Purchased the bbq 1.5 yrs ago, Master Forge from Lowes. In the beginning it would get up to 600F. Now I struggle to get 400F. I've blown out the burners with air, pressurized water, changed the regulator and propane tank.

I know I'm not at the high end of the spectrum here but why is it some bbq's will get 700 and some 350?

Anything else I should try?

Dear Mr Glenn, Thanks for your question. You strike me as a very thorough person. You have done everything i would have done to get your grill back to its ' glory days'. I'm impressed. If it were me, i would double check all my connections, just to be absolutely certain I'm not leaking anywhere. Then i would look at my regulator. Is it new? Is it functioning properly? Being that you have touched on nearly everything else, I'm trying to think what hasn't been done. I'm going to show this to a couple friends and see if I'm missing something obvious here. In the mean time, tell me about the regulator.


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