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Barbecue/Briquettes versus No Briquettes


We currently have a older model Kenmore that came with briquettes. We have been looking at grills and don't see any with any briquettes. I thought they helped curb flare ups etc. My Question is can I add ceramic briquettes to a new grill or will it harm the grill? I also am wondering if the newer models don't need the briquettes because of newer design.

You can add most anything.  These briquettes do two things, they redirect the heat and collect drippings to add smoke and some flavor.  Older grills used lava rock as it resembled charcoal.  Ceramic briquettes resemble charcoal briquettes.  Most new grills come with bars of metal that cover the burners, again to redirect the heat and collect drippings for smoke and flavor.  Ceramic briquettes, rocks, anything non-combustible that does not give off any off flavor will work.


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