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Floyd wrote at 2012-12-11 21:52:43

The Greek translation of the phrse "to have long hair" is the word Komao, which literally translated means "to wear tresses of hair." This word is used no where else in the Bible except in these two verses so cross referencing isn't going workout too well. The idea given by this word is, accroding to THAYER'S GREEK LEXICON, not pertaining to the physical aspect of length (greek word thrix/trichos) Rather this refers to the designating the hair as an ornament (komao,  would think that is derived from kome meaning "locks as ornamental" rather than thrix pertaining to the physical).

Paul may have been referring to the Greek custom of women that would wear their hair on top of their head in different designs and styles intertwining jewelry into their hair. I'll reference this post


so as I'm not taking credit for the research. Some other good points are made in this post such as why would God have the Nazarites set themselves apart by them never cutting their hair if it was wrong?

Food for thought.


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