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Gavin wrote at 2010-03-12 06:31:48
And yes the Church does only consist of the elect, one cannot buy their way in. Christening is the mark of the Pope and helped the Catholic Church to mushroom in numbers (much like Islam today), but Baptism is the mark of the Christian, going down into the watery grave and rising anew resurrected being a new creature. All symbolic of the death and resurrection of our Lord. Our God has always been the God of a chosen people from Adam till now.

rodz wrote at 2013-01-18 04:39:16
Yes, John the Baptist prepared a certain group of people(Luke 1:17) whom the Lord Jesus later on builds Matthew 16:18 and until now Jesus is still building His Church Ephesians 4:15-1; Romans 11:25; . Jesus Christ builds His Church, a people prepared by a Baptist authority to preach and baptize even Jesus Himself submitted this authority in Matthew 3:13-16; Matthew 21:23-27.

God bless you!!!


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