Baptists/women serving as deacons


not a carnal Christian wrote at 2006-12-07 21:13:47
Funny. My church does have a deacons board, but they are servants as depicted in the KJV Bible. They are soul winners, faithful attenders and teachers.

Women can teach women and not men, women in the home can be spiritual leaders, God knows my wife at times has more faith than I. Men lead the household, and love their wife as Christ so loved the Church. The MAN will stand before the Lord and give account of his life and his family.

I am not surprised that a carnal christian would give some examples as you, and state that women can be in a role of  authority. You are reading the scripture out of context.

Michele Gibson wrote at 2013-04-24 21:07:49
Why a woman cannot become a baptist Deacon when she is call out for service


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