabbath.

The reason Sunday worship was originally put forward was that it was to honour the resurrection. After this was disproved the reason was changed to

"The day we celebrate communion." After this was also proved invalid the reason came down to "It is the day we remember Jesus."

In an attempt to justify it's observance one person said:

"It is not Sunday we keep but Sunday is the day on which we keep the remembrance of Jesus."

So this person does not keep Sunday they keep Sunday  - in rememberance of Jesus.  (You have to smile!)

People attempting to rid themselves of the Law and the Sabbath after finding themselves confronted with the insurmountable and impossible task

of the opposition of Scripture have fled for refuge to the "New Covenent."

The irony is that this  one place in which they so desperately try to take shelter is the one place that provides the most convincing proof of

their error.

The Bible tells us that Jesus rattified the New Covenent with His blood. Matthew 26:28

The Bible also says that, "For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth" Heb 9:17

Gal 3:15 15"Brethren, I speak after the manner of men; Though it be but a man's covenant, yet if it be confirmed, no man disannulleth, or addeth thereto."

What that is telling us is simply that when a Last Will and Testament is made, as in the case of Jesus and His Covenant, after death it cannot be nullified and nothing can taken away or be added to it.

The Bible also telly that Jesus was crucified on the sixth day of the week, the day we know as Good Friday. This is the day the New Covenant was rattified and sealed with His Blood.

So the question we would have to ask in light of this  fact  is when did Sunday keeping begin?

If, as the Bible says, "it be confirmed, no man disannulleth, or addeth thereto."  Whatever else you are not sure about at least you can be sure of this one thing, even if the observance of Sunday was started on the day of the resurrection it would have been 3 days too late since the Covenant was rattified on Friday by the blood of Jesus.

This simply means that Sunday NEVER WAS nor EVER CAN BE any part of the New Covenant.

If anyone wishes to respond to me personally please feel free to do so.  

Celiwe Cece Mthembu wrote at 2010-11-01 10:52:42
One thing that we ought not to do is read a verse and come up with our own conclusion. That in itself leads to us havin our own "wrong" if I may say, interpretations of the word. It is always safe to read verses prior and precedin that one you may base your aguement in. We should not add nor subtract that which the Lord has inspired. Sabbath will always be Sabbath not Sunday and thats a fact! The law will never change.

Amonite wrote at 2010-12-03 22:57:56
Christ is 'Lord of the Sabbath', -this did not end with him dying for our sins.

It is true the particulars of -how- we keep the Sabbath are not inherent to our salvation, but as man we have no authority to change the day and call the new day the 'sabbath', for this would be setting up a system of idolatry.

Simply going to church on a Sunday is not changing the Sabbath: new believers met on all days of the week, including Sunday.

(Acts 2:46 (daily), John 20:26(Monday), Acts 20:7 (Sunday/Monday, Paul was about to head off to keep the Pentecost), Acts 5:42 (daily), Luke 4:16, Acts 17:1-2, 18:4 (Sabbath)

It would seem when people met was very much a matter of circumstance, time, and nationality (ie, for the jews, Paul almost always taught them at the temple on the Sabbath. For the gentiles, Paul taught on any day, including the Sabbath. -That- was the heart of Paul's argument, that gentiles did not need to become jews once saved - Paul himself continued to keep Passover, Pentecost, and other jewish festivals, as he himself was a jew. Those fellow believers who were not jews, he did not force into following particulars of jewish custom, as it was meaningless in Christ.)

It is the proclaiming Sunday as the new 'Lord's Day' in place of the Sabbath, thus setting up a system of man and opposing the command and covenant of God, which is an act of idolatry. (Which the Catholic church has done, proclaiming Sunday is the new sabbath meant to be honored or kept by extra-biblical revelation.)

The seventh day is also more than just a jewish custom: God instituted it before the nation of Isreal, and it will be kept again.

“As the new heavens and the new earth that I make will endure before me,” declares the Lord, “so will your name and descendants endure. From one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all mankind will come and bow down before me,” says the Lord. “And they will go out and look upon the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; their worm will not die, nor will their fire be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind.”

(Isaiah 66:22-24)

All mankind, not just the jews, and here God is still acknowledging his Sabbath: from the beginning week of creation into the establishment of the new heavens and the new earth.  

BoJack wrote at 2011-01-15 01:57:46
If we are not under Law them that means we are free to kill, steal, Commit adultery, Covet one another.  Christ said he did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.  Heaven and earth shall pass away but not one title of the Law will not pass.  God Created the Sabbath for man.  he said if you love me you will keep my commandments.  The 4th commandment which is the sign of God Authority that he is the creator of heaven and earth is the day that God rested, sanctified and Blesses.  Jesus himself went into the synogues and taught the Scribes and Pharisee on the Sabbath day.

casey wrote at 2011-01-27 21:27:56
however  we are not under the law but follow it because this is how we show are love to God. Romans is full of Paul stating that the commandments yes the 10 commandments are a marriage commitment to Christ. this is how we love him.  2 jn 1:6/ 1jn 5:2 If we say we know him and do not follow is commandments we are a lier and the truth is not in us. Paul states this. we are also a spiritual Israel use a concordance and do research on Israel started as a person then a nation then Christ and now everyone who follows christ.Romans9:6 Romans 11:6 I will only give a few scriptures and reasons to keep the law because I could give hundreds of texts in the new testament alone. The Law Paul tells us we are not under but should we disobey God and lie steal cheat commit adultery or follow Sundays which if you look in history is for the sun gods not GOD. the question you would say no we should not steal lie or cheat it not right but when it comes to Sabbath the only law that people cant agree with because people want to do what you want to do. so what do you do of course through it out. void it all together only keeping 9 commandments. Rev 12:17 Rev 14:12 national Sunday law is coming. many people who follow Sabbath will be in jail such as seventh day baptists.  Mathew 15:3,9  1 john 2:10-12 Laws in new testament  1. Mathew 4:10 worship God only, 2. 1 john 5:21 Acts 17:29, 3. 1 timothy 6:1 and yes the very the commandment you are questioning  Hebrews 4:4,9,10 talks about spiritual rest first with Christ then states if the physical day of rest was changed would he have not said something then states yes there still remains a Sabbath rest from all labor. even scientist see this in our biologically systems. 5. Mathew 19:19 6. Romans 13:9 7. Mathew 19:18 8. Romans 13:9 9. Romans 13:9 10. romans 7:7 should we void the law because we just cant see following one God forbid as Paul would say. and last Romans 3:20 Jesus came not to destroy the law but to follow it or another definition (to full fill). should we not do the same as he is our example.  not a jot or tittle shall pass from the law until heaven and earth pass Mathew 5:18. hay look I still see them!!  

B Hawk wrote at 2011-02-08 19:33:25
Well, I would like to disagree... Matthew 5: 17-20 clearly says, "Do not think that I hae come to abolish teh Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. Truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any  means disappear form the Law until everything is accomplished. Anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your rigtheousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven." And those are the words of Jesus Himself. I think that pretty much sets the bar/standard as to what is expected as followers of Jesus. That is Bible. Now, the question is how could Paul in Colossians 2 and Romans 7 then say anything against that! If so, one of them must be a liar. The fact is, Paul doesn't. Colossians 2: 16 is actually in defense of Sabbaths and other "Jewish" ordinances that God gave! Read the whole chapter and you will see the true context. And Romans 7, most ministers site that "the law is dead" because it says that we have died to the law. But if you look at the whole context and what Paul is saying about Christ - how He died to the Law (this means the punishment required by the Law (Torah) for breaking it, he took - he literally died to the law - in our place because He was righteous before God, meaning perfect before the Law (Torah). Now, we believe in Christ we join Him in His death (that is Scripture) and we too die to the Law and as He lives, we live, thus we now are alive in Christ. That does not mean the Law is dead but rather is verifies it. After all Christ is the Word of God and the Word of God is the Law (Torah) and thus how could the Law (Torah) die and Christ be alive. They are the same. Don't be deceived. We are under grace, but that does not mean the Law (Torah) is to abadoned - we are a set apart people and remember the Sabbath was given to Adam and Eve in creation when there was no written law and they weren't Jewish! So, God's Word is Eternal and for all people! I would just like to add, that I am not a 7th Day Adventist, but by profession a Baptist... Yet, I see the truth, which is the Word of God! Anything else is a lie and deception of Satan.

Helichrysum wrote at 2011-02-14 15:37:17
You may want to check the context of the verse you just used from Paul.  The one where he says not to let anyone judge you for your holyday.  

He was talking to the new converts who were, instead of doing like the other pagans, worshipping on the sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night).  They were being ridiculed about all of this, and Paul was telling them not to let these pagans judge them for their dietary changes and the change of their day of worship.  

Ever since the beginning it seems, satan has used every power he has to take away God's 4th commandment.  (And just in case you are wondering, I am NOT a 7th Day Adventist.  :)

Jim wrote at 2011-07-01 00:14:05
Do we make void the Law ?  Not a  Jot nor Tittle shall change .   Ezekiel 8.14  In the Church of that day ,  they were facing Sunday god , which is called thw worst abomianation .  Cooper . Do you want a  10£ discount on ten Commandments ? How about Adultery ? If what you say is true your wife can be hired out .Or is it just the Papist day of sol invictus you want to replace Sabbath ?  You will answer for your false teaching .  

George wrote at 2011-07-17 22:58:02
Hello Friend,

I like June had read this booklet also.  I decided to do my own study on this subject; prayerfully approaching the study I began with looking at full chapters of both old and new testament passages.  What I found had convicted my heart. I had compared both original Hebrew and Greek to key words such as Commandments and Commands.  The books that made the greatest impact for me was:

Hebrews Chapter 4; Colosian Chapter 2; Isaiah Chapter 58; Revelation Chapters 12 and 22.  Although, I had been taught that Sunday was our church attendance day, the Scriptures are now convicting me to think otherwise.  I have now found that there is a freedom in the Bible day of worship and my life relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ has improved dramatically.  I gave this approach a short test time of six months, I mean what could lose in six months?  What I found was that as I began to really give this Sabbath worship my full heart, God blessed me with knowledge I did not think was possible for me.  I understand there is a great argument out there about what day is the Bible Sabbath, however the Scriptures have won my heart to worship my Creator on the seventh day.  Thank you for allowing my comments to be posted and I pray that all may experience a similar freedom in worship of the Creator of man.  

xoraalc wrote at 2011-08-11 15:33:44
You mention that nowhere in the NT we are called to worship on Saturday.  There is no text in the NT that says we have to worship on Sunday.  We honor A Creator.  The Creator rested on the Sabbath Day not on Sunday

Doris wrote at 2011-08-17 17:56:09
Revelation 22:19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.

God's Word speaks of two great Laws. Law Number 1 is the Law of God (the Ten Commandments, or Two tablets of the Testimony,) also known as the Moral law and the Decalogue. Law Number 2 is the Law of Moses (the “Book of the Law,” or “Book of the Covenant”), also known as the Mosaic Law, the Ordinances and the Ceremonial Law.

This Holy law was spoken by God, written by God, recorded on tables of stone, and is of eternal duration. At the same time the ceremonial law, of temporary usage, was also delivered to the children of Israel. This law dealt with the ceremonial rites of the Jewish sanctuary service, and concerned itself with a system of religion that passed away at the cross. This ceremonial law can easily be identified in the Scriptures.

Please understand the difference between the ceremonial laws and the 10 commandments.

Revelation 22:14-15 “Blessed are they that do his Commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.”

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it.

Many people today are no longer looking for truth, but instead they are looking for a smooth, easy, comfortable religion that will allow them to live the way they please and still give assurance of salvation. There is indeed no true religion that can do that for them. One will say the Ten Commandments are a law of love guiding us in how to love God and man. Another will say there is now a new law in Christ and all we have to do is love one another. And yet still others will say the Ten Commandments are now nine Commandments or that they were all nailed to the cross. If all we have to do is love God with all our heart and our neighbour as ourselves, does this mean we can take the Lord's name in vain, worship idols or even deny God the quality time of praise and worship He wants from us on His Holy day? What about others; does it mean we can lie, steal, murder, disrespect our parents or sleep with another's spouse? If one loves God with all their heart and others as themselves, they will be obeying every single one of the Ten Commandments.

I was raised a Baptist. I now am a Adventist. Let the Bible alone be your guide not the preacher.

"Remember the Sabbath"  

Shannon wrote at 2012-02-15 19:20:58
Actually the sabbath was not given to the Nation of Israel.  God blessed and hallowed it at creation.  There were no Jews or Nation of Israel at this time.  Christ, while on earth kept the Sabbath on the 7th Day and his apostles after his ascension kept the Sabbath.  The Bible states frequently throughout the new testament (Matt 24:20) When Christ was prophesying  about the destruction of the temple that would occur decades after his death and ascension he told them to pray their flight would not be on the Sabbath. Isaiah 66:22-23 says the Sabbath will be kept holy in heaven for eternity. Revelation repeatedly says the remnant who will be saved in the last days will keep Gods Commandments and The Bible also teaches that if you break one Commandment it is as bad a breaking them all.  Most of the pagans of Christs time and after worshiped the Sun and Christians were persecuted by the Roman Government.  Around 631 A.D. the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed to have become a Christian and then Christians were no longer persecuted, it became fashionable to be a Christian then. In order to induce more people into Christianity the Church which was integrated with the Roman Government started acknowledging some of the pagan ways of worship.  For example, they took the day that was the most important day of worship to the sun for the pagans and decided to celebrate Christs birthday on that day.  In a catholic book Faith of our Fathers Edition 1917, pages 72, 73 Cardinal Gibbons states "You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing  the sanctification of Sunday.  The scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday"  The Catholic church claims the change and says that by all the other Protestant churches also keeping sunday that they acknowledge the Catholic church's power to change the Bible.  Bible prophecy states that man will think to change the times and the laws (Daniel 7:25) Eventually Sunday observance will be forced and anyone who keeps the true Sabbath will be persecuted.  Revelation talks a great deal about those who keep the commandments of God will be persecuted.  PLEASE Read for yourself.  God Bless


Biblebeliever wrote at 2012-04-28 19:04:31
It is amazing to me that you claim that we are not under the law and are free and not required to observe the sabbath as commanded by God because that commandment was for the Jews but in a post to Zeek you explain what to honor your mother and father (which is one of the ten commandments) means and how it is our duty to honor our mother and father. It seems as if Christians today just like to pick out the commandments they think are the right ones to obey but delete the ones that are inconvenient and say they are just for the Jews. Also, did Jesus really resurrect on Sunday (the 2nd day after he was crucified--not the third) and who told us to change the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday because Christ resurrected on Sunday (if that really is the day he was resurrected? I am not Seventh Day Adventist or Jehovah's Witness, I have just been reading my Bible all the way through and it sure seems as if God was really serious about what He said about all of the 10 Commandments not just some of them. I think people need to be very cautious when interpreting the Bible to suit them--even the Southern Baptists. D.L. Moody sure had a lot to say about keeping the Sabbath and it seems people these days just trivialize it. Nehemiah 13:15

jameslll wrote at 2015-09-10 02:40:32
"Nowhere in the Bible are Christians told to worship on Saturday" ... One exception being perhaps Exodus 20:8-11, the heart and authority of the ten commandments, written by the finger of God (Ex.30:18, 24:12, 32:15, 32:16.


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