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Baptists/who is the antichrist? mark of the beast?


Feneric wrote at 2009-05-30 01:57:31
While no one (aside from God himself, of course) really knows for certain who the Antichrist is, many people throughout history have been fingered and many theories continue to this day.  The site Antichrist Watch (at ) tallies people's current best guesses in order to arrive at a sort of running group consensus, but of course this suffers from many of the same failings that plague any other prediction.

zenmind1989 wrote at 2009-08-06 23:04:06
put into simple words......the anti-christ is the human ego....the ego portays everything that a ''christ'' is not. we as humans always blame outside of of ourselves and never realize its ourselves that is the problem....oh and the mark of the beast is the debit card....because if u read revelations it speaks of those people who cannot buy or sell unless they have the mark...its not mandatory yet but we will eventually be only using the credit card and cash will be a thing of the past. and whenever we use the card we will no longer have privacy because everything we purchase or sell will be known......unlike good ol' cash......peace!

Mike wrote at 2010-06-06 04:17:49
Actualy Rev 13:16[16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: Si is "IN"  their right hand ,or forehead..Maybe a chip,or even a totoo of  sorts.You don't  have to publish this,was just a note of the  words sid in bible..Take care.God bless  

Nathan wrote at 2015-09-25 23:13:38
IM concerned on this answer given,

Am I mistaken.... This is a Babtist page..

Have you forgotten. Forgotten Thomas Helwys.

The forth beast comes from the legs of iron in daniel

Its position of legs has two aspects(church and state)

it will be divided into ten kingdoms.. (1798, one of the horns did appear to be wounded)

It can be no other then the papal seat and system.

this was the basis of baptist founding father Thomas.

Go back and read the founders statements, read luther, cranmer, Helwys, calvin, and if you still have forgotten, read romanism and the reformation...

Regarding the mark of the beast, ....

it will be either on the hand or on the forehead...

And Gods Mark will have to be both on the hand and on the forehead..

This is the simplicity of the mark.. to act and think accordingly to Gods principle,

If you dont act accordingly from forced circumstances(example being told to worship a golden statue as daniel was told to do, but didnt)

and you do... that would be recieving the mark just on your hand,

Or... If you have rotten intentions, but act like your holier then though,, Where do you think the mark sits.

I shudder to think about what is forgotten, and why people like Thomas Helwys was imprisoned, and others burnt at the stake,

Cranmer allowed his hand to be burnt off, after signing a recantation.

Whycliffe, was dug up, and re burnt...

there is a nice book called the mystery of inequity, I advise the youth to read it..Keep in mind it was the 1600 and the second beast was still 200 years from being established...

in case you think america isn't the second beast, Consider where a certain mass was held on Friday.... and by whom.

It is forgotten how the bible so accurately predicts the first beast, and the second beast....

Brothers, and sisters. We have an amazing, and perfect Christ.

He died for us..Do not forget or take for granted.

I hope,one day, in all our faults forgiven, and changed to incorruptible. That we can spend time, talking to each other, reminding us... What we had to endure, was nothing compared to what He had to endure. For our sake...

A Brother In Christ.



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