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Baptists/southern baptist vs independent


John wrote at 2008-07-29 02:49:27
I strongly agree with Coopers answer. I have seen the differences of the two first hand. If one wants to serve God and be a Cristian the Independent Baptist church is the way to go for higher learning. If you want to be a member of a social club the southern Baptist is for you. Praise God!!

LM wrote at 2009-12-21 00:52:55
I have to disagree with part of the answer given by John. While it is true that the SBC has had problems with liberalism in the past, there has been a conservative resurgence since the late 1970s. The SBC has been moving closer to IFB belief in practice since then, especially since the 2000 conference in Orlando, FL. The seminaries especially have been adopting practices in line with IFB teaching, so the SBC will continue its move toward more traditionalism.

I grew up IFB, went to a well-connected megachurch in the SBC, and watched the SBC's move toward IFB doctrine and practice for myself. While the music may be more modern and dress codes slightly more relaxed  in an SBC church, that is not a matter of doctrine.

rrmcmillan85 wrote at 2012-09-23 16:01:54
"In reality the local SBC church has little or no input into what their missionaries or their missions boards do with their money.    Approximately 80% of the funds sent to the Cooperative program goes to administrative costs of the Convention leaving only 20% spent on actual missions.     This compares with the 90-100% of missions monies of Independent church which goes directly to missions."

This is a little less than accurate. Of the monies given for missions 80% is not used for administrative costs. Monies are divided by state conventions and the national convention. Then the national divides its monies between IMB (International Mission Board) and NAMB (North American Mission Board. Monies are then sent to multiple mission endeavors, church planting, evangelism and theological seminaries.

Michael wrote at 2013-06-11 02:43:38
I would like to disagree with some of the points the previous person made in order for you to have a more rounded view.  He took somewhat of a stance that the SBC or Southern Baptist is much less biblical than Independent Baptist.  Siting things like "unBiblical conventions", "lack of biblical seperation", and integration of contemporary music.  This is a very poor way to look at Southern Baptists Churches.

1.  I do not currently belong to a Southern Baptist Church but I can attest to their conservative and COMPLETELY BIBLICAL approach to life and the scriptures.  

2. More than Independent Baptists (or really almost any other denomination) the Southern Baptists International Mission Board has done some of the greatest good for evangelizing the world and nobody who calls themselves a Christian should attempt to tarnish that reputation or call them in any way un-biblical.  They have not always made perfect choices, but I think you will find neither do Independent Baptist, non-denominational or whatever title you want to give a church.

3.  One of his references focuses on "contemporary music" as un-biblical.  Throughout the bible the people of their day worshiped God with the type of music of that day.  God does not sit around all day listening to hymns.  After all he created music and actually references many places in the Psalms where multiple instrument types and styles were used.  So no a Church that has "Modern worship music" is not in some way sinning or out of sync with Gods will.

Ultimately there are some pretty bad Southern Baptist Churches and some pretty Bad Independent Baptist churches but there are also a lot of Good ones.  Judge their beliefs and practices not some legalistic structure or practices not specifically founded in scripture as a solid command or ordinance.  If churches choose to have no music or a rock band I don't see where the Lord commands one way or another.  Lets focus on the doctrine not the practice.



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